Jan 102019

This is a guest post from ICOHolder

I’m interested in knowing…. where do you go to learn about cryptocurrency? What’s your go-to website? (I know you’re saying, “btcgeek.com”, right!?)

The internet is full of biased opinion on pretty much every single industry, including cryptocurrency. So, guess what? Here’s some more biased opinion on where you should go to learn about cryptocurrency, haha!

I say biased, it’s not really since the team over at ICOholder.com have covered a fair few different resources in the infographic below, which hopefully will give you a level playing field of resources to learn from.

21 Places to Learn How Cryptocurrency Works Infographic from ICOHolder.com

how to invest in cryptocurrencies

We don’t all learn in the same way. I remember a million years ago, when I was back in school, if I was expected to learn just via a teacher talking to me, the information used to go in one wax-filled teenager’s ear and straight out the other. I had to be doing some form of writing, whether that was on the back of reading a book, watching a video or just taking class notes.

So, if you’re similar to me, perhaps taking one of these cryptocurrency courses will work out for you: The Complete Cryptocurrency Course, Cryptocurrency Trading Course 2018: Make Profits Daily, and Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency Technologies.

If only this information was available back in 2013 when Bitcoin went bananas… actually, wait, it was the world that went bananas, over Bitcoin. Satoshi Nakamoto has a lot to answer for; imagine how loaded he, or they, she, it, whatever, would be if they created an initial monopoly on the “how to learn about cryptocurrency” market. Instead, they launched Bitcoin, sat back, laughed at the confusion, and reaped the rewards… how cleverly selfish!

I would say that one of the most popular mediums of learning about all-things-crypto-and-blockchain is probably a combination of podcasts and YouTube. Learning by listening is coming back into the fold in a big way; so many people are listening to audiobooks and podcasts while they’re driving to work or dropping the kids off at school, or even while they’re working (I’m hugely guilty of this… who said men can’t multitask?)

Going back to the whole biased opinion side of things, just be careful, especially if someone is offering you investment advice on one of the coins. It could be they’re trying to alter price action in the market, or it could be that they’re trying to promote their own coin.

For example, the Bad Crypto Podcast have actually launched their own coin, which is an amazing idea and, while they put out some really useful information, they’ve obviously jumped on the back of this to create their own product i.e. the Badcoin.

Either way, Joel Comm and Travis Wright are quite fun to listen to and, if you are attracted to a laid-back style of learning, this can be a great resource.

Who knows what the future of cryptocurrency holds, especially with another recent crash in the price of Bitcoin. I don’t actually know why everyone seems so surprised about this, because, quite honestly, it’s not surprising considering the popularity of the niche in general. Surely there’s a level of realization that the more coins that exist, the more competitive the market is and, therefore, prices of coins will drop and stabilize over time?

Whatever your take on the market, or how in-depth your knowledge of crypto is, these cryptocurrency resources are an excellent way to expand your interaction with, and knowledge of, the crypto world.

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