Jun 042013

Bitcoin Dice Gambling

Dice games are always fun and entertaining. The good thing with Bitcoin dice games is that the house edge can be kept low. This is very important for the potential to gain. Also, a well designed Bitcoin dice game can be great fun.

The biggest drawbacks, however, of these dice games are that you usually have to wait till the transaction is confirmed before you can start playing. This can take a significant amount of time and no one likes to wait. Secondly, the house edge can be quite high.

However, now with the best Bitcoin dice game, Prime Dice, both these problems are solved instantly. You don’t need to wait for the transaction to confirm. The money is, in fact, credited instantly to your account. However, when you withdraw your winnings, the initial transaction needs to be confirmed. I think this is a very smart way to do things. No one can double spend AND get the money out, and honest players, who are 99% of the audience, can get instant access to their funds and start playing.

Also, I really like the fact that you can adjust your odds in real time.This is not possible in most Bitcoin dice games. This means you can literally control how many times you win. You can also develop a lot of dice game strategies around this.

This is the Bitcoin dice game strategy that I usually use – the probability of getting a <2% twice in a row is very very low, so whenever I lose at a ridiculously low probability, I choose that as my base, so I am almost guaranteed to win and I increase my bet in this case. Even though the payout percentage is low, since my total bet is high, it can add up. I made a few mBTC through this strategy, and hopefully can make a few more in the future.

Check out Prime Dice.


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  3 Responses to “Best Bitcoin Dice Game”

  1. Appreciate all the kind words, reading this certainly brightened my day. :-)

    • Thanks for dropping by Stunna! It’s definitely one of the best dice game sites for Bitcoin that I’ve seen, thus the post to tell the same to my readers. It’s nice to see such prompt replies from you as well. That definitely says you’re serious about this project, which is great!

  2. Thanks for this write up. I really liked the site and ended up winning about 20mbtc. Great find author!

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