Nov 102017

Advertise your ICO

So you have the tech figured out, but how to advertise your ICO? Many in the community are technically capable people, not marketers, and need help promoting their ICO to the crypto community. Of course, of late, it seems there are more marketers than tech people in the ICO space, but serious investors looking for serious projects still need to know about promising new ICOs.

Here are some tips to advertise your ICO.

Ad Networks

Ad networks work well if you can target your ad to the audience. If you’re looking for how to advertise your ICo, we suggest older Bitcoin and crypto ad networks instead of the plethora of new ones coming up. Also, we suggest experimenting with both pay-per-click (PPC) and pay-per-impression (PPM) type ads. Why? Because they have vastly different conversion rates, and PPM has an added advantage that you get your name out even if there’s no conversion.

The secret to any ad network but especially to promote an ICO is to know your audience. It is best to advertise on information sites, like news sites and blogs, instead of sites like faucets. The reason is simple – the visitor coming to faucets likely doesn’t have enough Bitcoin or crypto to invest meaningfully into your ICO anyway.

For ICO advertising, we suggest BitMedia for PPC ads and Anonymous Ads for PPM ads. BitMedia has some of the best targeting possible, along with enough click through traffic to make it worth it. Anonymous Ads is perhaps the oldest Bitcoin based advertising platform and you can find their ad units from the oldest blogs and sites in crypto. The advantage is, you will be targeting long-time crypto holders, who tend to invest and diversify into different ICOs.

ICO Calendars

ICO calendars and trackers are becoming increasingly popular, and many enthusiasts get their information on new ICOs from these sites.

These ICO calendars change very frequently and therefore hard to link to evergreen resources that you should look into. At the moment, some of the more common ones are Coin Schedule and Token Data. For Ethereum based projects, there’s also Token Sale Calendar. You should get your ICO listed on these calendars because investors track new ICOs through these sources.

Bitcointalk Forum

Love it or hate it, Bitcointalk forum is still at the center of crypto money. Some of your largest investors are going to find you on Bitcointalk forums, not the VC flavor of the month system. At the very least, you need a proper announcement post in the Tokens (Altcoins) section that includes all the details about the project and the token, including how to participate in the ICO.

Crypto Blogs

Most crypto blogs that you find online accept sponsored posts. It may be hard to get on CoinDesk but anyone can get an article published on Coin Telegraph. You should leverage that because these crypto blogs still have an audience and can help get your name out to the audience.

To the above 5, we’ll add Twitter and Reddit. These are the most commonly used forums by the crypto community and you should show your presence on these portals. Telegram groups are becoming common for smaller crypto groups as well, but those can be time consuming to maintain. A blog, such as a Medium blog to get news and announcements out, is also a good addition to your arsenal.

Photo Credit: mkfeeney