Sep 282018

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Planning a holiday is one of the most difficult things to do. Before you start the adventure, on the surface everything seems to be straightforward but once you get going, you realise there are just too many things to note and to consider. One such thing is the currency that you are going to use both for bookings before you depart and also on the ground once you reach your destination. 

Currency is important to travellers because you need to carry around something you are comfortable with, you also need a currency that is widely accepted in the region you are planning to go, a currency that you can easily convert, a currency with low (international) transaction fees and a currency that comes with less fraud risks. Luckily, there is one currency which ticks all these boxes i.e. cryptocurrencies. 

If the prospect of using cryptocurrencies on your holiday interests you, you need to note that you can easily convert your conventional currencies into cryptocurrencies at sites such as Coin Base and if you’d like to find out more, you may always revert to sites such as Below, we highlight how you can plan your holiday from start to finish using cryptocurrencies easily.

Booking Flights 

The first step that comes in preparing for a holiday is booking flights. Thanks to innovative companies such as,, and eGifter among many others, you can easily buy your flight ticket using cryptocurrencies. These companies offer flights on all the major airlines which serve all the major airports in the world. This, therefore, means that no matter your destination, you will always find one or more companies that allow you to book flights using digital currencies. As if this is not enough, Virgin Galactic announced that it is going to launch the first ever commercial passenger spaceflights later this year and customers can buy their tickets using Bitcoin!

Booking Hotels  

Using cryptocurrencies, you are also able to secure accommodation. There are numerous companies that allow you to book hotels using digital currencies including world renowned Expedia. Expedia works with all the major hotels in the world and the odds are, using its services, you will be able to use cryptocurrencies to secure your dream hotel room. Other agencies such as Destinia and Cheap Air also offer the same service. Airbnb’s European rival allows you to use Bitcoin if you want to rent apartments for a short time. Unfortunately, at the moment only offers the service for those looking to secure accommodation in Europe. 

Car Travel 

With your digital currency, you can also rent a car to move freely from one attraction to attraction. Cheap Air and Destinia also offer car rental services in cryptocurrencies. In this department, these two are joined by Coin Fuel, a company which allows you to purchase fuel gift cards in cryptocurrencies so you can use them at gas/service stations. 


A holiday will not be complete without some souvenirs, will it? Well, in order to purchase some souvenirs and also to buy yourself some food and drinks, you can also use cryptocurrencies. Coin Map is an app that you can install on your mobile device; this app tells you where you can find the nearest Bitcoin friendly restaurants and stores. If you are in the search for hard cash, you can also use the Bitcoin ATM Map to locate places where you can withdraw your coins.  

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