Mar 202014

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Why are casinos respecting Bitcoin so much? For the same reason as we do. It doesn’t have the drawbacks of the traditional currencies, to say the least. However, it’s not the only reason. More and more casinos are enabling Bitcoin payments not just because their respect to the crypto currency. First of all, the vast supply arises from the constantly emerging demand for the Bitcoin Casino. Let’s have a closer look why the popularity of such services are constantly rising.

  • Anonymity: Sure, it’s one of the most important advantages of this currency. Unlike in the traditional currency payment systems, no personal information is tied to transactions. Gambling is the thing some people may be shy of, or not want to let others know about. The cryptographic currency solves this issue in seconds.
  • Zero transaction fees: To deposit your “regular” currency to your casino account, most definitely you have to pay transaction fees. On the contrary, you don’t have to pay any transaction fees while sending your Bitcoin money to the casino.
  • No limits: While most traditional casinos have limited transactions, Bitcoin ones have no limits on sums or number of daily transactions. Whether you want to withdraw all your jackpot at once or make fifty eight payments a day – it’s completely up to you.
  • Quick turnaround: As Bitcoin transactions do not require much time to process, gamblers are taking a huge advantage by using this currency. They can deposit money instantly, bet, and withdraw funds as soon as they win.
  • Global access: By starting to accept Bitcoins, casinos open up to players from the whole world, forgetting about any geographical restrictions. The thing is, in different countries and banks there may be limitations concerning payments to casinos with the traditional currency. Apart from this, players in some countries may also face problems of international payments because of their bank limitations.
  • Fraud prevention: As all Bitcoin transactions can be seen in the block chain, possibilities to fall victim of fraud minimize. Obviously, it concerns mainly the clients. As a result, players will much more eagerly deposit their funds to the casino where they are sure about their money.
  • Tweaks in the game rules: All those online casinos operating “traditional” currencies are controlled by authorities in this or that way. That means that the rules of every separate game are legally regulated. At the same time, while having no “classical money” to operate, Bitcoin casinos are able to customize the game rules with the tweaks which can be illegal in the regular casinos.

The numerous advantages of the cryptographic currency were the reason not only of the established casinos’ switching to Bitcoin. They are also a huge catalyst of emerging new, Bitcoin-only gambling sites. By the way, their number grows daily, as such websites don’t need the license – which may cost up to 150,000 euros per year.

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