Apr 282014

Bitcoin Music FestivalIf you’re in New York, there is absolutely no reason not to go to the Bitcoin Music Festival on Saturday, May 3rd 2014. This is being performed by the Ross Mintzer Band, a passionate group who “perform music for the hearts, minds and bodies of people everywhere”. Check out the Facebook page of the event to learn more and make your presence felt.

It’s a great opportunity to network with some fellow crypto-currency enthusiasts at the generous Bitcoin Center in New York at 40 broad street, right next to the New York Stock Exchange. The event starts at 7:30pm and goes until midnight.

Ross Mintzer has been a regular at the Bitcoin meetups in New York as is passionate about promoting Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies through the medium of music. It provides a great opportunity for him and his team to connect with the ordinary people and make them aware of Bitcoin and what the future holds. The whole community would greatly benefit if are more artists and performers who can reach the common folk through their art and promote and educate people in this area. I am very happy to see Ross take this first step in this direction.

This is the first Bitcoin Music Festival that I am aware of, and it should be a very interesting performance. Come there to show your support for the band and for the promotion of Bitcoin through music. In Ross’ own words, “I created this festival as a celebration of humanity and music, and as an opportunity for the Bitcoin/crypto currency community to bond.” So come there to bond with your fellow community members!

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  1. Eager to attend this event :) Thanks for the news!

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