Feb 172018

Cool Cousin

Cool Cousin is a crypto project aimed at the travel industry. One thing about the Cool Cousin project is that it is already a fully functioning company, with an app, which has users using it already. However, the company has decided to do a token sale and introduce a new token, CUZ, on its platform. That token will now form the basis of commerce on the site going forward.

Cool Cousin is a way to find travel information, specially geared towards how the newer generations of millennials and Gen-Zers travel. In the Cool Cousin app/site, travel guides and recommendations are created by locals who have a better idea of the hidden spots and true gems of their cities. The travel industry, of course, is huge. Cool Cousin aims to capture a share of that large pie.

Cool Cousin is a way for people to meet cool locals when they travel. Think of it as having a friend in most cities that you go visit. You can meet up with them and follow their recommendations. It is an adventure for both parties, getting to know someone new from a different part of the world. Cool Cousin wants to get rid of the old stodgy travel agencies that standardize your travel experience. Instead, the site is aimed to facilitate interaction among the members. These locals are called ‘Cousins’ in the system, hence the name Cool Cousin.

These Cousins act as your travel agent – they help you plan your trip, your stay, and also help you plan the local spots that you should hit up during your stay. Of course, you could argue that you can just do all of these yourself through online services like TripAdvisor already. However, there is a lot of information online that can be hard to filter out. Cool Cousin has a more human touch to traveling.

The CUZ Token

Cool Cousin is issuing its own ERC20 token on Ethereum called the CUZ token. This is going to be the rewards token on the platform moving forward. A reward token for the community helps curate it better. There are also lots of upcoming ideas such as token curated registries that are only going to become more popular on Ethereum going forward. These are used to build, create, and maintain curated community content and lists. Although the Cool Cousin team hasn’t announced a token curated registry (TCR), this is something they can build into their platform as the ecosystem matures.

The CUZ token, for now, is used by the community to help improve the Cool Cousin product. The content creators within that platform will get rewarded based on the CUZ tokens, depending on how good their content is. This helps the platform maintain and attract good content creators, which is at the heart of the whole Cool Cousin product.

If you’re interested to learn more about the Cool Cousin project and how it is using the CUZ token inside its existing app, you should check out the website to learn more. Also, if you’re participating in the token sale or otherwise want to learn more, be sure to read the whitepaper as well.

Photo Credit: Toshi0104

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