Sep 022013

Here are some interesting monthly statistics for BTC Geek that I think my readers would appreciate.

Lots of interesting things happened in the Bitcoin world and this blog.

The major breakthrough was that BTC Geek broke a story that Bloomberg is testing a Bitcoin ticker, XBT, internally. That single blog post got 60 Facebook Likes and 69 Tweets. This was also a month where BTC Geek finally went social – Facebook and Twitter! You can now see my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter.

Some basic stats for the month of August (here’s a screenshot of my Google Analytics) –

BTC Geek Stats

There were a total of 4904 visits, 4242 unique visits and 6876 pageviews in the month of August. Not surprisingly, the post above was the most popular.

Here are the most read posts this month:

BTC Geek Stats

1. Bitcoin Ticker Arrives on Bloomberg

2. Homepage of BTC Geek

3. How to Get Free Litecoins

4. Bitcoin Brokers Review

5. Free Bitcoin

Location-wise, I am always curious to know where my visitors are coming from, and I think it is a good indication of where Bitcoin is becoming more and more popular.

Here are the most popular countries from where I got my visitors in August:

BTC Geek Stats

The 10 most popular countries, in that order, were US, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, Russia, India, China, Netherlands, Poland. However, there is a very interesting country on the 11th spot – Finland. It’s interesting because the population of Finland is about 5.3 million and therefore per capita, it is much higher than most countries mentioned above. If anyone is from Finland reading this blog, contact me and I’d love to talk with you about this!

It’s not just the countries though, but the cities which make it interesting. There are several cities around the world that are leading the way in Bitcoin.

Here are the most popular cities from which BTC Geek got visitors in the month of August:

BTC Geek Stats

The list is: New York, London, San Francisco, Toronto, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Mountain View, Sydney, Helsinki, Chicago.

Starkly missing from the list is Berlin. I thought Bitcoin was very popular in Berlin. Where are all my Berlin readers! Helsinki is an interesting spot on the list – the capital of Finland. Also, New York beat out London.

  3 Responses to “Monthly Stats August 2013”

  1. Hello from a South African reader and congratulations on your traffic. I too have started blogging about BitCoin, though mine has been less newsworthy content and more a curation of news stories from around the web.

    I did get over 1000 visitors in a day from, the subreddit /BitCoin loves breaking stories.

    • Haroun, great to hear from you and welcome to my blog! Good to see you’ve started blogging about Bitcoin too. I prefer providing my own thoughts on Bitcoin and the businesses and services around it. Reditt is a good source of traffic, although I am not a Reditter. Good to see your success story from there.

  2. Thanks ruletheworld. Looking forward to reading more of your blog as it progresses.

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