Apr 272017

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Blockchain is here to stay. And that means that people in the financial sector are starting to worry about their job security. But do they have good reason to worry? And wouldn’t a technological breakthrough like this create jobs rather than start a wave of redundancies?

We’re well aware that no matter what industry you’re in, automation is a genuine concern in terms of job security, but of course, some jobs are far more likely to be taken over by machines than others. Blockchain, however, which certainly does remove the need for a number of human processes, is not a wholly automated technology…yet.

But before we go any further let’s first explain what blockchain is for those who are unfamiliar with the technology.

In simple terms, blockchain is like a digital ledger that is hosted from every user’s computer. There is complete transparency for all users with all transactions viewable and verifiable at all times. This makes it incredibly difficult to make fraudulent transactions and is a boon to those dealing with large sums of money particularly with overseas clients.

What blockchain is doing to the financial sector is opening it up and doing away with many of the mysterious procedures that those outside the industry had no understanding of. In effect, it is rendering many of these processes redundant.

And of course, fewer processes means less demand for employees to carry out such tasks. But just like many industries adapted to automation so too will the financial industry readjust itself.

In fact, several major banks have joined Swift’s blockchain project proving that they are indeed embracing this new technology. And with financial institutions taking such steps, they are creating new positions within their workforce.

Many have likened the rise of blockchain as something of a ‘dawn of the internet’ moment in financial history. Just like the internet, as blockchain evolves, and more institutions not only make use of it but embrace it, a new wave of job titles and positions will appear.

As the technology develops, there will be a need for security experts and those with encryption skills as companies seek to protect their records and ensure that this seemingly fraud-proof technology is as bulletproof as it claims to be.

There will also be endless applications of the technology that will require specific software, and so you can expect a wave of blockchain startups to crop up over the next few months and years. So as you can see the potential for job creation is quite encouraging.

Perhaps even the jobs currently under threat in the financial sector won’t just disappear but will actually evolve to incorporate blockchain-related tasks and responsibilities. Just like the print editor of bygone days is the online content editor of today so too could the international banking specialist of today become the blockchain expert of the future.

While financial professionals are right to expect change, it might just be that they too are part of that change and that all their fears of unemployment are unfounded.


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Jan 162017

Spectrocoin review
This SpectroCoin review will dive into the features of SpectroCoin that make it stand apart – ability to hold multiple currencies, and use them to buy Bitcoin, and also its Bitcoin Debit Card which is as versatile as it gets when you want to use your Bitcoin to shop everyday. As Bitcoin expands in scope and use, there are many services that allow you to buy Bitcoin, sell Bitcoin, hold Bitcoin, and spend Bitcoin – essentially all the functions that you’d normally do with your own money. However, what makes SpectroCoin stand out is that it is able to do all these functions and more in the simplest way possible.

As a reminder, we do not recommend holding significant amounts of Bitcoin in any online wallet or service, even SpectroCoin. If you’re holding for the long-term, you should buy Bitcoin, and transfer it to a wallet whose private keys you control. If you hold significant amounts of Bitcoin, we strongly recommend getting Bitcoin hardware wallets.

Now let’s dive into the SpectroCoin review.

Note: This is a sponsored review by SpectroCoin.

Multiple Currencies to Buy and Sell Bitcoin

SpectroCoin allows you to hold multiple currencies. This is a feature severely lacking in many other Bitcoin services. Even the most popular of all, Coinbase, won’t allow you to hold multiple currencies. At SpectroCoin, you can hold US Dollars, British Pounds, and Euro. This is important to me, as it reflects the global nature of Bitcoin. It is also common in Europe to have multiple currencies (GBP and Euro, for example) and bank accounts with multiple currencies.

Spectrocoin accounts

Once you fund your account with USD, GBP, or Euro, you can buy Bitcoin or sell Bitcoin directly from the interface. The price is competitive and updated real-time. You will know the price when you’re buying or selling.

Buy Bitcoin SpectroCoin

Selling Bitcoin is very similar as well. If you’re depositing government currencies (USD, GBP, Euro), you need to fill in the profile with your personal details. This is actually a very good feature – you can register for SpectroCoin without providing identifying information. You only need to give this information when doing specific tasks like buy Bitcoin from the interface. This is a good privacy feature.

To transfer government money into your account, you can use a debit card, a credit card, or use a bank wire. SpectroCoin is one of the few ways you can use a credit card to buy Bitcoin.

