Aug 312013

Crypto Currency Conference Atlanta

Quick heads up to all my readers: There’s a Crypto-currency conference in Atlanta, Georgia on 5th October 2013. It’s titled “Bitcoin and the Future of Money” which sounds about right for a Bitcoin conference. This is a one-day event and many of the heavyweights in the industry based in the US are going to be there. If you’re associated with Bitcoin in any shape or form, this is a great conference to consider.

The speaker lineup is quite impressive too. From the political and economic experts like Jefferey Tucker to the entrepreneurs like Charlie Shrem (of EVR bar and BitInstant) and Tony Gallipi (CEO and co-founder of BitPay). Check out the list of speakers and schedule here. The sponsors include very diverse groups with an interest in Bitcoin such as The Bitcoin Foundation, BitPay, Students for Liberty

If you’re in the US, you should seriously consider going. If you’re in Atlanta, you have no excuse!

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