Apr 142018

Smart Containers
Smart containers is a project that takes aim at the shipping logistics industry. Now that may not seem like the most exciting industry, but it is huge and forms the backbone of global trade. Smart containers uses temperature sensitive logistics and combines that with internet of things (IoT) devices. The company behind Smart Containers already has a history and experience in the containers space.

The aim of the team is to build a blockchain-based logistics platform that is especially suited for this industry. There has been a lot of talk about utilizing blockchains for supply chains, but we are still in the very early exploratory stages of this. The more players tinkering with this, the better for the ecosystem. Also, many people in the blockchain world don’t know much about supply chains. Getting industry practitioners to build solutions is a great way for the community to learn.

Smart Containers ICO and Future Expansion of Operations

The company is looking to expand its two major areas – pharmaceutical transport and food shipment. This is being accomplished with the expansion of its two products – Sky Cell and Food Guardians. The company will use the money raised from the token sale for this expansion. This is a little different from traditional token sales that are more of the ‘utility token’ model so far.

The team is creating two new tokens, SMARC Coin and LOGI Coin. Each has a profit sharing component to it, to build the two above businesses for Sky Cell and Food Guardians. This includes any potential exit as well. Therefore, the team is looking to an ICO to raise money for these operations.

The company is based out of Switzerland and is already operating in the supply chain industry. It may become one of the first players in this traditional industry to raise money through and ICO for expansion.

Integrating IoT with Blockchain

The team’s value proposition is they would combine two emerging technologies of IoT and blockchain to build a solution for their market. We’ve seen other attempts to combine these two technologies in other products in the past. We’ve also seen blockchain specific projects in the space. However, the supply chain field is vast indeed. Teams would likely build technology solutions to their industry specifically.

Smart Containers team is in the containers and shipping niche, and that’s where their expertise lies. The company plans to launch in Europe.

If you want to learn more about Smart Containers and the solutions they are building, check out their website. The team plans to have a token sale to raise money for expanding its product line. If you want to invest in the token sale, remember that it is a highly risky endeavor and you can lose all your money. Make sure to do your due diligence and understand your risk appetite. Don’t invest more than you’re willing to lose. Don’t invest without reading the whitepaper.

Photo Credit: Håkan Dahlström

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