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CoinAd Review

This CoinAd review takes a deeper look into this Bitcoin PTC site to determine whether it is good for Bitcoin community and Bitcoin businesses – the Bitcoin community to make some ‘free Bitcoin’ clicking on ads mostly related to Bitcoin businesses and for Bitcoin businesses to try and promote their business or service to the wider Bitcoin community.

Note: CoinAd has now rebranded as BitsforClicks, so I guess this is now a BitsForClicks review instead. CoinAd as a website itself has pivoted to becoming an advertising network. If you want to learn more in this area, check out the post on Bitcoin ad networks. 

CoinAd is a Bitcoin PTC (Paid to Click) site, which means it lets advertisers advertise on their website and whenever a registered user clicks on that ad, the clicker gets a small amount of money (paid in Bitcoin). The site takes the spread between what the business pays it per click and what it pays out the users per click. For this business to sustain, CoinAd needs a steady supply of Bitcoin businesses that want to advertise their service to the wider community and also a steady supply of users, mostly in the Bitcoin space, who want to click on these ads and get a way to earn a few Bitcoins clicking on ads (and getting to know the newer businesses in the Bitcoin niche).

 CoinAd Review for Clickers

There are many ways to earn some Bitcoin online (see my section on Free Bitcoin if you want to learn more) and the reason is simple – Bitcoin is extremely easy to send over geographical boundaries and in small quantities, as opposed to USD or other fiat currencies. Not surprisingly, there have been a good number of Bitcoin PTC sites that pay their users to click on ads. Before going any further, let me be very clear – you won’t be able to pay for your rent in Manhattan clicking on ads. On the other hand, if you’re a struggling student in a third world country, Bitcoin PTC and other forms of PTC can actually provide a substantial level of income that makes a difference in your life. I’ve personally known several such people from around the globe.

CoinAd Ads

With that out of the way, CoinAd is a very long running service in the Bitcoin world, at least by the standards of Bitcoin based businesses. It has seen many ups and downs and during the huge run up in Bitcoin price to $1000 when there was extreme volatility, I remember the ads almost drying up. However, CoinAd has come back up strongly and continues to deliver.

The minimum withdrawal was reduced to 0.15mBTC or 150 uBTC. This helped people get payments much more frequently. Although there are low days sometimes, CoinAd has a very good ad inventory, and you can consistently find 5-10 ads per day at least, and sometimes more. Also, CoinAd has a much higher payout compared to its closest competitor, BTCClicks, on an average. This is good for the clickers. In addition, CoinAd doesn’t force you to be on the page for the timer to progress like BTCClicks does, so that’s another advantage for CoinAd.

Free Bitcoin CoinAd Payment Proof

Overall, if you’re looking into Bitcoin PTC, CoinAd is definitely a great choice to earn some Bitcoin online.


CoinAd Review for Businesses

As a Bitcoin business or service, advertising can always be a tough sell. Sites like CoinAd make it easy to get the eyeballs – the rest of course depends on your product. Some of the best Bitcoin businesses have advertised with CoinAd and for good reason – I think the demographics is much more favorable, in that it attracts a lot of people in the community. In addition, being an old site, there are a lot of Bitcoiners here who have been in the scene for a while, and just visit CoinAd to stay up to date with the latest news and businesses in the Bitcoin world.

CoinAd usually has higher prices than sites like BTClicks but their demographics are more favorable and you’ll probably get a higher conversion here. Don’t take my word for it though – run a split test and see the conversions yourself. These depend mostly on your own site and service that you provide.

I think CoinAd is a great resource for Bitcoin based businesses and should be used as a powerful advertising tool.

Have you used CoinAd, either as a business or as a clicker? If so, please tell me your experience at the site in the comments section.

Other Sites Like CoinAd

There are a few other Bitcoin PTC sites that might interest you. Check out the top Bitcoin PTC sites and Earning Bitcoin Online posts to learn more. At the moment (on 7/20/15), my favorite sites like CoinAd are Bitter and BTCClicks.

Photo Credit: Ed Yourdon

  4 Responses to “CoinAd Review”

  1. In the article, you give an examle of someone earning ~0.2mBTC per day, which for today’s price means 0.2*(10^-3)*222= 4 cents per day. If I am correct in my calculations, this does not sound very appealing.

    • This is not appealing at all for someone wanting to make money online. However, there’s a very specific type of person who is interested in PTC in general, who by spending an hour or two a day on many different websites, can make a few dollars a day. You need to be very efficient with your time and sites when you do that. If the whole paid to click genre doesn’t appeal to you, stay far away from this and any other website. But if you have a list of 20 other PTC sites that you visit, this is definitely one of the ones that should go on the list. Good luck!

    • You are wrong on that one i think the correct value is 0.2BTC per day

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