Multiple Countries

SpectroCoin supports more countries than most other services out there. Remember though that the currency options are still limited to USD, GBP, and Euro. However, someone from Algeria or Qatar can still buy Bitcoin from SpectroCoin. You can see the list of all supported countries here. Again, if you’re in the US or Europe, you can probably use Coinbase, but outside of that, such services are limited. SpectroCoin is as good an option for US and Europe as it is for the rest of the world.

However, do remember that SpectroCoin will comply with EU regulations irrespective of where you’re physically located. This means you may be asked for state-issued identity, like a passport, to use some of the services like buying or selling Bitcoin, or transferring funds.

Bitcoin Debit Card to Spend Bitcoin

This part of the SpectroCoin review is for its debit card service. It is one of the few issuers of global Bitcoin debit cards. You can use the SpectroCoin debit card to shop regularly, or to withdraw cash at ATMs. If you hold Bitcoin in your SpectroCoin account, then they will automatically sell Bitcoin when you make a purchase with your SpectroCoin debit card.

Spectrocoin debit card

If you want to use the Bitcoin debit card, you should know about the fees. They charge $1 a month as service fees, and $9 shipping fees. There are other fees like conversion and forex fees. You can see the full set of fees here. A Bitcoin debit card is a great way to spend Bitcoin. You can also use the debit card to get cash out of ATMs globally, although I find the fees to be high.

Sep 182015

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Bitcoin is a virtual crypto-currency which hit the mainstream in 2011. It immediately exploded in popularity mainly because of its unique characteristics. Bitcoin is not controlled by a central bank unlike the other currencies and it cannot be found in physical form. It operates only in peer to peer marketplace. Due to its popularity, Bitcoin also entered the world of virtual gambling. As of 2015, there are plenty of online gambling websites that allow players to bet and play with Bitcoins. These sites also feature excellent games, give away bonuses in Bitcoins and provide fast, secure and anonymous transactions. With Bitcoin casino fans in mind, the following is a selection of online casinos that accept bitcoins including useful information on why these casinos are so popular and special.

Features of Bitcoin Casinos

The biggest and most notable feature that distinguishes Bitcoin-only casinos from casinos that accept other currencies such as American dollars and British pounds is that these casinos offer efficient, fast and anonymous transactions to and from players’ accounts. Bitcoins are decentralized and nobody can freeze players’ funds. To make deposits/withdrawals to and from their accounts, players only provide a Bitcoin address and the amount of Bitcoins they want to transfer. Therefore, anonymity is guaranteed.

Furthermore, the best Bitcoin casinos are also licensed and regulated by well known gambling jurisdictions and they offer secure software and games. When it comes to their games, these casinos use Provably Fair technology which is another remarkable feature. With it players get strong proof that the games create fair results and that the casino has no control over the games’ results. With provably fair gaming, game integrity is instantly verified.

Top Bitcoin Casinos for Real Money

What follows are the safest, most popular and reputable casinos on the web that accept Bitcoins. Here players can play with a peace of mind knowing that they are well protected by the best security technology and where all Bitcoin transactions are safely conducted.


If you have been looking for the best Bitcoin casinos on the Internet, you must have come across BitCasino.io. This casino is licensed by the government of Montenegro and it offers games from reputable and secure providers such as NetEnt, BetSoft Gaming, Microgaming, Aristocrat and Endorphina. It features over 750 online casino games including several live dealers. Moreover, the casino also offers a sports betting department. It is a Bitcoin-only casino welcoming new players with a 100% up to 1 BTC sign up bonus.

mBit Casino

This casino is powered by CoinGaming.io Bitcoin Gaming Platform. It offers over 250 online casino games from BetSoft Gaming provider which means that players can find some incredible 3D slots to play. mBit Casino also offers live dealer games including a department for sports betting. Furthermore, the casino greets new players with a 110% deposit bonus and makes sure they get fun and secure gaming. Transactions at this casino are safely conducted via a secure SSL encryption and live chat help is at their fingertips.

Bit Starz Casino

Bit Strarz Casino is operated by Softswiss N.V., a gaming company registered under the laws of Curacao. The casino offers a wide range of online casino games from several software providers including several in house developed games which can only be played at this casino. Ezudi, Endorphina, Microgaming, BetSoft Gaming and Amatic are the other providers. All games available are provably fair. Bit Strarz Casino allows players to make Bitcoin transactions as well as use other currencies to play games. New players at this casino get a €400 bonus on your initial four deposits plus 100 free spins.

