Aug 082020

This is a guide on how to buy TEND (Tendies) – a meme token that has captured the imagination of some far flung communities. Believe it or not but TEND remains a very community driven and active crypto token.

In some ways, it is very similar to DOGE that catapulted to over $1 billion in marketcap but started as a joke or meme currency. To this day, DOGE remains firmly in the top 100 cryptocurrencies by marketcap.

To be sure, one should be very careful before buying tokens like TEND that could easily lose a 100% of their value very rapidly. Even then, if you are looking to diversify your meme tokens, TEND is a good candidate.

How to buy TEND

There are two primary starting points if you want to buy TEND via completely decentralized exchanges (no need to send your money to an exchange or deal with KYC or other friction points. Read more in our guide to buy DeFi tokens).

Buy TEND with ETH

Currently, the deepest liquidity pool for TEND to ETH trades is Uniswap. Check out this price chart that also shows volume and liquidity.

In general, you want to look at the liquidity, trade volume, and price in conjunction. You can see Uniswap has the most trading volume and deepest liquidity for TEND.

If you already have ETH, you can go to this direct link to trade your ETH for TEND. Note that Uniswap does not natively show TEND in the list of tokens on their frontend, so make sure to double check that you are buying the right token. See the information section below.

Since the liquidity pools move around the entire DEX ecosystem, it is best to check on 1inch before buying directly from Uniswap (see next section).

buy tend with eth on 1inch

Buying TEND with Other ERC20 Tokens

If you have other tokens like LINK, RLC, etc. and want to use those to buy TEND, do not go directly to Uniswap. This is because Uniswap may or may not have the best price for you in those cases.

Instead, go to 1inch exchange, a liquidity aggregator, and enter the token that you have and the token you want to buy (TEND). Luckily, 1inch natively shows TEND so you don’t need to search by the token address.

You can see the difference achieved in price on Uniswap versus 1inch in this hypothetical trade of 10,000 RLC to TEND. It is similar for other tokens as well. 1inch is able to execute in a single transaction the best order fulfillment across multiple decentralized exchanges from 0x to Kyber to Balancer.

More information on TEND

First, make sure you are looking at the right contract address. Here is TEND on Etherscan. If you are looking at Uniswap, here is TEND page to check the price and liquidity.

Always double check the contract address since anyone can create a token called “TEND” on Ethereum.

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