Dec 252020
How to Buy 1INCH Token

This is a guide on how to buy 1INCH token from the 1inch project. 1inch is an aggregator of decentralized exchanges, but is expanding beyond that into an ecosystem of DeFi products (such as Mooniswap, a DEX by itself). The team launched the 1INCH token on 24th December 2020 which will act as a governance […]

Dec 192020
How to Buy Basis Cash Tokens BAC, BAS, and BAB

This is a guide on how to buy Basis Cash tokens BAC, BAS, and BAB. It is crucial to understand the difference between these tokens before you buy any Basis Cash tokens. This is because the risk/return parameters for these tokens are completely different. This guide will help you understand the Basis Cash protocol and […]

Nov 302020
List of YFI Acquisitions

Yearn Finance has been on an acquisition spree. The list of YFI acquisitions continues to grow as more and more DeFi projects get acquired or run deep collaborations with the YFI ecosystem. Before we dive into the list, note the meaning of the word “acquisition” is very differently used than a traditional corporate acquisition. Andre […]

Nov 202020
How to Buy COVER from Cover Protocol

This is a guide on how to buy COVER token from Cover Protocol. Read on to find how you could also earn COVER via liquidity mining incentives. What is COVER Let us first look into what Cover Protocol is. In a nutshell, Cover Protocol is a way to hedge smart contract risk. In some ways, […]

Nov 192020
How to Buy SFI from Saffron Finance

This is a guide on how to buy SFI from Saffron Finance, a DeFi token. What is Saffron Finance? Saffron Finance is a decentralized finance aka DeFi product which is built for investors with varying risk appetite. The product accomplishes this by creating various tranches of risk for investors. Different tranches have different risk from […]

Nov 022020
How to Buy BOND from BarnBridge

This is a guide on how to buy BOND from BarnBridge. BOND token is a native governance token of the BarnBridge protocol. Before we dive into the BOND token itself, it is useful to look at BarnBridge first. What is BarnBridge? Broadly, BarnBridge is a DeFi protocol for tokenized risk. It is a way to […]

Oct 022020
How to Buy CORE from Cvault Finance

This is a guide on how to buy CORE token from Cvault finance. Like with many other DeFi tokens in recent weeks, CORE is inspired by YFI especially the vaults feature. While YFI had the lead for a couple of months after launch, newer projects like Core and Pickle are nibbling at its heels. This […]