Dec 092013

What a month November has been for Bitcoin! It passed the magical $1000 mark for the first time, and then, for a brief moment, crossed the price for 1 oz of Gold. All these are of course just psychological factors that hardly affect the overall development of Bitcoin, but it helps in the adoption as more and more people get to know and hear about Bitcoin.

This blog also saw an increase in traffic associated with organic search results. The traffic was, however, less than in the month of October, but that was mainly because of one specific article that went viral. Crazy viral. However, the median traffic has been greatly improved this month, and I think this will sustain in the longer term. 10,00-15,000 visits should be the norm going forward.

October Stats here

BTC Geek Monthly Stats

The traffic was more evenly distributed among the pages, with lots of people searching for lots of things. I am glad this blog could be a resource for these. Here are the top 5 pages for this month:

BTC Geek Monthly stats


… a more fair distribution of traffic as compared to October where one of the posts had over 70% of the traffic.

Here are the top countries for the month of November:

BTC Geek Monthly stats


One interesting addition is Russia at number 10. I know Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies are popular in Russia, but my blog is completely in English. This probably means the number of actual Russian users must be much higher, as they would be looking for information in Russian. If anyone volunteers to translate a few of my posts into Russian, let me know!

Finally, here are some stats for the major cities:

BTC Geek Monthly Stats

Bangalore is an interesting addition to the list, probably because I covered the first Bitcoin conference in India taking place in Bangalore (btw, there will be a representative of BTC Geek in Bangalore, so drop by and say hi!) This is an interesting and exciting development. Bitcoin is well suited in the Indian context and hopefully in the coming years there will be a lot more development and adoption of Bitcoin in India.


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