Feb 102016

Princeton Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies Course

Princeton University is taking the lead on American Universities teaching students about Bitcoin. Their professors have already taught an online course in this space, and have now provided everyone with a free copy of their book. The best thing is, the lead is coming from their computer science department, and therefore their treatment of the subject is as it should be – teaching students about a new technology. The treatment of the subject in the course and in the book is definitely technical in nature, and provides a great overview of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies from a technical perspective.

This, combined with Andreas’ book Mastering Bitcoin should give anyone enough knowledge to start working on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Remember though that the book and course don’t cover things like how to integrate Bitcoin into your web application or other web-development topics, or even building on top of Bitcoin. The material is more towards you being able to create your own such system, or contributing to Bitcoin. If you’re ever wanted to contribute to Bitcoin Core (or Bitcoin Classic for that matter), then these two resources are all you will need to get started.

Also check out the Learn About Bitcoin section to get more resources that can help you on your journey to learn about Bitcoin and contribute to its dynamic ecosystem.

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