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best bitcoin sites
Here are the best Bitcoin sites that will allow you to earn Bitcoin online. If you’re looking to make some Bitcoin performing small tasks online, then this is the perfect list for you. I update this list regularly, with only the best sites out there.

The Bitcoin economy is a fast changing one, and there are several sites that come up that allow you to make some Bitcoin online. You should remember that this can also be a time-trap and you can get sucked into it for long hours without having much to show for it. This is why you need to filter these down.

Also, I am not covering the obvious ideas – yes, you can just get a job, get paid in USD and convert those to Bitcoin but that’s not the point of this article. Remember that small amounts of Bitcoin can add up, as the following Wired article shows.

For a more comprehensive list, see the how to earn Bitcoin online page.

A special mention to online wallets like Circle and Coinbase that make it really easy to buy and sell Bitcoin to a lay-person. Of course, if you have substantial amount of Bitcoin (say over 2 BTC), get a LedgerTrezor or KeepKey – hardware wallets that stores your Bitcoin offline in a secure enclave.

#1 Coinbase: Coinbase has been the staple of the Bitcoin and crypto world for quite some time now. Valued at several billion dollars, they are a lot of things, including an online wallet and an exchange. They are looking to expand into everything from institutional custody to blockchain identity. If you’re new to Coinbase, you can go through this link and get $10 of Bitcoin for free. Coinbase is fast expanding to other geographies and also other cryptocurrencies, such as Ether, Litecoin, and BCash.

More interestingly, you can sign up on Coinbase and instantly earn up to $161 right now. How? Via Coinbase Earn. You need to learn about various cryptocurrencies and tokens and Coinbase will reward you (think of the money as a marketing expense for these tokens to one of the largest retail wallets/exchanges).

Coinbase Earn

#2 Binance: Binance has become the #1 crypto trading website in the world. It is estimated that last year Binance made more money than the London Stock Exchange Group! That’s saying something (although that was at the peak of the crypto mania of 2017). Still, if you’re looking to invest or trade in Bitcoin, Ether, and other cryptocurrencies, you should definitely make Binance your first destination. It has liberal limits of 2BTC withdrawal without KYC, making it one of the best bitcoin sites out there in terms of ability to trade Bitcoin with altcoins without giving documents to shady exchanges.

#3 21 Tasks: 21 is the Bitcoin startup with the largest funding so far. It is purely a Bitcoin company so far, not a ‘blockchain’ startup. This makes it one of the best Bitcoin sites out there, and certainly one of the most promising ones. It uses Bitcoin to try and do things that weren’t feasible in the old economy. Even if these things don’t add up to much today, they can be game changers tomorrow. There are a few ways to earn money via 21. If you’re someone well known, you can set a price for people to reach out to you, and when you reply to their message, you get your set price. This reduces spam, and you get paid for the effort (or donate your earnings to charity). There is also 21 tasks that you can do on your phone or some of them on your desktop. The earnings are decent – significantly higher than the PTC type earnings. In the future, it will perhaps compete with the likes of Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. 21 got acquired by Coinbase recently.

#4 Anonymous Ads: This is my favorite Bitcoin ad network and I like this more than others like CoinURL, BitMedia, Operation Fabulous, BitAds. Unlike the others mentioned which are pay-per-click, anonymous ads is a pay-per-impression system and the payment really depends on a number of factors. The stats are amazing and everything is open for you to see. I use this on my site as well and I am happy so far. If you own a website or blog, this is a very passive way to make Bitcoin. They are perhaps the longest running ad-network for the Bitcoin community, and the owner has been a very regular member of Bitcointalk forums since the very beginning.

#5 Coinality: Coinality is hands down the best jobs aggregator in the Bitcoin space. If you’re interested in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space at all, definitely keep an eye out on Coinality. It allows special listings on its own site, but also sources jobs from across the web from Upwork and Elance to mainstream job sites like Indeed. They also have jobs of all types, from full-time developers to freelance writers. You will find small gigs, like logo design to full-time software developer positions on companies like Coinbase.

#6 BitcoinGet: The popular site that was mentioned in the Wired article on how homeless guys were able to use BitcoinGet as a form of ‘digital hustling’. There are two popular ways to earn some Bitcoin here – Micro-tasks from CrowdFlower and watching Virool videos. The micro-tasks pay anywhere from 30-600uBTC depending on the task, and there are several tasks that you can do in a single day. The virool videos currently pay 40uBTC for 30 seconds of video. Availability depends on the location (e.g. in the US, on an average, there are 10-12 videos per day, so you can earn close to 400-500 uBTC just through the videos and then some more from the micro-tasks). Payments are automatic, and usually processed pretty promptly within a day or two. The site has also added Surveys to the list of ways to earn Bitcoin.

