Jan 172018

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Connecting Filmmakers Directly to their Customers

Austin, TX 17th January, 2018

StreamSpace, a Texas-based Blockchain start-up, is all set to revolutionize the film industry by eliminating the existing distribution channels between filmmakers and their customers. Utilizing decentralized storage systems and blockchain, StreamSpace has created a secure platform where filmmakers can set a price for their work and receive payments directly from the customers.

StreamSpace has just announced the start of their Initial Coin Offering. This token sale will continue till February 27, offering a total of 250 million StreamShares (SSH).

StreamSpace is a secure platform for video distribution that has been created with the goal of disrupting the present-day idea of video content distribution by eliminating the middlemen. It will empower independent filmmakers to retain financial control over their film projects, while enabling consumers to receive quality film content directly from the creators.

A few global distribution giants have ruled the roost in the global movie industry for many years. Surprisingly, about 80% of the films produced each year are never seen because they fail to secure the necessary distribution support from a major studio. Filmmakers are often left with no alternative but to rely on film festivals and similar channels. This has led to a situation where consumers face an erosion of choice as they mostly have access to major blockbuster releases promoted heavily by the studios. Independent filmmakers are left without adequate multichannel distribution relationships and a paucity of income.

StreamSpace is currently in the process of building a novel distribution platform and an ecosystem that will create links between filmmakers and their fans, revolutionizing the film industry in much the same way the music industry has changed over the past decade or so. The filmmakers will be able to set a price for their content and receive payments immediately from consumers. The system’s secure monetization engine will place more than 90% of payments directly into the hands of the filmmakers.

StreamSpace can also help filmmakers use crowdfunding techniques like ICOs, a powerful new tool that is more effective than conventional crowdfunding services. To ensure secure storage and transmission of files, StreamSpace will utilize encryption and blockchain technologies. Moreover, consumers will finally have direct access to quality film content from the independent creators.

“Today, as video relies on high infrastructural costs on bandwidth and storage, only three companies can afford to deploy a global platform, and they have monopolized the market, creating an environment in which authors are not monetizing, users only reach low quality content, and advertisers cannot reach their audiences,” says Robert Binning, the CEO of StreamSpace. “Our goal is to become the world’s leading destination for innovative film content, with a deep catalog that will enable personalized viewing experiences and that will be rewarding for our two core customers, independent filmmakers and indie film aficionados.”

StreamSpace has been built around nine key components:

  • Secure storage method
  • Blockchain transaction ledger
  • Front-end decoder and embedded HTML5 player
  • Content recommendation engine
  • Secure digital wallet
  • Private token exchange
  • Community-focused front end
  • Social media channels
  • Initial Coin Offering / Token crowdfunding campaigns

StreamSpace operations are based on digital wallets and smart contracts through the Ethereum Virtual Machine capable of executing smart contracts on the Ethereum chain.  All transactions on StreamSpace’s platform will take place using StreamShares (SSH) tokens. Film enthusiasts can watch a film by adding money to their digital wallet and initiating a token transfer to the wallet of the copyright owner. After receiving the tokens, the copyright owner can convert them to fiat currencies and withdraw.

StreamSpace has circulated only a limited number of StreamShares in the market, and these tokens can be purchased with Ethereum or Bitcoin. Since the start of the StreamSpace ICO, the price of StreamShares has increased on a daily basis, and will soon reach the maximum price of $0.30.

To find out more about StreamSpace and their ongoing ICO, please visit

About StreamSpace:  StreamSpace is a blockchain powered streaming video on demand service that looks to revolutionize the film industry by eliminating the existing distribution channels between the filmmakers and their customers. Making use of cutting edge decentralized storage systems and blockchain technology, they have built a secure platform where independent filmmakers can exercise complete financial control over their creations and consumers have access to quality film content directly from the creators.

Media Contacts:
Jon-Karl Kleitsch
StreamSpace LLC
(512) 527-3034

Jan 152018

This is a sponsored press release from Bitcoen

While the Finance Ministry aand Bank of Israel are considering issuing a digital currency, the BitCoen project focuses on this important for the whole cryptocurrency ecosystem region. Main objectives of this initiative of the Israeli government is to reduce black market activity, which makes up 22% of the country’s GDP, and to reduce paper cash, which is largely used to facilitate untaxed transactions. Thus Israel joins Russia in the creation of a national token, but unlike in Russia, in Israel cryptocurrency use is generally legal. A tentative legal framework of a new state-sponsored currency has been being reviewed by the government since the beginning of the year.

