Feb 232018

This is a sponsored press release

FOLK COIN, a new cryptocurrency created specifically for the end-users, has just started their ICO campaign that will comprise of ten different stages and run over a maximum period of seventy seven days. Unlike thousands of crypto projects with unrealistic goals and high risk-factor, FOLK COIN looks to develop a cryptocurrency for people with a strong technical basis that delivers real profit for everyone.

21st February, 2018

The FOLK COIN team is pleased to announce that their ICO campaign is has just gone live. Developed by a strong business community, FOLK COIN promises to be a unique cryptocurrency that will bring benefits to the end-users rather than the creators. The ICO will have ten different stages spanning a maximum of seventy seven days, releasing a total supply of fifteen million coins.

There is no denying the fact that cryptocurrency has taken the world economy by storm, with numerous ICOs and token sale campaigns coming up every day. Naturally, all these projects promise rapid growth of their coins. However, these promises are rarely fulfilled because most of the ventures lack a solid base and involve very high risk factor. As a result, of late, the number of frustrated investors has grown by leaps and bounds. On the other hand, many companies looking to start accepting cryptocurrencies for their service have suffered due to the weak technical architecture of the cryptocurrency.

FOLK COIN was conceptualized by a team based out of Cologne, Germany that comprise of experienced businessmen, programmers, marketers, traders, investors and journalists with the common goal of developing a unique, people’s cryptocurrency with a strong technical base that will offer genuine profit to all. The project’s philosophy is to bring benefits not to its creators, but to the end users such as common people, companies, and services.

The common investors and companies using FOLK COIN will enjoy a number of benefits.

  • Effective methods of popularizing and increasing the value of the cryptocurrency to guarantee profits to each coin holder
  • Positive dynamics of the FOLK COIN exchange rate will allow experienced as well as novice traders to carry out profitable trades
  • Decentralized network ensures complete confidentiality of transactions and guarantees no intervention of the state bodies and third parties
  • Companies will be able to implement FOLK COIN into their payment acceptance system simply by connecting the API and web wallets
  • Fast transactions and a high level of cryptocurrency protection from hacking and fraudulent activities

FOLK COIN has created a partnership program with the goal of ensuring widespread use of the coin. Each investor can increase his or her profit by getting actively involved in the promotion and growth of the coin.

“You receive a generous partner reward for each attracted investor,” says a senior member of the team FOLK COIN. “We pay special attention to this direction, which makes FOLK COIN a truly peoples cryptocurrency.”

Ensuring growth of the token value from the very first day is the foremost priority for the FOLK COIN community. The team is confident about a positive dynamics of the coin on the open market based on the following growth points.

  • Already received several requests from companies and web-services interested in introducing the coin for the payment for goods and services on their sites. Introduction into various services will certainly have a positive impact on its value.
  • 60% partnership program ensures that each owner will be the best advertiser for the coin.
  • Active advertisement via specialized web resources, popular platforms, the largest exchanges, as well as amongst active businessmen, successful investors and traders.
  • Stock exchange listing for positive token dynamics from day one.
  • In house team of traders and analysts will apply their skills and effective tools for the growth of the coin.
  • Information related to account status, profit, and all transactions will be available only to the coin owners.
  • High volatility and stable, positive dynamics of the FOLK COIN exchange rate will open up a unique opportunity to successfully speculate the currency on the market.
  • In order to appreciate the price of coin, the team will create a deficit by burning all coins remaining after the end of the ICO.

Mentioned below are some key points related to the ongoing FOLK COIN ICO

Started on: February, 19

Duration: 77 days (maximum)

Total supply of coins: 15 millions

Coin price: To increase over a period of ten stages, starting from $0.10 in stage one

More about FOLK COIN can be found at https://folk-co.in/

About FOLK COIN: FOLK COIN is a unique cryptocurrency that puts the interest of the users ahead of that of the creators. The project is the brainchild of a team of experienced industry professionals with the common goal of developing a unique, people’s cryptocurrency with a strong technical basis that will offer genuine profit to everyone.


Alex Hein

Website: https://folk-co.in/

Email: info@folk-co.in

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