Dec 192014

Cause and effect diagram was designed by Japanese Kaouru Ishikawa in 1986 and is known by different names: fishbone diagram or Ishikawa diagram. Through its configuration, the diagram allows highlighting and prioritizing the causes that generate a certain effect. The pattern was developed in order to determine and divide the main causes of a given problem. It is recommended to use it when there is only one problem and the possible causes may be ranked.

A cause and effect diagram has two parts:

  • A part of the effect
  • A part of the causes

The effect is an issue, a feature or a quality condition and represents the head of the fish. The effects are defined by characteristics or employment issues, costs, the quantity of production, delivery, job security, and much more. The effects are embodied in the evolution of the parameters that characterize the analyzed process.

Potential causes and sub-causes outline the bone structure of the fish. The causes are the factors that determine the effects, the occurrence of a given situation. The main factors are materials, machines, methods, workers and the environment. Thus, the diagram illustrates, in an accurate manner, the relationship between a certain identified effect and its potential causes. The causes may be different depending on the specifically analyzed asset.

The dispersion characteristics of a product, for example, can be determined by the existence of causes such as defects in raw materials used, differences in tuning cars that are processed, faulty workmanship, methods of organizing execution, and the environment in which it operates. All these cases, known as the “5 M’s” are arranged by category and graphically visualized the form of skeleton fish.

The 5 M’s are:

  • Materials
  • Means
  • Methods
  • Machines
  • Main workforce

The diagram classifies the diversified causes that are believed to affect the results of activities by marking with arrows the cause-effect relationship between them. The branches of the diagram are arrows showing the relationship between effect and causative factors.In practice, if it finds the existence of a cause which affects the product parameters, the diagram must be identified precisely and then proposals are made of how it can be eliminated. To issue the proposals is most often organized a brainstorming session in which cause and effect diagram serves as a visual aid, stimulating the creativity of the participants.How to build a cause and effect essay outline?

The first step is the presentation of the problem. It is achieved through the precise definition of products, processes or events under study and the final characteristics of their effects. The effect is considered to result from activities, such as:

  • Delivery of work – stock levels, mode of dispatch
  • Quality control of work – refusals, accuracy, measurements, and many others
  • Exposure of the main possible causes

To do this, draw up a list of all the possible causes that determine the variation in the fixed characteristics. The causes are usually classified into the aforementioned “5 M’s” or the “5 bad things”: defects, errors, delays, losses, and accidents.Obviously, there may be other causes, depending on the question studied. To identify the causes you must use an appropriate method, for example, brainstorming.

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Aug 222014

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Technology changes everything, from social to economy, from politics to security, from people to business. As for business, the impact has struck deeper than anything else. Millions of business nowadays depend their life on technology, especially the internet. One of them is M88, a company known for its M88 live casino.

M88 Live Casino

The internet means literally everything to M88. Thanks to it, a masterpiece was born: M88 live casino. With this, people can say goodbye to conventional casino. Now, everyone can bet from anywhere and at any time. All they need is a device connected to the internet.

Next: Service

Technology can change everything, but the only way a business can survive is through its service. M88 believes in this and for this reason, the company has been giving its best to ensure all its members get the best service. One of them is the company’s wide range of betting selection.


  • Deck count             : 8
  • Betting amount         : $2 – $7,500 or $5 – $100 (Playtech)
  • Table offer             : 7 seats, single seat (mini), 3 different limits.
  • Multiplayer, single player, and VIP (Playtech)
  • Betting and reward    : Bookmaker (0.95:1), Player (1:1), Draw (8:1)
  • Extra bet            : Pair (11:1), Big (0.53:1), Little (1.54:1)
  • Pair (11:1), Perfect (25:1), Little, Big (Playtech)
  • Time between bets     : 15 seconds or 30 seconds (Playtech)

Baccarat 7 at M88 live casino

While most of the game is similar to classic baccarat, in baccarat 7, players start the game in a different way. Each player can only have limited cards, up to 7 in value. Then the game continues with the same rule as classic baccarat.

