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Bitcoin PTC

Bitcoin PTC sites can help you earn Bitcoin online while visiting interesting Bitcoin businesses. PTC stands for Paid-To-Click and the idea is simple – Bitcoin businesses want to reach out to potential customers and they do so through these Bitcoin PTC sites. Users click on the ads and visit the site of the business for a few seconds to a few minutes and are rewarded in Bitcoin for doing so.

Let me start off, however, by saying that this isn’t a route for everyone. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to pay your rent in New York with this money. However, there are plenty of areas beyond the developed world where it is as easy to have a Bitcoin wallet and earn some real money. Half a billion people in India live on less than $2/day. I think Bitcoin PTC earnings can be substantial in many areas of the world. It is also a very fun way to earn your first Bitcoins if you’re new to this. After all, you don’t have to pay for anything except with a few minutes of your time.

Also, note that I am only going to talk about Bitcoin PTC in this post. There are several other ways to get free Bitcoins.

Updated: July 6th, 2015

Note that the world of Bitcoin PTC can change pretty drastically in a few short days. I’ll try to keep this information as up to date as possible.

CoinAd: CoinAd has been a very reliable Bitcoin PTC since its inception, and even after the recent price spike when a lot of paid to click Bitcoin sites closed shop, CoinAd continued to have ads for its visitors. If I have to pick just one PTC site in the Bitcoin space, probably this would be it. The number of ads can vary, but on an average day, you can find up to 10 ads at least, and the minimum time on the ads is from 60 seconds to 1 second. The good thing is, ads that require a higher time are also paid proportionately more. One of the most reliable PTC sites out there, and should definitely be on your list.
Payment: Minimum payout is 0.15mBTC. Manual review, usually paid out in 1-2 days.

BTCClicks: This is another Bitcoin PTC site that usually has a good number of ads to view. I don’t like the options of paid membership though and wouldn’t buy one myself. Also, you are forced to stay active on the advertiser’s page while the timer counts down, so you cannot navigate away from the page. If these don’t bother you, it’s a good way to earn some Bitcoin online especially because it usually has a good number of ads in its inventory.
Payment: Minimum payout is 0.1mBTC. I see an average of 30-40 ads daily, so it’s easy to reach minimum payout. Usually paid out within 24 hours.

Bitter: This is the newest entry here, but I am already a fan. It’s look and feel is very different from traditional ‘bux sites’ and seems more professional. The user experience is hands down the best among all the other sites. The withdrawals are easy to reach, and there are sufficient number of ads to click. The best thing is, all the ads open on the same page, without having to navigate back and forth. In addition, you see exactly how much you’ll get paid for each ad that you visit. Very transparent so far, and looks quite promising.
Payment: 0.00001 BTC minimum, which can easily be reach everyday or every two days, depending on how many ads are there to click.

Ads4BTC: This is site that’s modelled very much after the PTC industry leaders like Neobux, and if you’re familiar with that, you’ll get this site right away. One big advantage of this site is the constant stream of advertisements that are available. Payouts are easy to reach, and are lower for a microwallet-style payout, or a little higher if you want to withdraw directly to a Bitcoin address.

VisitBit: This is the first PTC site in the Bitcoin world where there is no minimum payout! This is possible only with Bitcoin, and the site makes full use of real Bitcoin features as it should. All payments are sent to your Microwallet address instantaneously when you successfully complete the captcha. It is gaining popularity very fast, and has a good ad-inventory so far.
Payment: Payments are instantly sent to Microwallet. The minimum withdrawal from Microwallet is 5800 satoshi (58 uBTC).

bitPTC (*Not Active Anymore): Inspired from VisitBit above, this site also has instant payouts to Microwallet when you complete the captcha after each ad. The payouts are a little higher than VisitBit probably because the site is newer, although it already has a surprisingly large ad inventory that I expect to only increase in the future.
Payment: Instant payouts to Microwallet. Ads pay well too, depending on the duration of the ads.

Earn Free Bitcoins: This Bitcoin PTC can be a very good source of ads and usually has a ton of ads, although quite a few are at the lower end. The good thing is, the site tells you before-hand how much you’ll be able to make if you visit all the ads, so it’s a good indication. Also, before each ad, you’ll get to know how much the ad pays and how much time you’ll have to spend on the site, so you can decide to skip if you think it isn’t worth. The ads go sequentially, and you’ll have to visit anywhere from 120 seconds to 5 seconds.
Payment: Minimum payout is 55uBTC or 0.055mBTC.

