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The MobileBridge platform is bringing the power of blockchain and crypto to the world of marketing automation. Marketing automation here refers to how ordinary businesses retain customers and improve customer loyalty. This is an important use case for crypto in general. There have been many such companies in the past that tried to get customer loyalty points and blockchain together. Would the MobileBridge platform succeed where others have failed?

Loyalty Tokens

At the core of the MobileBridge platform is the ability for businesses to easily launch their own branded tokens on the blockchain. These tokens become the loyalty points for the business, which can be used to reward customer activity. This means everything from making regular purchases to providing data about themselves to the business to helping the business (e.g. writing reviews on Yelp).

The tokens are used at the discretion of each business, on the completion of a purchase. The customers get their loyalty rewards. The cost of creating a loyalty program goes down significantly, since it is really easy to create your own tokens with the desired economic characteristics on the blockchain. ERC20 tokens on Ethereum have really standardized this for most uses.

The usual worry is about on-chain transaction fees, which can get really high during peak usage, and isn’t convenient for micro-transactions. As blockchains like Ethereum implement better scaling solutions, we should expect these types of small transaction use-cases becoming more popular over time.

MobileBridge Platform and Data

The marketing automation platform can then be used by these businesses to learn more about their customers and reach them via marketing and advertising. The platform itself can be used for brand loyalty and building up a transparent data profile of the business’ customers.

The MobileBridge platform itself already exists today and is used by businesses for their marketing needs. It can track many data sources such as in-app purchases and opens all the way to buying in stores. Because the platform has such a treasure trove of customer data on its hands, it can provide benefits to the businesses and customers alike. One of the ways to collect this data is through the rewards via these crypto tokens in the first place.

The value of the whole chain is in the lifetime value that is captured by the MobileBridge platform – the full cycle from the time someone hears about a business to when they complete a purchase and beyond. It also leverages social features, so customers can tell their friends about their shopping experiences, and let their friends earn these reward tokens as well.

The MobileBridge token itself is used to pay for the use of the platform. It is also used to convert between the specific crypto tokens used by individual businesses and the MobileBridge Token. This helps with converting those tokens into dollars – you can convert your loyalty points first to MobileBridge Tokens, which can likely be traded on exchanges, at least the decentralized ones. From there, you can convert into Ethereum and finally into local fiat (or into Bitcoin and then into local fiat). This provides more liquidity to the loyalty points generated by the platform.

Businesses can access all the tools provided by the MobileBridge platform, not just the token. The tokens are created on Ethereum.

If you want to learn more, check out the MobileBridge platform website and whitepaper. Remember that investing in token sales can be extremely risky and you can lose all your money. Never invest more than you’re willing to lose and do your own research and due-diligence.

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