Sep 162020
How to Buy UNI, Uniswap's Governance Token

This is a guide on how to buy UNI token – the “governance” token of Uniswap. The long-awaited moment has finally arrived. After months of speculation about when Uniswap would release a token, especially after the ‘vampire attack’ of Sushiswap last month, it was only a matter of time. Now it is official – Uniswap […]

Sep 142020
What is yyCRV: A Comprehensive Guide

This is a comprehensive guide to understanding what is yyCRV and its relationship to the underlying yCRV LP tokens. In addition, we’ll talk about how to buy yyCRV or create this wrapped token yourself by using the yearn and curve ecosystems. We will also discuss why yyCRV is becoming a standard “yield maximized stablecoin” that […]

Sep 132020
What is yCRV: A Comprehensive Guide

This is a comprehensive guide on what is yCRV and how you can buy yCRV or acquire yCRV directly from Curve Finance. yCRV is used in a number of other DeFi protocols, including the popular yearn finance or YFI and some emerging DeFi protocols like Cream Finance. This post will help you understand yCRV and […]

Sep 132020
How to Buy SAKE (or Farm SAKE) from Sakeswap

This is a guide on how to buy SAKE from Sakeswap, the newest Automated Market Maker (AMM) on the block with an extensive initial farming period to distribute the SAKE token to yield farmers and the broader community. The idea behind SAKE is very similar to SUSHI – as you might have guessed, with the […]

Sep 122020
How to Buy YFV or YFValue, a YFI Clone

This is a guide on how to buy YFV, a clone of the popular YFI project from Andre. YFV, also called YFValue, is a suite of DeFi financial products, very similar to YFI. The main appeal of YFV is that it is still farmable, unlike YFI, and that it is considered a “cheaper” version of […]

Sep 122020
How to Buy CREAM (and Farm) Crypto DeFi Token

This is a guide on how to buy CREAM token. Cream is a crypto-financial protocol for lending and borrowing crypto-assets in a trustless manner by providing collateral that covers your loan, built on Ethereum. In the event that someone is unable to pay back their debt, the Cream protocol automatically sells the collateral to cover […]