Sep 042013

Free Litecoin through Litecoin Faucets

Here are some free Litecoin sites that help you get free Litecoin. Even though Litecoin is the most popular crypto-currency after Bitcoin, there are not many free Litecoin sites as compared to free Bitcoin sites. Therefore I am composing a list of sites that I know where you can earn some Litecoin. This obviously excludes the cases where you can earn in Bitcoin or fiat and then convert those to Litecoin. If you know of any more sites that I am missing, please contact me or let me know in the comments and I’ll add it to the list.

Last Updated: September 4th, 2013

#1 ABitBack: This is my favorite Litecoin site because it allows you to get free Litecoins in a number of different ways. You can collect points on the site, and each point is equivalent to 1mLTC or 0.001 LTC. However, earnings points is super easy. There are plenty of ways to do it, from watching Virool Videos to downloading smartphone apps (that are worth an average of 50 mLTC). If you are a new member, use ABitBack coupon codes to get some free points, worth 0.01 LTC currently.

#2 Litecoin Faucet: This particular Litecoin faucet is one of the few paying out right now, and is currently active. You can request you free Litecoins every 30 minutes which is much more frequent than the other faucets. You can reach the payout of 40mLTC in a couple of days.

#3 Litecoin Faucet: This Litecoin faucet is one of the oldest working faucets paying out in Litecoin. You need 10mLTC to withdraw but you can only request once a day, so it takes longer to reach minimum payout. However, it’s stable and reliable so far.

Are there sites that I am missing? Please let me know.

  4 Responses to “Free Litecoin Sites: A Complete List”

  1. Site of link 2 is not work

  2. litecoinfaucet link is down… pays much more than the others do

  3. xbits pays out every 15 min. new site

  4. oh that’s for bitcoin…sorry

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