Jun 032013

Puppy Twist ReviewBefore I could write a PuppyTwist review weighing the pros and cons of the site, it decided to make things easier for me – they just turned into a scam! This is the official PuppyTwist thread on BitcoinTalk forums if you’re interested. Here’s the gist: they don’t pay publishers anymore, but still probably take money from advertisers. I assume even the advertiser clicks are fraudulent.

If you’re a publisher, don’t bother with PuppyTwist. Also, be aware of it’s close 123bitcoins.com – probably a similar scam.

Here are some signs/progress for the site.

  • 3/14 the Bitcointalk announcement is made by member anzy.
  • They make some payouts. The average seems to be about 4-5 mBTC/click which is quite decent in my opinion.
  • 5/30 the site goes down, and the owner stops responding to help queries from members or publishers, both on the forum and on the site.
  • 123bitcoin.com appears on the internet with the exact same everything.

So if you’re looking to make some Bitcoins using Puppy Twist, just stay away. If you’re an advertiser wanting to promote your business through Puppy Twist, stay away too because no good publishers are going to display the ads on their website.

What about advertisers? I know quite a few Bitcoin businesses want to find relatively cheap advertising services, but if you use Puppy Twist, you’ll likely only be paying for fake clicks. Here’s a snapshot of the latest “clicks” to advertisers on Puppy Twist:

Puppy Twist Fake Clicks

Notice anything? The site static.wix.com generated 5 of these clicks. This has been the trend over the last week and possibly longer. That must be a really high-traffic site, right? Well, static.wix.com actually has the word “ok” in it. That’s it! That’s all the website contains. Good luck paying for clicks from there.

Did you end up using Puppy Twist at all? What was your experience? Did you get paid at all?

  2 Responses to “PuppyTwist Review: Closed, and just a Scam Now”

  1. Thanks for letting me know, we’ve been paying them for advertisements haha. Any sites you suggest?

    • Oh no! I would strongly recommend ending your advertiser contract. I notice quite a lot of fake clicks to charge you for things that would never be real users. I updated my post above to post proof of fake clicks on Puppy Twist. If you do want to advertise, I would think Coin URL is pretty good (at least they are reputable). I also like Coin of Midas for advertising purposes since it forces the users to stay active on the page for 30 seconds before they are credited 10uBTC for a click (although, all paid to click services can be a hit or miss).

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