Dec 282023
Manta airdrop farming

This is a Manta airdrop guide for Manta Pacific, an L2 blockchain built on OP stack and Celestia (TIA). You can farm MANTA and other tokens for the Manta ecosystem while also getting yield on your deposits while your wait for the MANTA airdrop.

Manta recently announced its New Paradigm program and has announced a MANTA token. This is in contrast with many other projects where the token is mere speculation. By making the token explicit, the team has made their promises upfront and airdrop farmers can be sure of getting some token rewards at least.

Manta airdrop yield guide comparing Manta to other L2s like Blast and Arbitrum

What is Manta?

Manta is a layer 2 or L2 built on Ethereum, using the OP stack from Optimism. It also uses Celestia (TIA) as its data availability layer. Therefore, you might be able to earn some MANTA tokens as a TIA staker. Also, being the first major L2 on TIA is good marketing to that community. Manta airdrop might therefore attract a wider range of crypto users and audiences.

Outside of the hype, if you have some spare ETH sitting in a wallet, the Manta airdrop is a good use of it for a short period of time. The yield you’ll get over the next couple of months in the form of MANTA airdrop would likely be much higher than the yield you’ll get in traditional yield protocols like stETH from Lido or even enhanced yield protocols like Pendle. Of course, if you fall in this category, then you should claim your MANTA tokens as soon as they are available, and then recycle your ETH into the next farming opportunity.

How to Farm MANTA with New Paradigm

Step-1: Get an invite code to join Manta New Paradigm program. See invite codes section below.

Step-2: Connect your Twitter account

Step-3: Connect your Ethereum wallet

Step-4: Deposit ETH

Step-5: Get yield in 5 ways: base yield (3-5% on deposits currently), MANTA airdrop (3% of total supply), Project tokens, LP yield via e.g. stoneETH, Eigenlayer restaking yield

Given the L2 market right now, the MANTA token airdrop itself could be substantial. Although 3% of the total supply of tokens airdropped doesn’t seem like a lot, it would be a decent percentage of the circulating supply at launch. Besides, the opportunity cost is mostly in foregone ETH yield in other opportunities, and not spending any ETH itself. Of course, there is always smart contract risk that should be considered before deciding whether to bridge to Manta or not.

If you want to track usage or who else is putting money into this, check out this Manta Dune Analytics dashboard. As of this writing, over 200,000 ETH has found its way into farming the Manta airdrop.

Manta Invite Codes for Airdrop

Manta’s invite codes are limited, so please use them only if you plan to deposit ETH into Manta, and drop your own referral codes in the comments below. You can use these working codes to start your Manta airdrop journey (updated 1/4/2024)

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