Aug 112020

This is a guest post from Anupam Varshney It is no surprise that the crypto industry has garnered tremendous attention in Asia, especially in countries like Singapore, Japan, and South Korea. Many of the world’s largest exchanges are based in Asia, and the growing individual wealth in Asia, mainly in China and South Korea, has […]

Aug 082020
How to Buy Tendies (TEND) Crypto Token

This is a guide on how to buy TEND (Tendies) – a meme token that has captured the imagination of some far flung communities. Believe it or not but TEND remains a very community driven and active crypto token. In some ways, it is very similar to DOGE that catapulted to over $1 billion in […]

Jul 252020
What is YFI Token from

This guide will help you understand what the YFI token from is, what the role of the token is, its economic and governance rights and future potential and an explanation of how yTokens work. If you are looking to buy YFI, please read our guide on how to buy YFI. What is YFI Token? […]

Jul 192020
How to Buy YFI Tokens from (DeFi Token)

This is a guide on how to buy YFI token from team. YFI is a really interesting DeFi token, which helps regular users utilize the full power of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) tools, including the now famous “yield farming”. This means you can simply own, for example yDAI, and get exposure to all yield farming […]

Jul 132020
How to Buy DeFi Tokens Without KYC

Here is a guide to buying “DeFi” tokens like $COMP, $BAL, $CRV, $REP, $AAVE, $KNC, $BNT, $LRC, etc. without having to go through KYC or time-consuming registration processes. Decentralized Finance, or “DeFi” for short, has seen an emergence on Ethereum over the last few months. Many investors are now looking to get exposure to this […]

Jun 252020
Coming soon: The protocol upgrades set to improve Bitcoin

This is a guest post from Kieran Smith Bitcoin critics suggest the cryptocurrency has become a dinosaur, left behind by technologically superior altcoins. But while the protocol is mostly unchanged since Segregated Witness (SegWit) was activated in August 2017,there are several upgrades in the pipeline promising to bring fresh innovation to the leading cryptocurrency. CoinPool […]