Tiger Dragon

  • Deck count            : 8
  • Limit            : $2 – $7,500
  • Bet and reward        : 1:1, except for draw (8:1)


  • Deck count             : 8 (Playtech)
  • Match            : Middle/new shoe, first shuffle + reshuffle (Playtech)
  • Betting limit        : $2 – $1,500
  • Blackjack pays       : 3 to 2
  • Insurance offer    : Yes, bookmaker pays 2 to 1 (Playtech)
  • Bookmaker must        : have cards valued more than 17
  • Double            : only for 2 cards, 11 in value
  • Double after separated    : yes
  • Separated ace        : Yes, but can only withdraw 1 card
  • Re-separate        : no, only once

Roulette at M88 live casino

  • Betting table         : Europe
  • Europe, France, and VIP (Playtech)
  • Betting limit increases    : $1 – $20
  • Minimum betting at table   : $1
  • Maximum betting at table    : $3,000 or $2,000 (Playtech)
  • Feature             : Full screen (Playtech)


  • Betting limit            : $2 – $7,500

3 Face

  • Betting limit        : $2 – $3,000
  • Defeat bookmaker with bigger card and win the reward with the same amount

M88 Live Casino and Its Intriguing Experience

People can’t just fall in love for no reason. That also goes for bettors and M88. With so many amazing features, it’s not impossible for M88 to successfully attract players from around the world. Besides, the company has committed itself to always deliver the best betting experience to everyone.

Jul 312014

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With the sparkly shine and pure metallic properties, silver is a hot option along with gold to invest in. Once you make the decision to invest in silver the next question on mind would be ‘how to invest in silver?’

Every investor wishes to know about the perfect investments, the most lucrative ones. But there is no one solution for everyone. One needs to study the details thoroughly before making the decision. And when it’s silver you’re thinking to invest in, here are some viable options for that:

1) Invest in Silver Coins

The circular pieces of pure silver are 99.9% fine and a great option to consider when you’re planning to invest in silver. The silver coins usually come in 1 oz weight and are produced by government mints, which carry a face value in accordance to the currency of a country. One of the major advantages of investing in silver coins is the liquidity of the asset – they are the well recognised forms of silver and thus could be easily traded for hard cash.

2) Invest in Junk Silver

Investing in junk silver is one of the most sought after option when investors consider silver as an investment option. These are the silver US coins that date back to the time prior to 1965. They include: dimes, nickels, dollars, etc. The percentage of silver in these coins ranges from 40% to 90%. The face value is determined directly by the proportion of pure silver content in the coins. Most of the dealers offer bags of silver junk coins which are a mix of dollars, nickels, dimes, half dollars etc. with prices ranging in accordance to the coin type. These junk coins aren’t stamped with the percentage of silver content in them. This often makes it difficult for people to determine the value if they aren’t aware of the science. The good part is that junk silver has lower premium than other forms of silver coins, bars etc.

3) Invest in Silver Bars

Silver bars are commonly known forms of investment tool for those intending to invest in silver itself. These are the rectangular shaped bars just like gold bars, only different in property and price of course. The manufacturers of the silver bars would have their own designs and for that matter, the weight and prices may differ accordingly. One of the main advantages of investing in silver bars is that private mints can also produce it, making it easy when it comes to a choice with a wide range. Also, the silver bars offer lesser premium than other forms of silver. Storage of silver bars is easier – one only needs to stack them somewhere rather than carry in coin bags.

Silver rounds are also a splendid option for investment with the lowest premium. They are like silver coins only. The difference is that private mints can produce them. Investors can also look through options of buying silver (in any form they please) online, based on reputation of the dealer, prices, and terms of purchase as the prime factors to consider. Store the silver you’ve invested in, away from damage and it is a good idea to do that with the help of banks. However, many people advise to keep some of it in hand for any emergency need arising.

Jun 132014

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Online casino gaming has become very popular in the past decade or so, and a lot of players have switched from conventional casinos to online casinos. In 2013, the online casino gaming market had a total volume of $35.5bn, whereas in 2018 it is expected to reach a staggering $56bn. There are a lot of casinos that are currently available and there is great competition between them. In terms of games, there is a lot of available casino games, developed by many casino software developers. Slots are the most popular casino games and a most of the games and there are literally hundreds of interesting slot games out there. Play at Pokies List if you want to know which are the best online slots, or pokies as they’re known in America. Bitcoins are another phenomenon that gained a great deal of popularity recently. There are already more than few online casinos that accept Bitcoin payments.


You may still be considering your options when it comes to playing casino games with Bitcoins, or you may be new to Bitcoins or online casinos. Therefore it is wise to test some of the Bitcoin online casinos, before finally deciding where you want to deposit your Bitcoins. We give you the top 5 Bitcoin casinos where you can play games for free.


7BitCasino is one of the most popular Bitcoin casinos. It features more than 1000 casino games. It is operated by Softswiss N.V., a company that is based in Curacao and it is licenced and regulated by the authorities of this country. Most of the games are slots, but there are roulette, blackjack and other table games as well. The casino features games by some of the leading developers, such as BetSoft Gaming, Amatic, Endorphina, Ezugi, Softswiss and Microgaming. Microgaming was founded in 1994 and it currently employs over 2,000 people. New players at 7BitCasino are entitled to a 100% Match bonus up to 1 BTC, plus 175 Free Spins. The bonus is received automatically, right after the player makes his/her first deposit of at least 0.05 BTC.

