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With the sparkly shine and pure metallic properties, silver is a hot option along with gold to invest in. Once you make the decision to invest in silver the next question on mind would be ‘how to invest in silver?’

Every investor wishes to know about the perfect investments, the most lucrative ones. But there is no one solution for everyone. One needs to study the details thoroughly before making the decision. And when it’s silver you’re thinking to invest in, here are some viable options for that:

1) Invest in Silver Coins

The circular pieces of pure silver are 99.9% fine and a great option to consider when you’re planning to invest in silver. The silver coins usually come in 1 oz weight and are produced by government mints, which carry a face value in accordance to the currency of a country. One of the major advantages of investing in silver coins is the liquidity of the asset – they are the well recognised forms of silver and thus could be easily traded for hard cash.

2) Invest in Junk Silver

Investing in junk silver is one of the most sought after option when investors consider silver as an investment option. These are the silver US coins that date back to the time prior to 1965. They include: dimes, nickels, dollars, etc. The percentage of silver in these coins ranges from 40% to 90%. The face value is determined directly by the proportion of pure silver content in the coins. Most of the dealers offer bags of silver junk coins which are a mix of dollars, nickels, dimes, half dollars etc. with prices ranging in accordance to the coin type. These junk coins aren’t stamped with the percentage of silver content in them. This often makes it difficult for people to determine the value if they aren’t aware of the science. The good part is that junk silver has lower premium than other forms of silver coins, bars etc.

3) Invest in Silver Bars

Silver bars are commonly known forms of investment tool for those intending to invest in silver itself. These are the rectangular shaped bars just like gold bars, only different in property and price of course. The manufacturers of the silver bars would have their own designs and for that matter, the weight and prices may differ accordingly. One of the main advantages of investing in silver bars is that private mints can also produce it, making it easy when it comes to a choice with a wide range. Also, the silver bars offer lesser premium than other forms of silver. Storage of silver bars is easier – one only needs to stack them somewhere rather than carry in coin bags.

Silver rounds are also a splendid option for investment with the lowest premium. They are like silver coins only. The difference is that private mints can produce them. Investors can also look through options of buying silver (in any form they please) online, based on reputation of the dealer, prices, and terms of purchase as the prime factors to consider. Store the silver you’ve invested in, away from damage and it is a good idea to do that with the help of banks. However, many people advise to keep some of it in hand for any emergency need arising.

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