Aug 222014

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Technology changes everything, from social to economy, from politics to security, from people to business. As for business, the impact has struck deeper than anything else. Millions of business nowadays depend their life on technology, especially the internet. One of them is M88, a company known for its M88 live casino.

M88 Live Casino

The internet means literally everything to M88. Thanks to it, a masterpiece was born: M88 live casino. With this, people can say goodbye to conventional casino. Now, everyone can bet from anywhere and at any time. All they need is a device connected to the internet.

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Technology can change everything, but the only way a business can survive is through its service. M88 believes in this and for this reason, the company has been giving its best to ensure all its members get the best service. One of them is the company’s wide range of betting selection.


  • Deck count             : 8
  • Betting amount         : $2 – $7,500 or $5 – $100 (Playtech)
  • Table offer             : 7 seats, single seat (mini), 3 different limits.
  • Multiplayer, single player, and VIP (Playtech)
  • Betting and reward    : Bookmaker (0.95:1), Player (1:1), Draw (8:1)
  • Extra bet            : Pair (11:1), Big (0.53:1), Little (1.54:1)
  • Pair (11:1), Perfect (25:1), Little, Big (Playtech)
  • Time between bets     : 15 seconds or 30 seconds (Playtech)

Baccarat 7 at M88 live casino

While most of the game is similar to classic baccarat, in baccarat 7, players start the game in a different way. Each player can only have limited cards, up to 7 in value. Then the game continues with the same rule as classic baccarat.

Tiger Dragon

  • Deck count            : 8
  • Limit            : $2 – $7,500
  • Bet and reward        : 1:1, except for draw (8:1)


  • Deck count             : 8 (Playtech)
  • Match            : Middle/new shoe, first shuffle + reshuffle (Playtech)
  • Betting limit        : $2 – $1,500
  • Blackjack pays       : 3 to 2
  • Insurance offer    : Yes, bookmaker pays 2 to 1 (Playtech)
  • Bookmaker must        : have cards valued more than 17
  • Double            : only for 2 cards, 11 in value
  • Double after separated    : yes
  • Separated ace        : Yes, but can only withdraw 1 card
  • Re-separate        : no, only once

Roulette at M88 live casino

  • Betting table         : Europe
  • Europe, France, and VIP (Playtech)
  • Betting limit increases    : $1 – $20
  • Minimum betting at table   : $1
  • Maximum betting at table    : $3,000 or $2,000 (Playtech)
  • Feature             : Full screen (Playtech)


  • Betting limit            : $2 – $7,500

3 Face

  • Betting limit        : $2 – $3,000
  • Defeat bookmaker with bigger card and win the reward with the same amount

M88 Live Casino and Its Intriguing Experience

People can’t just fall in love for no reason. That also goes for bettors and M88. With so many amazing features, it’s not impossible for M88 to successfully attract players from around the world. Besides, the company has committed itself to always deliver the best betting experience to everyone.

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