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best bitcoin sites
Here are the best Bitcoin sites that will allow you to earn Bitcoin online. If you’re looking to make some Bitcoin performing small tasks online, then this is the perfect list for you. I update this list regularly, with only the best sites out there.

The Bitcoin economy is a fast changing one, and there are several sites that come up that allow you to make some Bitcoin online. You should remember that this can also be a time-trap and you can get sucked into it for long hours without having much to show for it. This is why you need to filter these down.

Also, I am not covering the obvious ideas – yes, you can just get a job, get paid in USD and convert those to Bitcoin but that’s not the point of this article. Remember that small amounts of Bitcoin can add up, as the following Wired article shows.

Note: I am not going to discuss Bitcoin faucets. If you’re into faucets, just visit iFaucet. It’s the best faucet rotator and gives you a lot of control over how you visit these faucets and how to maximize your earning potential. The best thing is, it blocks popup ads and other annoyances.

Updated: 09/25/2013

#1 BitcoinGet: The popular site that was mentioned in the Wired article on how homeless guys were able to use BitcoinGet as a form of ‘digital hustling’. There are two popular ways to earn some Bitcoin here – Micro-tasks from CrowdFlower and watching Virool videos. The micro-tasks pay anywhere from 30-600uBTC depending on the task, and there are several tasks that you can do in a single day. The virool videos currently pay 40uBTC for 30 seconds of video. Availability depends on the location (e.g. in the US, on an average, there are 10-12 videos per day, so you can earn close to 400-500 uBTC just through the videos and then some more from the micro-tasks).

#2 ABitBack: This is another popular site to make some free Bitcoin online. The most popular service here is Radio Loyalty that pays you 1 point (30uBTC) every few minutes for just listening to the radio. Supersonic Ads and Virool Videos are also popular, although Virool videos pay less than at BitcoinGet. There is also support for Litecoin (also see how to earn Litecoin).

#3 Coin Ad: This has remarkably become the most popular and sustained Paid-to-Click Bitcoin site. There are several reasons – Coin Ad has a very good inventory of ads and it always has a steady supply. In addition, the minimum payout is only 300uBTC that can be reached within 2-3 days depending on how many ads are available on a day. This makes it a low risk investment in terms of time for many bidders. They have done pretty well so far – it isn’t a very old site, but is growing in popularity with the advertisers.

#4 Coin Chat: This is one very great way to make some Bitcoin just chatting with your fellow Bitcoin enthusiasts and learning about everything from Bitcoin to politics to programming. You can just have fun and chill in any of the chatrooms and you’ll randomly get some Bitcoins. It isn’t very much, and you should do this only if you enjoy getting to know other people on the internet in the Bitcoin community, but say an hour of serious discussion can yield about 1mBTC.

#5 Bit Visitor: I had to include this because it is one of the oldest, still working paid-to-click ad viewing site that pays quite well. You can reach payout almost every day because the minimum is just 100uBTC. The site has had problems on and off, but overall it has a good name in the community and attracts lots of eyeballs and businesses.

#6 Daily Bitcoins: This is the only faucet I’ll mention just because it is that good. It pays 10uBTC every hour. If you have the time and you spend a lot of your time online, you might as well use it every hour. Note that there are also several bonus payouts, with as high as 1000uBTC payments (rare) but several 50uBTC payouts. You’ll find these under Prizes tab on the top. You’ll also get several vouchers for PeerBet and coupons for advertising on that site as bonus.

#7 Anonymous Ads: This is my favorite ad network in the Bitcoin community and I like this more than others like Coin URL, Operation Fabulous and Bit Ads. Anonymous ads is a pay-per-impression system and the payment really depends on a number of factors. The stats are amazing and everything is open for you to see. I use this on my site as well and I am happy so far. If you own a website or blog, this is a very passive way to make Bitcoin.

These are the best Bitcoin sites that I know of where you can earn some Bitcoin online. I have a more comprehensive free Bitcoin section that might interest you as well. What do you think of these services? Let me know.

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  20 Responses to “Best Bitcoin Sites: Top 7 Paying Bitcoin Sites”

  1. I’ll have a machine or two up and running Bitcoin farming later this month. I have to relearn BASH to get a 486-laptop running online, and I can run that 24 hours a day, two~three weeks a month as long as my ISP, Metrocity isn’t forced into bankruptcy.

    As I understand it you can manufacture Bitcoin going on line sporadically to connect to a Bitcoin group. Is this more-or-less correct? I can run one and a half machines 24×7 doing this. Both 586s, one a laptop, and price of the power is not an issue until they come looking for my weed gro-lights, which will not exist.

    Yes, our neighborhood is monitored aggressively by the power company and the police for hidden grow-ops. One acquaintance got three months in the slammer, caught by Ontario Hydro for stealing two or four kilowatts behind his meter.

    Please send pointers.



  2. Bitbillions is making the process much easier……… I would rate them number 1

  3. I haven’t heard of this list so I will probably try one of this Bitcoin sites but not for clicking but instead I will invest from these sites, like what I did from some paid to click sites that make me at least 100 dollars per day.

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  15. I found a new generation faucet that does not require captcha at all. It has already paid me several times so not sure if anyone is interested

    The only downside is you need to sign up using facebook/twitter.

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