Aug 192013


Here are some ways to earn Bitcoin for watching videos online. Currently, Virool Videos is the only realistic way to earn Bitcoins watching videos online, so I’ll stick with sites that allow you to watch Virool Videos and in return, give you some Bitcoin.

Remember: For all Virool Videos, you only need to watch the video for 30 seconds to be credited.

Remember Also: You cannot watch the same videos on multiple sites, so the inventory is limited. Where you watch these are up to you, but it cannot be duplicated. So pick your sites carefully.

If you’re looking for more ideas, check out my more detailed post on How to Earn Bitcoin Online.

BitcoinGet: Quite a trusted site, easy to navigate and good interface. No unnecessarily complicated captchas. Additional income possible through CrowdFlower tasks (usually ranging from 40-500 uBTC/task).

Payout: 50uBTC/video

Minimum Payout: 100 uBTC. Payout is automatic, and very convenient.

CoinHD: A relatively new site, it has a nice interface and has a good inventory of videos to watch. The payout progressively decreases, so you get to watch the top paying videos first. The minimum payout is at 60uBTC, which is very reachable in a few days. The payout per video varies quite a bit.

ABitBack (not active anymore): Trusted site, slightly lower payment than BitcoinGet but the greatest feature is that you can withdraw to Bitcoin, Litecoin and even Amazon gift card. Plenty of other options to earn some Bitcoins, including Radio Loyalty, Supersonic Ads, etc. If you want to earn Litecoin online, this is the best way. If you have a smartphone, highly recommend Supersonic Ads – just install some game apps, open it, then delete it and you’ll get up to 5000 uBTC for it. Easy to accumulate points. Also has CrowdFlower tasks but fewer than at BitcoinGet.

Payout: 1 point = 30uBTC/video (or) 1mLTC/video (or) $0.005/video

Minimum Payout: 30 points for BTC (30 videos), 250 points for LTC (250 videos), $1.00 through PayPal (200 videos)

LandOfBitcoin: An older site, with a few options to earn Bitcoins in addition to Virool Videos – very low paying but frequently recharged faucet, a few PTC ads, etc. A good option to consider if you don’t like the two sites above. Pay per video is 20% lower than BitcoinGet.

Payout: 40uBTC/video

Minimum Payout: No minimum payout

Did I miss any sites? Do you use any of these? Let me know in the comments below.

Bonus Tip: In most cases, refreshing the page can reveal additional videos, once you reach the page that says ‘No more videos to watch’. This is especially true on BitcoinGet.

Photo Credit: avsa