Oct 032015

Pre-debate Showing

New York’s Bitcoin Center, which previously closed its location at 40 Broad Street just steps away from the now largely historic New York Stock Exchange building, has re-opened in the trendy SoHo neighborhood of Manhattan. The new location is at 25 Cleaveland Place, former restaurant and bar. The new location has a large outdoor space that would be hard to effectively utilize in the cold, however.

Run by the successful New York real estate investor Nick Spanos, the Bitcoin Center has held many trading and educational events in New York and also made its presence felt in several conferences in the city. The Bitcoin Center has contributed to the promotion of Bitcoin among New Yorkers, holding several educational and community events to promote Bitcoin and Bitcoin-related businesses in the city and inviting many startup founders, financial professionals and other experts to provide commentary on the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space.  

The events organized by the Bitcoin Center in New York are completely free to the public. There are also regular in-person trading events that take place here, where people who are new to Bitcoin can get their first Bitcoins and also a quick lesson from the old-timers. The order books formed at these trading events are fairly accurate based on the market price of Bitcoin. In-person trading can also help with increased privacy, as Bitcoin trading gets centralized and monitored.

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  1. if we see the current market I know you’ll definitely hate to Invest!

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