Find traditional real money casinos here.


Cloudbet is a Bitcoin casino and sports betting operator. In addition to classic online casino games, it also offers live casino. As soon as you open Cloudbet’s website in your browser, it will be possible for you to play casino games just for fun. All deposits at Cloudbet are processed instantly and withdrawals can take up to a maximum of 24 hours. New players at Cloudbet can win up to 5 BTC as a Welcome Bonus. In addition to casino games, Cloudbet also offers Bitcoin sports betting.

mBit Casino

mBit Casino is another online casino operated by Softswiss N.V. There lots of Bitcoin games available and they can also be played for fun. Players have the option of browsing the games by category and it is really easy to find what you like, since the selection doesn’t include only the standard categories, but also more specific ones, like Dice, Fruit Slots, Theme Slots, Baccarat, etc. Alternatively you can browse games by software provider and there games from developed by more than few software providers, such as: Amatic, Endorphina, Ezugi, NetEnt, Softswiss, Quickfire (Microgaming) and few other. mBit Casino offers a 110% bonus on every first deposit.


BitCasino.io is an online Bitcoin casino which offers sports betting and lottery, as well as live casino games. Games can be played for fun and this operator offers games developed by a dozen well-known software developers, including: NetEnt, Quickfire (Microgaming), Explosive, Play’n GO and Tiger Games. There are more than 220 available games. BitCasino.io is licenced by the authorities of Curacao and it is a Silver Member of the Bitcoin Foundation. You can play games without registering, even though registering takes only 15 seconds. New players can receive a 100% Match Bonus up to 1 BTC.


Last but not least, we have VegasCasino. This casino too offers many Bitcoin games developed by leading companies that can be played for free. You can see which games are the players’ favourites or which ones are hot at the moment. With over 300 games, including popular titles like Satoshi’s Secret, as well as jackpot games like Mr. Vegas and Greedy Goblins and more than 15 variants of blackjack, it is clear that there’s something for everyone at this casino. VegasCasino also offers a 1 BTC Welcome Bonus.

May 112014

This is a sponsored post from Europalace

Casino Bitcoin Europalace

Bitcoin becoming a popular payment option at real money gaming shouldn’t surprise anyone. For one thing, online gaming websites have almost always had an international bent. As long as they are not limited by the gaming laws of a particular nation, they’re usually going to make themselves available to that nation if possible. Bitcoin has been a currency that has allowed people to transcend international borders over and over again. Bitcoin becoming a popular payment option at real money gaming is partly a matter of simple practicality.

International currency changes have been posing problems for people for a long time. People who win jackpots after they play the latest casino games at Euro Palace don’t want to have to lose any of the money that they have earned as a result of the exchange rate. There is also the fact that some people just aren’t used to the currency that is popular at some online casinos. Using Bitcoin is perfectly acceptable at the majority of online casinos today, who have realized all of the advantages in allowing their customers to use Bitcoin rather than dealing with even more of the hassles that are associated with different national currencies. The online casinos themselves have helped with Bitcoin becoming a popular payment option at real money gaming.

However, the people who play the latest casino games at Euro Palace might be interested in using Bitcoin as a payment option one way or another. It’s important for people to consider the subculture surrounding Bitcoin and the type of penetration that it has within certain groups. Many people have an almost Utopian view of Bitcoin, seeing it as the sort of currency that is really going to set them free of a lot of the obstacles that have stood in the way of highly individualistic people who are interested in relying on their own skills. Lots of these people also like to play the latest casino games at Euro Palace.

Online casino games are individualist endeavors where people either rely on their own skills or on simple chance in order to succeed and earn money. The people who care a lot about earning money are going to appreciate these games even if they know that the odds of actually winning back the money that they risk will not be especially high. People who are strongly motivated by the acquisition of wealth are going to feel a stronger adrenaline surge when they bet money than when they do anything else, which is one of the things that attracts financially savvy people to gambling.

Financially savvy people often have plenty of money to gamble in the first place. They also tend to enjoy looking for shortcuts and finding some way to get around some of the obstacles within the system, and online gambling has a way of tapping into that mindset. Bitcoin does the exact same thing, which is why people will see Bitcoin becoming a popular payment option at real money gaming to an even greater extent in the future.

Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk

May 052014

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One decade ago, casinos used to be a dream place every one wanted. Casinos were the most trending forms of entertainment that gave people an opportunity to enjoy a really passionate game with a chance of winning a reward. All changed in the wake of the century where, the mobile technology or the digital era kicked in with much force that anything in the world. This gave rise or accelerated the computerization era which had started in the past century. This mix of event turned a lot of table in the casino industry creating a wave of digital casino hence a migration from land based casinos to World Wide Web (online) based casinos. It is now one of the greatest form of entertainment that is not restricted to a central place, anyone can enjoy wherever they are, however they want.

Online casinos have come to substitute the land based casino and thus they have done the job much better. In the past casinos were limited to the wealthy classes where only rich people with a lot of money to risk in gambling could enjoy the variety of royal vegas casino games. The advancement of the digital era opened up casino experiences to the general public through easy access online. That means if you have access to a computer with internet you can access you preferred casino and enjoy an online casino game. Today, access to online casino has been made even easier through the mobile phones technologies where the 21 century has given birth to the smart devices invention.

The smart mobile devices include smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches among other. These smart mobile devices are revolutionizing the way we access and play online casino games. Prior the computer era, one had to visit a casino to enjoy n weekend of gaming, gambling and fun with friend. Most of the time one had to travel quite a distance to get to the nearest casino. After the computer era, laptops and desktop computers gave birth the online casinos which have been actualized in the mobile technology era. Now with a smart watch or phone you can access a casino and play casino slot game, poker or jackpot for real money and with real opponents all hooked up in their different mobile devices in real time.

The ability to enjoy online casino anywhere, wherever has grown the casino or gambling industry rapidly as many people get to learn about the opportunity of making money while enjoying their favorite casino game. now it is not longer a dream but a realty. You can log on to any online casino of you preference and play any favorite slot game, bingo or jackpot. Using any latest mobile phone or device one can be able to access online casino from anywhere. in the past it would be hard to play online casino from anywhere unless you when to a land based casino, today just a few minutes of the normal working time or after work one can play online casino games

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Mar 202014

This is a sponsored post from BitcoinCasinoSites

Why are casinos respecting Bitcoin so much? For the same reason as we do. It doesn’t have the drawbacks of the traditional currencies, to say the least. However, it’s not the only reason. More and more casinos are enabling Bitcoin payments not just because their respect to the crypto currency. First of all, the vast supply arises from the constantly emerging demand for the Bitcoin Casino. Let’s have a closer look why the popularity of such services are constantly rising.

  • Anonymity: Sure, it’s one of the most important advantages of this currency. Unlike in the traditional currency payment systems, no personal information is tied to transactions. Gambling is the thing some people may be shy of, or not want to let others know about. The cryptographic currency solves this issue in seconds.
  • Zero transaction fees: To deposit your “regular” currency to your casino account, most definitely you have to pay transaction fees. On the contrary, you don’t have to pay any transaction fees while sending your Bitcoin money to the casino.
  • No limits: While most traditional casinos have limited transactions, Bitcoin ones have no limits on sums or number of daily transactions. Whether you want to withdraw all your jackpot at once or make fifty eight payments a day – it’s completely up to you.
  • Quick turnaround: As Bitcoin transactions do not require much time to process, gamblers are taking a huge advantage by using this currency. They can deposit money instantly, bet, and withdraw funds as soon as they win.
  • Global access: By starting to accept Bitcoins, casinos open up to players from the whole world, forgetting about any geographical restrictions. The thing is, in different countries and banks there may be limitations concerning payments to casinos with the traditional currency. Apart from this, players in some countries may also face problems of international payments because of their bank limitations.
  • Fraud prevention: As all Bitcoin transactions can be seen in the block chain, possibilities to fall victim of fraud minimize. Obviously, it concerns mainly the clients. As a result, players will much more eagerly deposit their funds to the casino where they are sure about their money.
  • Tweaks in the game rules: All those online casinos operating “traditional” currencies are controlled by authorities in this or that way. That means that the rules of every separate game are legally regulated. At the same time, while having no “classical money” to operate, Bitcoin casinos are able to customize the game rules with the tweaks which can be illegal in the regular casinos.

The numerous advantages of the cryptographic currency were the reason not only of the established casinos’ switching to Bitcoin. They are also a huge catalyst of emerging new, Bitcoin-only gambling sites. By the way, their number grows daily, as such websites don’t need the license – which may cost up to 150,000 euros per year.

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