Feb 282023

This is an OrdinalsBot review. OrdinalsBot is an easy to use tool from the Satoshibles team to create ordinals on Bitcoin and send it to your own custodial Bitcoin address. The service works by simply taking a fee and minting an ordinal on your behalf, and then sending the ordinal to your address. Payment is through the lightning network on Bitcoin.

The service honors the traditions of Bitcoin like privacy and freedom to transact. There is no need to sign up or create an account to use OrdinalsBot. All you need to do is pay a lightning invoice and you’ll get the ordinal sent to your Bitcoin address.

Ordinals as NFTs on Bitcoin

For those living under a rock, ordinals are Bitcoin NFTs in a nutshell, but come with several important differences compared to NFTs on chains like Ethereum. The UTXO model of Bitcoin also makes it very unique – more like ‘inscribing satoshis’ than ‘holding NFTs’. You can read more about ordinals in the ordinal docs.

Ordinals are taking off a nascent emerging scene on Bitcoin, something the Bitcoin community (minus the toxic maxis) have been clamoring for. Ordinals has been a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stagnant ecosystem. Major NFT players like Yuga Labs (behind Bored Apes) have announced projects on Ordinals.

In terms of investor interest, the first big milestone was 10,000 ordinals which have been sold for 5-6 figure USD amounts. You dear reader have probably missed the boat on inscribing an ordinal that early. The next milestone would be 1,000,000. The million mark would be interesting. Unlike NFTs on Ethereum where every NFT project is on a unique contract, ordinals are literally numbered (hence ordinal) and everyone inscribes on the same sequence. Therefore, it is a good idea to start inscribing ordinals today and hold some as a collectible.

After all, Bitcoin is probably going to be the dominant censorship-resistant chain especially with Ethereum’s transition to proof of stake. Holding information on the Bitcoin blockchain has always been the gold standard and ordinals brings the fun of NFTs on to the grandfather-chain.

Finally, all inscriptions in ordinals are stored on the Bitcoin blockchain itself, so no dangling IPFS links to nowhere.

How to Create Ordinals

In general, if you want to create ordinals by yourself, you will need to run a Bitcoin node. You will need a wallet with Taproot enabled, so you can pay for the transaction fees to inscribe your ordinal. You will need to check with the list of wallets on Bitcoin wiki. You should also be very careful not to spend your Ordinal inscription as a satoshi, basically rendering it worthless.

If you want to avoid the technical burden involved with the above, the simplest way is to use the Ordinals Bot built by the team from Satoshibles. All you need to do to use this bot is to pay a lightning invoice, which you can do with Bitcoin lightning wallets or traditional wallets as well. Lightning will make it cheaper. Make sure to send your ordinal to a BTC wallet that you control, and ideally a wallet built for Ordinals. That way, you won’t accidentally ‘spend’ your ordinal as a satoshi and lose it.

Here are the steps to create an ordinal on Bitcoin (Bitcoin NFT)

Step-1: Go to OrdinalsBot and upload your Ordinal (text, images, videos, etc.) Note that all data is stored on the Bitcoin blockchain, so the larger the file, the more fees you’ll need to pay.

Step-2: Send some Bitcoin into a lightning wallet like Muun which can pay via both lightning and regular Bitcoin.

Step-3: Get an ordinals supported wallet like Ordinals Wallet to keep your inscriptions safe.

Step-4: On OrdinalsBot, pay for the transaction via lightning (cheaper) or regular Bitcoin transaction. Make sure to add your ordinals wallet as the recipient.

Step-5: OrdinalsBot will inscribe your content on Bitcoin and send you the ordinal inscription in the address you provided. Make sure the address is right since this action cannot be reversed.

Congratulations, you have now inscribed ordinals and created Bitcoin NFTs! Do this before the numbers reach a million.