#7 Paid to Click (PTC) Sites Paying in Bitcoin: BitsForClicks (previously Coin Ad): This has remarkably become the most popular and sustained Paid to Click Bitcoin site. There are several reasons – it has a very good inventory of ads and it always has a steady supply of ads. Being one of the oldest, still surviving Bitcoin PTC sites also helps. The low minimum payout makes it a low risk investment in terms of time for many bidders. They have done pretty well so far – it is a relatively old site, and is growing in popularity with the advertisers. If you have to pick just one Bitcoin PTC site, this should be the one. As a bonus, if you like this niche, also check out BTCClicks.

 Bitter: Bitter started off as the best Bitcoin PTC (paid to click) out there, but the experience has deteriorated over time. Still, if you’re a PTC enthusiast, it is worth checking out. On the plus side, they don’t use silly ‘bux scripts’ that all other PTC sites seem to be using, but instead do it from scratch, in HTML5, giving Bitter a much nicer user experience. There are also no silly recaptchas to complete – the verification is simpler. This is especially important if you’re accessing this via TOR where recaptcha is a pain.


#8 iFaucet: This is the best Bitcoin faucet rotator, which can give you a fairly significant amount of satoshis for faucets if you follow all the sites. It manages the entire process for you, and is a fairly comprehensive and updated list of all the Bitcoin faucets out there. In addition, it has very good search filters, so if you hate one type of captcha, you can remove it from the list. You can also blacklist sites that you don’t like. Finally, iFaucet blocks annoying popups and other undesirable page elements, so it’s a smoother browsing experience.

#9 Predictious: Predictious is a Bitcoin prediction market, and you could earn money by suggesting new bets/statements and also predicting the right outcomes of future events. However, be on the lookout for some new decentralized prediction markets that might eat centralized prediction markets’ lunch. Most notably, Augur, built on Ethereum but allows Bitcoin bets directly, is building a fully decentralized prediction marketplace that will easily undercut Predictious in terms of trust, security, and fees. Augur has raised several millions of dollars overall.

Ads4BTC: This is a very nice Bitcoin PTC site, quite similar to Neobux in its look and feel, but with Bitcoin payments of course. They generally have a good ad inventory, which is essential for a long-term sustainable PTC. The ads are sorted based on the time, and the payment per ad is upfront as well. The site has a lower payout available through a microwallet, or regular Bitcoin payments as well but at a higher minimum payout.

ABitBack: This is another popular site to make some free Bitcoin online. The most popular service here is Radio Loyalty that pays you 1 point (30uBTC) every few minutes for just listening to the radio. Supersonic Ads and Virool Videos are also popular, although Virool videos pay less than at BitcoinGet. There is also support for Litecoin (also see how to earn Litecoin).

Coin Chat: This is one very great way to make some Bitcoin just chatting with your fellow Bitcoin enthusiasts and learning about everything from Bitcoin to politics to programming. You can just have fun and chill in any of the chatrooms and you’ll randomly get some Bitcoins. It isn’t very much, and you should do this only if you enjoy getting to know other people on the internet in the Bitcoin community, but say an hour of serious discussion can yield about 1mBTC.

Bit Visitor: I had to include this because it is one of the oldest, still working paid-to-click ad viewing site that pays quite well. You can reach payout almost every day because the minimum is just 100uBTC. The site has had problems on and off, but overall it has a good name in the community and attracts lots of eyeballs and businesses.

Daily Bitcoins: This is the only faucet I’ll mention just because it is that good. It pays 10uBTC every hour. If you have the time and you spend a lot of your time online, you might as well use it every hour. Note that there are also several bonus payouts, with as high as 1000uBTC payments (rare) but several 50uBTC payouts. You’ll find these under Prizes tab on the top. You’ll also get several vouchers for PeerBet and coupons for advertising on that site as bonus.

Rewards Live: Rewards Live is quickly becoming one of my favorite site for micro-payments in Bitcoin, even though I was initially skeptical of its success. They are doing pretty well and look quite sustainable. Rewards Live perhaps has the highest number of different ways to earn Bitcoin online, which is why I would classify them in the list of best Bitcoin sites. Here is just a snapshot: Matomy, Sponsor Pay, Radium One, Super Rewards, WallAds, RevU, Payment Wall and more being added. Even the payout options are plenty – you can withdraw via Bitcoin, Litecoin and Namecoin, but if you don’t want to go via the cryptocurrency route, there are scores of gift cards where you can withdraw as well (of course, I would suggest Bitcoin/Litecoin/Namecoin!) The site is adding luck-based giveaways to the various ways to earn money, which is an added bonus.

These are the best Bitcoin sites that I know of where you can earn some Bitcoin online. I have a more comprehensive free Bitcoin section that might interest you as well. What do you think of these services? Let me know.

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