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Altcoin Faucets

Here is an altcoin faucet list that has all the working altcoin faucets for you.

Bitcoin faucets allow you to get free Bitcoin that you can try out, play around with, and familiarize yourself with Bitcoin and the crypto-currency world. Faucets aren’t going to make you rich, unless you hold on your dust and a Bitcoin becomes a million dollars worth. That being said, I like faucets for total newbies because it allows them to test out the waters without actually going out and buying coins on an exchange or trying to broker one on a forum.

Similar to Bitcoin faucets, other altcoin faucets can be a good way to get yourself familiar with an altcoin and the community without having to spend your money or your Bitcoin on an exchange. Since altcoins are far lower in difficulty than Bitcoins, it is not a bad idea to mine them with your CPU if you have a relatively powerful CPU.

Getting an altcoin wallet

This is the tricky part. Several beginners don’t want to download, install and sync their altcoin wallet on their own computers all the while taking precautions from hackers. There are online solutions at exchanges. Cryptsy is the largest altcoin exchange that I use and recommend for most of these altcoins. However, I recently came across Bter and found the fees to be lower here, so I started trading here. If you’re actively looking to trade altcoins, Vircurex is a good option too as it tends to have lower prices for buying altcoins in terms of sovereign currencies. These services, in addition to giving you a means to trade your altcoins, will give you an address to which you can send the altcoins. This can be used in the faucets. Remember though that exchanges usually have withdrawal fees, so the most efficient way is still to just download and install the client yourself.

List of Altcoin faucets Updated 11/30/2013

Here is a complete list of working altcoin faucets –

Litecoin faucets: I keep a more updated list of litecoin faucets at this page as it is the most popular altcoin and several people are looking for these.

(Prices calculated as of 10/17/2013 from Cryptsy. Altcoin prices can fluctuate a lot)

BottleCaps Faucet: Pays out 0.25 CAP per round of 10. Worth about 12uBTC

Doubloons Faucet-1: Pays out 0.667 DBL per round of 10. Worth about 40uBTC

Doubloons Faucet-2: Pays out 0.667 DBL per day. Worth about 40uBTC

Freicoin Faucet: *DOWN-frc.now.im* Pays 1 FRC per round

Krugercoin Faucet: Pays out 1 KGC per round of 10. Worth about 1.5uBTC

Redcoin Faucet: Pays out 1 RED per day. Worth about 3.5-7.0uBTC

Sexcoin Faucet: Pays out 15 SXC per round of 25. Worth about 40uBTC

Androids Token Faucet: Pays out 500 ADT per round of 10. Worth about 2uBTC

Gamecoin Faucet: Pays out 50 GME per round of 20. Worth about 20uBTC

Orbitcoin Faucet: Pays out 0.025 ORB per round of 10. Worth unknown

Pennies Faucet: Pays out 100 CENT per day. Worth about 4uBTC

Geocoin Faucet: Pays out 500 GEO per day. Worth unknown

Offerings to Cthulhu Faucet: Pays out 3 OFF per day. Worth unknown

Goldcoin Faucet: Pays out 2 GLD per round of 25. Worth about 50uBTC

Spots Faucet(unconfirmed, needs email): Pays out 1SPT per person. Worth about 15uBTC

Zetacoin Faucet: Pays out 2.3 ZET per hour. Worth about 2.5uBTC

Terracoin Faucet: Pays out 0.0001-0.0002 TRC. Coupon to use: MOREMONEY. Worth 0.45-0.9uBTC

Franko Faucet(unconfirmed): Pays out 0.01 FRK per round. Worth about 22uBTC.

Extremecoin Faucet: Pays out 1.47 EXC per day. Worth unknown.

CryptoBucks Faucet(Irregular Payouts): Pays out 0.1 BUK per day (also chance to win 1, 5, 10 BUK). Worth about 80uBTC

Unobtanium Faucet: Pays out 0.0001 UNO per day. Worth unknown

Multiple Coins Faucet: Current support for AppleCoin, BottleCaps, ColussusCoin, FastCoin, HoboNickel, InfiniteCoin

If I am missing any other altcoin faucets that you’re aware of, please let me know. Make sure it’s a working faucet.

Photo Credit: Dennis Amith

  39 Responses to “Altcoin Faucets: A Complete List Updated”

  1. Extremecoin (EXC) Faucet at:


  2. Unobtanium (UNO) andarazoroflove.org/faucet/unobtanium/

    Cryptobuks (BUK) http://www.cryptobuck.com/

  3. terracoin faucet has been down for at least 2 weeks

  4. devcoin faucet

  5. Goldcoin faucet seems offline

    • Updated, thanks for letting me know. It was a good faucet for a good coin, but seems to be down for a few days. Hope it can get back up sometime.

  6. Buk faucet doest work! No pay!

  7. Joe’s Freicoin Faucet frc.now.im

    • Added, thanks! Currently put it in unconfirmed mode, will make it confirmed once I get the payout.

      • I know the operator and its been working almost instantly when I try. Please let me know if you haven’t received still and I’ll have him look into it.

        • Updated. It’s currently dry though, hopefully they can continue operating, even if it is with a lower payout. Thanks for the info man!

  8. Faucet at http://www.freefaucet.co.uk does multiple currencies

  9. OSC:



  10. What’s the deal with bottlecaps. Everytime I enter my cryptsy Trade Key, it says my number is invalid. Really, am I missing something. What’s the deal.

  11. INCA Gold is HOT!!!

  12. doge


  13. Nextcoin/NXT: nxtra.org/faucet

    DOGE Waterbowl: indogewetrust.com

  14. Great list! I’m also compiling one over at cryptocoinfaucets.com

  15. AltCoin prices *do* fluxuate a lot. Get your prices up to date every 10mins at http://www.CryptoHits.info 🙂

    API Coming soon.

  16. BTC WIN up to 1 btc every hour

  17. There is a Quark Faucet at : thebitcoinmaster.com

    Tried it.

    It’s working.

  18. Anyone know of any BTB = BitBar faucets???
    I would love me some BitBar

  19. Hi, can you add my faucet in your list?


    Thanks. Steve

  20. “Here is a complete list of working altcoin faucets -”

    not kept up to date some of the sites have not worked for over 3 months

  21. an tou added the link ?

  22. MULTIFAUCET : You can get: Animecoin, Black Dragon, BlueCoin, BirdCoin, GlobalBoost, BitQuark, Bunnycoin, Denarius, FailCoin, FairQuark, Friendshipcoin, Gaycoin, HYPER, Megacoin, Mintcoin, Mooncoin, BitCentavo, O2Ocoin, OPEC Coin, Orobit, QQCoin, TeaCoin, Twecoin, Zurcoin

  23. freeblackcoingames.nuuleap.com free blackcoins with some games

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