Jan 102014

Here’s the best history of Bitcoin that I’ve seen. Bitcoin will go down in history as something incredibly bold and exciting. It is hard to predict the future of such truly disruptive technologies, but looking back, there’s always a nostalgia, always a feeling of “I was there when it happened”. Bitcoin’s history is interlinked to the time that it was invented in. Not even Bitcoin can be free from the shackles of the cultural context in which it was born and grew. The events that you see that are related to Bitcoin don’t happen in a vacuum – they happen in a socio-economic-cultural background of the present.

It is always fun to look back, and think about the development of Bitcoin and how recent the major changes seem. And the challenges that it faced. Bitcoin blockchain forked? Yep, been there. A Billion Bitcoins in existence? You bet! It’s a colorful history. And the site does a very good job of providing all the details in an excellent format.

If you want to create something, and need hosting for the same, find Bitcoin Web Hosting, who value privacy as it should be valued. They are the guys behind this awesome website too.

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