Jun 052013

There are plenty of gambling sites online in the Bitcoin economy. At most of them, you can play for free, and once you’re hooked, you are tempted to put in real Bitcoin. The companies usually make money through the house edge that can be anywhere from 1% to 5% on an average.

However, there is one site that I found which allows you to gamble and win Bitcoins, but without putting any of your money in! It is quite similar to Bitcoin faucets, but has the element of chance that makes it more exciting.

I am talking about Free Bitcoin Lottery (if you like the site, run a couple of lottery picks for me, on my Bitcoin address!) You get 20 picks every hour. You pick up to 6 numbers out of 49. You get paid some Bitcoins depending on how many of your picks match a set of 6 randomly generated numbers. Here are the payouts –

0 matches – 0 BTC
1 match – 5 satoshi
2 matches – 20 satoshi
3 matches – 1.5 uBTC
4 matches – 20 uBTC
5 matches – 100 uBTC
6 matches – 10 mBTC

It’s a fun way to gamble and win real Bitcoin without the risk of your own money.

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  1. Bitcoin lottery is one of my favourite actually. You can win without excreting too much sweat and bitcoins. To play, all you need is a bitcoin wallet and some bitcoins. My recent play is at BetCoin™ Prize. A provably fair lottery I visited since I started my bitcoin gambling journey. Btw, you can use the draw algorithm to verify that each winner was selected at random.

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