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Looking to buy Dogecoin? Look no further! We’ll humor you, and provide you with every resource on how to buy Dogecoin. In addition, we’ll throw in a few ways you can get free Dogecoins. So cool.

If you’ve been living under a rock, Dogecoin took the cryptocurrency scene by storm and this is probably the first instance of a coin going viral. Like really viral. Like crazy.

For some people, Dogecoin just seems stupid. For others, this fun little cryptocurrency actually changed their perspective on cryptocurrencies! For Verge, this seems like the future, with an article titled: Bitcoin is so 2013: Dogecoin is the new cryptocurrency on the block. The media is having a field day with this altcoin. No comments from our side for now. Lets enjoy and revel in this cosmic absurdity.

And since you’re looking to be a part of this, here’s how you can buy Dogecoin on some Dogecoin exchanges. Actually, most major exchanges were very quick to embrace Dogecoin, not surprisingly. Also, Coinmarketcap has added Dogecoin and currently it ranks at the 11th spot based on the total market cap of cryptos, with a total market-cap of just over $9 million.

CoinMarketCap Dogecoin

Buying Dogecoin – Dogecoin Exchanges

Here are your best options to buy some Dogecoin –

Bter: A major altcoin exchange in China (don’t worry, they have an English version too!) that I often use for altcoin trading. I’ve moved more and more of my trading to Bter from Cryptsy because Bter seems to have far fewer problems than Cryptsy and it is fast to add new altcoins. In addition, the fees is lower than Cryptsy – the fees to buy altcoins is 10% lower and the fees to sell altcoins is 50% lower than Cryptsy. In addition, the peak times on Bter are so different than the peak times on Cryptsy, considering the majority of traffic here comes from China and therefore there’s a time lag. This is a nice thing, because you can sometimes involve yourself with some arbitrage trades and sometimes just get the best deal to buy your altcoins.

Cryptsy: If you’re already a member of Cryptsy, then you might have realized that Dogecoin was added to Cryptsy yesterday night. That’s right, you can now trade the currency pair DOGE/BTC on Cryptsy. For those who don’t know, Cryptsy is the largest altcoin exchange. If you don’t have any Bitcoin on Cryptsy and want to buy Dogecoin ASAP, then look for the options below – Cryptsy can be notoriously slow with their processing of new deposits although they’ve been a bit better of late. It’s based in Florida in the US and has the largest list of altcoins, so if you’re indulging in buying and selling Dogecoin, you might as well have a go at Junkcoin here.

Vircurex: Ah, the Russians just couldn’t resist and finally gave in to the awesomeness of Dogecoin. I am really surprised Vircurex also added Dogecoin, considering they trade very limited altcoin pairs and are usually very selective. Vircurex is a pretty robust trading platform (and is especially useful when Cryptsy is down, which happens more often than you would imagine!) and it’s a marvel to see the site trading DOGE. It is selective in the altcoins it lists. It is also one of the oldest trading platforms out there.

Coins-e: Coins-e was quick to add Dogecoin to their trading exchange. This is a good option for traders who want to make a quick buck off of sharp market movements. They have a good interface and a nice trading API. They also have good bonuses from time to time for their users. They are relatively new, but very promising so far. The market depth is very low compared to Cryptsy but you might just get lucky and get your Dogecoin for cheap here, being a less liquid market.

BTC-e, are you listening?

Free Dogecoin

If you want some free Dogecoin to play around, there are plenty of threads on the Bitcointalk forums. Check out the Alternate Cryptocurrencies section.

*Offer Ended* Also, if you leave your Dogecoin address here in the comments section, I’ll pass on some Dogelove to you (100 DOGE) ONLY until Christmas – so you have about 36 hours to go. Good luck!

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