Click2Dad: This is a relatively newer site, but one of the best PTC sites out there that pays in Bitcoin. There are many ads to click daily, and the payout is pretty good, with an average of 0.5 cent equivalent paid in Bitcoin (about 35uBTC on average now). In addition, a great feature of this site is that the withdrawal process is automatic as soon as you reach a minimum payout of 1 mBTC. Also, the site has other avenues to get free Bitcoins through chance games that don’t require a buy-in, so it’s fun to try out.

BitVisitor: *STATUS UNKNOWN* Perhaps the oldest Bitcoin PTC site, that needs you to visit the advertisers’ sites for 5 minutes in a sequential order. The site has lost its glory days though, and the number of ads and the payments are quite limited, and the payments are fairly irregular. Still a good addition, although not at the top of my list.
Payment: Minimum payment is 60uBTC or 0.6mBTC.

Coin of Midas: *STATUS UNKNOWN* I am mentioning this site because it used to be a very consistent and well reputed Bitcoin PTC but now doesn’t have any ad inventory at all. It was very promising at one point of time and the site took the lead in a lot of ways. However, it has fallen on the wayside since, but I think it could still recover. If it does, expect to see a lot of interesting features.

Related Sites

There are some other Bitcoin sites that might interest you, that belong to the Get-Paid-To (GPT) category and pay in Bitcoin. Here are my favorite ones:

BitcoinGet: This site has two main sources of earning potential – Virool Videos and Crowdflower Tasks. It has the best inventory of both these offers, even better than ABitBack above. This site was also featured in Wired, on an article about homeless guys earning Bitcoin online, and they proudly mention this on their blog!
Payment: Minimum payment is 60uBTC or 0.6mBTC. Payments are automatic. It is not hard to reach payout every day.

BitcoinGet Payouts

RewardsLive: This is a very nice and very large collection of a lot of third-party ads and pays out in Bitcoin. You have all types of tasks from surveys to watching videos to installing apps to playing games to earn some Bitcoin. It’s ┬ánot really a Bitcoin PTC site, but there are some third-party PTC sites that pay out through Rewards Live. The payments are competitive relative to similar sites that pay out in USD.
Payment: Payments are processed through a points system, and can be converted into Bitcoin, Litecoin and Namecoin. You can also get paid in a number of gift cards, if that might appeal to you.

CoinTasker: This is a fairly new site in the Bitcoin GPT scene, but has quickly added a bunch of offers. They have currently added Super Rewards, Radium One, Crowdflower, Virool Videos, CPA Grip, Payment Wall, Winter Leads, MgCash, Wall Ads and a few other networks. That’s a lot of offers from people to consider. Even though the site is newer than ABitBack and BitcoinGet, it seems very promising. Another great feature of the site is that you get 10uBTC each day just for logging in, and they have other such offers from time to time. It also tries to build a community, and you get real Bitcoins each time you add someone as a friend, for instance.
Payment: Minimum payout is 0.01BTC, which I hope they’ll lower in the future.

ABitBack: This site has a very wide selection of GPT offers and has everything from surveys to Virool Videos to Matomy and Supersonic offers to Loyalty Radio. There are lots of ways to earn some Bitcoins here. There is a section of Paid to Click as well, but it usually doesn’t have more than 1-2 ads. However, if you like the other offers, there are a ton of those.
Payment: The site used to have direct payments into Bitcoin and Litecoin. However, it is now changed and you get BTC-e coupons instead. BTC-e is a crypto-currency exchange, for those who don’t know. Technically, therefore, you can buy anything from Litecoin to Namecoin with this. 200 points = $1 in BTC-e coupon.


Have you tried out these Bitcoin PTC sites? Know of any other sites that I should include? Let me know in the comments

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  1. Nice information! I checked and all if these are currently working and paying, so thanks for making such a list! Paid to click is well suited for bitcoins because of the low payout and you can know soon if a site is paying or not without wasting too much time

    • Thanks!
      True, the micropayments enabled by Bitcoin can minimize this risk. I still wonder why the more ‘mainstream’ PTC sites haven’t adopted Bitcoin. It seems to be a very good fit with the industry.

  2. Nice list! Thanks for updating this list, many others haven’t bothered to do. Lots of older ones that I knew are gone now. I especially like bitPTC – they pay out well and there are a good number of ads for me to click. BitcoinGet seems to have removed their video section, which is disappointing. I liked to do that when it was active.

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  5. you should also like … #BePaidInBitcoin ad platform for your list

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