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In the world of online casinos there are always new trends. The fight for the most sought-after slots is great, even the bonuses offered compete strongly with each other. Many also pay attention to the fact that there are crypto on Casino.guide, but also the available payment methods are an important point. In many casinos there is therefore already the possibility to deposit and withdraw with cryptocurrencies.

What exactly are crypto casinos?

The latest trend of online casinos is definitely the possibility to make transactions with cryptocurrencies. A casino that offers these payment methods is called a crypto casino. So, it is by no means that it is a completely new system.

Because crypto casinos are not really different from the conventional platforms for gambling on the Internet. The biggest difference, as already mentioned, is the deposit method. As a rule, crypto casinos do not have special slots or other games. So, if you hope to find games designed specifically for Bitcoin, you will most likely be disappointed.

However, the bonus offers are different. Because cryptocurrencies are very present here as well. Many of the providers include Bitcoin and Co. in their bonus offers. Thus, many advertise a deposit bonus in Bitcoin, instead of a certain amount from the national currency as usual.

So, except for the wide range of choices for depositing, there is not much difference. A crypto casino is therefore especially suitable for the people who want to make deposits with cryptocurrencies.

Why cryptocurrencies as a means of payment?

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular over the years. In the meantime, Bitcoin has even become the national currency of El Salvador. Also, recent cases like the Dogecoin show how popular cryptocurrencies really are nowadays. That’s because the coin, which was first created as a fun project, reached record-breaking numbers. From just a fraction of a cent, it rose to over $0.70. An increase that multiplied previous investments by a thousand times.

So, much like if you buy Bitcoin, Dogecoin was also able to show significant growth. However, compared to Bitcoin, the value of Dogecoin increased much faster. So, the world seems to be ready to embrace cryptocurrencies.  

This is also visible in the increased advertising for online brokers. More and more providers are placing their ads on the Internet or even on television. Of course, the brokers need to recoup their expenses, so the many advertisements show how many customers the providers really need to have.

Due to the increasing acceptance towards cryptocurrencies, it is a logical step to offer them as a payment method for online casinos as well. The crypto casinos are taking a pioneering role in this regard. With them, it is possible to deposit with Bitcoin and Co. instead of Paysafecards or online banking.

How popular the cryptocurrencies really are can also be seen in the level of awareness of Bitcoin mining. In elaborate processes that consume a lot of power, the so-called miners can obtain bitcoins. Put simply, they provide their computing power to process transactions. In return, they receive a small commission in the form of Bitcoins. So it is possible to receive Bitcoins for free, so to speak.

Cryptocurrencies require a wallet

Pretty much every cryptocurrency requires a wallet to receive, send and hold the currency. This is because, as with physical money, the digital currency needs to be stored in a safe place. Therefore, it is especially important to find the right provider for a wallet.

There is a large selection for wallets. But to find the right provider, there are many portals on the Internet that compare wallets. So after a short research, everyone is guaranteed to find the right digital wallet for their personal needs.

Anyone who wants to deposit in a crypto casino, therefore, definitely needs a digital wallet. Those who do not yet have their own cryptocurrency must also take care of how Bitcoin and Co. can be loaded onto the wallet. However, this is also relatively easy to implement.

There are many exchanges that offer cryptocurrencies. For a small fee, all national currencies can be exchanged here for Ethereum, Bitcoin, XRP and other cryptocurrencies. The exchange rate is usually updated on a daily basis.

What should you look for in crypto casinos?

Since crypto casinos do not differ much from conventional online casinos in their appearance, there are no major differences in the exclusion criteria either. The most important thing to look out for is whether the casino has a licence. Thus, the user can be fairly sure that it is a reputable provider.

The customer service offered is also important. This should answer quickly and helpfully and be able to solve the problems. A look at the offers of the various bonuses is also important. Many providers organize regular events, where there are often great prizes. The selection of slots offered is also crucial.

Do crypto casinos have a future?

With the possibility of using cryptocurrencies as a means of payment, crypto casinos are going with the new trend. It is undisputed that physical means of payment will no longer play a role in the future. Experts agree that cash could be abolished in just a few decades.

The fact that El Salvador has now become the first country to introduce Bitcoin as its official national currency underscores this development. The increasing popularity of online brokers is also clear to see. The advertising of the providers is more present than ever before. While many investors used to buy stocks, cryptocurrencies are the investment assets of the future.

Thus, crypto casinos can be expected to hold their own in the market. They often offer the same scope as ordinary platforms for gambling on the Internet, but have a special advantage. It could already be seen from the example of PayPal how important the variety of deposit methods really is for the users of online casinos.

Because when the payment service provider announced its withdrawal from online gambling, many users were outraged. With Paypal, an important payment method for online casinos fell away. But crypto casinos can create a new era by allowing cryptocurrencies as a means of payment.

So, it definitely remains exciting to watch whether crypto casinos can establish themselves in the market. However, with the hype of cryptocurrencies, we are sure that they can shape the future of online gambling.

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