Mar 052014

Crypto Currency Convention New York

We’ve seen several Bitcoin conferences, but here’s the first real crypto-currency convention, right in the heart of the action – New York. The conference is dedicated to crypto-currencies in general, and the speakers include developers and marketers of various coins (there is a good list already, which keeps expanding by the day).

This crypto-currency convention is on April 9th. The timing is curious, because April 7th-8th is a huge Bitcoin conference in New York by Inside Bitcoin, which I anticipate is going to be huge (I was there at the Las Vegas conference of Inside Bitcoin and it was great). So people who are traveling to New York for the Inside Bitcoin conference can stay a day more for the first crypto currency convention. We at BTC Geek will be covering both the events live.

Also, just to mention again,  as far as I know, this is the first real crypto currency convention involving altcoins. I say real because some conferences in the past were named crypto-currency conventions but dealt with Bitcoin mostly. For instance, the CryptoCurrencyCon 2013 in Atlanta in October last year was named Crypto Currency Conference but it dealt with Bitcoin and the libertarian philosophies behind Bitcoin, not with any altcoins.

This convention comes at the right time for crypto-currencies and altcoins. They have been in the news a good deal, and people are beginning to recognize that math-based currencies are going to stay with us. It is also a great time for altcoins to come out from under Bitcoin’s shadow (not that I anticipate this happening soon, but perhaps eventually) and establish themselves independent of the Big-B, for instance, be priced independent of Bitcoin.

I would also encourage altcoin teams to attend the event. Events can be a great way to meet a highly concentrated bunch of highly interested people and introduce them to the coin. It is also a very good way to get some media attention, especially since this event is in New York.

I also like the fact that New York is taking the lead in these events. New York is the perfect hub for this to grow – it has a strong financial and media industry presence, and a very up and upcoming but strong tech-startup scene. It is a great place for Bitcoin and altcoins to take off. The Bitcoin Center in New York is doing great work introducing people to Bitcoin too. And I think conferences like this one only help promote crypto-currencies to more and more people, and begin the process of making them mainstream.

Get your tickets for the convention today!

  5 Responses to “First Crypto Currency Convention New York”

  1. Can’t wait to speak at the event and meet like minded crypto currency advocates! Should be an amazing time 🙂

    – Ryan with iCoin

  2. Dear blog owner, may I use your picture of the “crypto-currrency-symbol overview” for an university exposition on Crypto-Currency? A short positive reply would be highly appreciated. Thanks Josh

  3. It seems that these Cryptocurrency are pretty good way to get rich!

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