Sep 102020
Buy Sashimi or Farm Sashimi

This is a guide on how to buy Sashimi, or farm Sashimi especially the first 14 days after launch when the rewards are high. Sashimi is a new DeFi token on Ethereum which can be farmed or bought and was released recently.

Sashimi is a Sushi clone but it being built by a non-anonymous team and there is no dev fund. This is important to the community due to way in which SushiChef, the creator of Sushi, sold the development share of SUSHI and exited the project (we think it was not technically an exit scam but very close).

The way Sashimi is intended to work is very similar to Sushi in that you stake your LP tokens, you get 10x farming rewards in the first 2 weeks, and then the team can migrate your LP tokens to a new exchange. To their credit, they did not clone the exchange but rather want to build something with added functionality than simply a Uniswap clone.

More importantly, Sashimi has the backing of the Aelf team. Other than the highly questionable choice of incentivizing SASHIMI/ELF LP token on Uniswap, this should be a good thing. After all, the team is not anonymous and have a real-world reputation if they tried to pull a fast one like SushiChef.

How to Farm Sashami

Currently, there are 11 LP pairs with which you can farm SASHIMI. Following best farming practices in DeFi, if you don’t want to farm with the token itself (since the impermanent loss can be brutal), that’s 9 LP pairs. We will also assume you are less interested in ELF-ETH pair since it already pumped over 100% since Sashimi launch. That leaves 8 major pairs: WBTC-ETH, USDT-ETH, USDC-ETH, DAI-ETH, YFI-ETH, LEND-ETH, LINK-ETH, SNX-ETH.

As we previously mentioned, other than the questionable ELF pairs (but understandable, to be sure) these are all good pairs to farm with. They know their audience – YFI, LEND, SNX are the triumvirate of yield farming right now, and the team has chosen them all for farming, in addition to the stablecoins. They also left out impractical pairs like UMA-ETH and BAND-ETH that Sushi adopted.

How to Buy SASHAMI

You can of course buy SASHIMI directly if you believe in the project or want to speculate on its price. Another reason to buy SASHIMI would be to farm in the SASHIMI-ETH pool or SASHIMI-ELF pool. Remember these are high risk, so don’t be attracted just to the high APYs and be sure you can withstand extreme impermanent loss that may easily become permanent loss.

Currently, the most liquid pool for SASHIMI is Uniswap. You can go directly there and buy SASHIMI with your ETH. However, if you want to do a trade with a non-ETH token, make sure to first check the price in an aggregator like 1inch.

For example, if you are starting with LINK, YFI, SNX, RLC, etc. and want to buy SASHIMI, just go to 1inch first and check the prices (as of this writing, they haven’t natively listed SASHIMI yet but you could check converting to ETH and then use Uniswap).

Important Links

Website: and connect your Web3 address like MetaMask to view the farms.

Token Contract on Etherscan – always double check against this token when you are buying or selling since anyone can create a fake token with the same name.

MasterChef Contract – similar to SushiChef contract. If you’re technical, always check a diff of this against the SushiChef contract.

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