Oct 032013

I am continuing with providing monthly statistics of my blog. There are several interesting statistics that I think I can share with you that can also provide insights into the Bitcoin universe in general.

Check out my August stats here

Firstly, an overall view:

BTC Geek stats

The number of visits was a little over 5200, which is a first of course. The number of unique visitors came close to 4300.

Here are the top 5 most popular posts on this blog:

BTC Geek stats

The big story for this blog was calling out a glaring error on the part of Wired when the wrote an otherwise very good piece on how the homeless can use Bitcoin to survive, except that it is probably not the brightest idea for everyone. The reason the article seemed so plausible was that it inflated the expected earnings by a factor of 10. Try asking your boss for that kind of a raise. GPT industry is discussed to death and I won’t go into the details here, but suffice it to say that you should do your (right) math in terms of your time and money you earn before getting into the industry.

Here are the top posts:

1. Wired deliberately misleads readers on Bitcoin

2. Homepage of BTC Geek

3. How to Get Free Litecoins

4. Free Bitcoin

5. Bitcoinget Review

There were other interesting developments. For example, Jon Matonis, the executive director of Bitcoin Foundation tweeted my 5000+ word resource guide on free Bitcoin:

Location wise, I had visitors from exactly 99 countries which isn’t too shabby. I saw growth in my readership in the African continent that I am glad for, including countries like South Africa, Kenya, Morocco, Algeria, Tanzania, etc. However, here are the top countries:

BTC Geek stats

France and Brazil joined this list while China and Russia are out. Netherlands is still on the list. The top countries in the month of September for this blog were US, Canada, UK, Germany, Denmark, Australia, India, Netherlands, Brazil and France. Finland unfortunately didn’t make even the top 25 this time around, but it’s Nordic neighbor Sweden came in at 12th. Again, this is significant because of the population. I’ll run a per-capita visitor analysis sometime to dig deeper into this.

Here are the 10 most popular cities for this month:

BTC Geek popular cities september 2013

The list reads San Fransisco, New York, London, Copenhagen, Riverside, Los Angeles, Bording, Toronto, Sydney and Melbourne. Copenhagen is right up there at 5th, which is quite interesting. Lots of cities from California. San Fransisco has greatly narrowed the gap between itself and New York.

I also published 12 posts in the month of September.

1. Monthly Stats Auguest 2013

2. Interview with Stunna, co-Founder of PrimeDice

3. Free Litecoin Sites (Litecoin Faucet List)

4. Interview with Rob of Bitcoin Web Hosting

5. Why Bitcoin in Your Retirement Portfolio is Good for You and Bad for Bitcoin

6. Big Names at Crypto Currency Conference in Atlanta

7. Will Bitcoin Become a Nation’s Currency?

8. Beware the Bitcoin Scams

9. Wired Misleads Readers on Bitcoin

10. Where to get the Latest News on Bitcoin

11. Best Bitcoin Sites for Earning Bitcoin

12. Interview with Chris of Finite by Design


Any other kinds of statistics you’d like to see?

  One Response to “Monthly Stats September 2013”

  1. I’m not sure they deliberately misled anyone. I think you were closest to the truth when you somewhat mockingly point out that this was a storee!!. The editors simply got caught up in the wondrousness of it all, the journalistic cuteness, and simply didn’t bother to check the math.

    The rule is, never attribute to malice that which may be simply stupidity.

    That said, I do feel as I think you also might, that Wired is a wee bit twee in any number of ways. Their utter goo-goo-ness about technology in general is waa-aay stoo-pid, imho. When I was a kid I used to enjoy Popular Electronics, and all the hot rod magazines and Popular Mechanics: that’s the Wired of fifty years ago. But none of that olde tyme press had the fake open-eyed wonder that Wired always seems to be dishing up in cloying multi-color. A good magazine should be about its content, not about its image of itself, it seems to me.

    I wish there were more spinach, and I say the hell with it.


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