Nov 202016
Dividend Paying Cryptocurrencies: The Ultimate Guide

Dividend paying cryptocurrencies are becoming a dominant, emerging trend. Crypto-investors should be aware of their dynamic, and how they can enhance returns. Given their similarity with dividend-paying stocks, we can look at historical data and models from the stock market to try and make predictions on how the dividend paying cryptocurrencies will or could evolve […]

Oct 252016
In Bitcoin, Who Pays for Transactions?

In Bitcoin, who pays for transactions? In every Bitcoin transaction, there are two parties, the sender and the receiver (technically, it is possible to create more complex transactions types but we’ll ignore all that for now, and assume a Bitcoin transaction as a simple financial transaction between the sender and the receiver). There is also […]

Jun 052016
Bitcoin Prepares for Summer Surge in Price

This is a guest post by Andy Jenkins. Things have been relatively quiet on the news front for bitcoin for some time, but that doesn’t mean the digital currency has gone anywhere. In fact, bitcoin has been steadily gaining momentum, rebuilding its value since bottoming at the beginning of 2015. Bitcoin has managed to bounce […]

Jun 022016
Marc Andreessen on Bitcoin, Startups, and Tech

Tim Ferris, of the four hour workweek fame, did a great podcast with Marc Andreessen, the famed venture capital investor who is really into Bitcoin, and puts his money where is mouth is, by funding several Bitcoin startups like 21 Inc and Coinbase, and more recently Mediachain. Andreessen talks about a lot of topics, and […]