Jul 082013

Why earn Bitcoin through crowdsourced tasks? Simple – because you can make a lot more money than through clicking on ads for example. Crowdsourced tasks are not complex in nature and they can be done by anybody. They also don’t require a lot of skills, which means the pay isn’t too high but it is certainly one of the best uses of your time if you’re looking to earn some Bitcoin.

So how does this work? There are service providers like CrowdFlower that have established themselves as a crowdsourced platform. They take orders from people who are looking to pay for these tasks. They then partner with other websites that handle the payments, membership, etc.

Currently there is only one reliable site out there that offers a good amount of crowdsourced tasks that pay in Bitcoin – BitcoinGet (affiliate link, but that doesn’t change anything I write – you know that!) They also have Virool videos that pay 50uBTC per 30 seconds of video played so you can supplement your income a little bit with those videos as well.

I should point out though that if you’re in the US, it might still be better and make more economic sense to work through Amazon’s mTurk program, get paid in USD and then covert those USD to BTC in an exchange. However, I understand that a lot of people want to earn directly in BTC for a variety of reasons without having to go through secondary exchanges, so it’s completely up to you.

However, one immediate advantage of using BitcoinGet over mTurk is that you don’t need 100 approved tasks to earn from CrowdFlower tasks posted. This is a big win for the beginners who might take a long time to have 100 tasks approved on mTurk before even getting into the meat of earning through crowdsourced tasks.

Do you use BitcoinGet or know more about good ways to earn Bitcoin? I want to hear from you.

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