“After all these discussions requirements to the blockchain technology the new Israel state-sponsored currency will be based on are very clear: high network speed for immediate transactions, protection from spam and false transactions, ready-to-use digital wallet,” says Vyacheslav Semenchuk, founder and CEO of BitCoen. “We can say that BitCoen blockchain is perfectly meeting these requirements. LCPoA blockchain algorithm reliably protects the network, while it does not require large expenditures of computing resources.The BitCoen technology provides a high network speed (up to 25,000 transactions per second), which is 3500 times faster than regular Bitcoin blockchain. BitCoen digital wallet was already ready in December and has been being tested by our token holders for several months already.”

“State-sponsored digital currencies like new “digital shekel” may compete with all of the cryptocurrencies, even bitcoin. We are looking forward to see how digital currencies will affect the lives of consumers in Israel and other countries,” says Vyacheslav Semenchuk, founder and CEO of BitCoen.

At the same time since the beginning of the year everyone can purchase BitCoen tokens at the special automated teller machine in Tel Aviv, Israel. BitCoen – is the first altcoin, which can be purchased now with the use of ATM at the “Bitcoin Change” – a shop co-founded by Abe Ziv in the Bauhaus Center in Tel Aviv. “This cooperation is extremely important for us, because of the geo-strategic location and making buying BitCoen tokens accessible to all,” says Vyacheslav Semenchuk. “By the way, the ATM installed in the shop is fully compliant with Israeli AML regulations.”

Exploiting new opportunities for the BitCoen project, it was decided to strengthen the team with a young and talented advisor. Since the beginning of January the founder of Cryptocurrency Financial, a cryptocurrency consultant, and a successful trader Edward Zillan joined the BitCoen team as a project advisor.

Eddy Zillan was 16 when he invested his bar mitzvah money in cryptocurrency. Two years later he has made close to a million from trading in various cryptocurrency. As a student he has created his own cryptocurrency consultancy business capitalising on his investment success. Eddy sees high potential in altcoins, especially BitCoen, because “those are the ones nowadays that have the largest exponential growth”.

“We are glad to see Eddy as our advisor. His experience and energy will help the BitCoen project to reach its strategic goals,” says Vyacheslav Semenchuk. “We have prepared some more team updates and interesting news. Stay tuned for more important announcements about BitCoen.”

BitCoen is the first «Kosher» (Jewish) Crypto-token and blockchain ecosystem

British company BitCoen declared about its strategic goal – to help interaction between representatives of the Jewish communities around the world. The BitCoen ecosystem is a system of services, qualitatively improving the life of the Jewish community. The Token sale of the BitCoen blockchain project is being held at  and will last until February 15, 2018. Currently the BitCoen project has raised a sum of $2 millions at the price of $1 per one BEN.


Jan 122018

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Debitum Network, a business financing blockchain startup, is quickly emerging as a robust small business finance solution that promises to eliminate the need for the highly over-regulated intermediaries. This project has just completed a successful crowdsale campaign, and has recently clinched the first place in both jury and audience in the prestigious d10e ICO Pitch Award.

12th January, 2018

Debitum Network continues its dream run towards achieving its mission towards building a decentralized, safe, and transparent ecosystem for micro, small, and medium business financing. An innovative funding platform based on the Ethereum blockchain, Debitum Network strives to free the SMEs around the world from the middlemen and provide them financing opportunities that have always been out of bounds to them.

Almost all small businesses around the world suffer from the common problem of limited or no access to credit. According to the World Bank, in 2017, approximately 70% of all micro and small to medium size businesses in emerging markets lacked access to credit. It’s argued by many experts that the highly constrained and strict regulations of the banks and financial institutions are intended to restrict the SMEs from receiving funds from international or individual investors. This lopsided business lending scenario has led to a current estimated credit gap of $2 trillion.

Debitum Network was created with the belief that the only way to overcome the inadequacies of the existing funding system is to build a hub that brings together the local players for resource sharing. Built as a hybrid platform, Debitum Network unites the borrowers with the lenders, risk assessors, document validators, insurers, etc. It is a secure and incorruptible infrastructure, as all actions are processed through the Ethereum Blockchain.  Businesses can utilize this service in their locality and from day one because all transactions are run through fiat currencies.

The Debitum Network project is the brainchild of a highly proficient team of experts with a wealth of experience in alternative financing platforms. They have already developed a functional Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in which the full blockchain infrastructure runs on ETH, based on real financing requests from the SMEs.

“We believe that small companies must have fair opportunities to connect investors from any part of the world and then utilize their investments. We have experienced this need ourselves while developing successful IT and alternative finance businesses,” says Debitum Network Co-founder Martins Liberts. “We feel that now it’s time for us to share our experience and to help other companies grow. We are proudly creating an instrument which provides equal growth opportunities for different size businesses,”

All transactions on the Debitum Network will be fuelled by the Debitum (DEB) token. As the Debitum eco-system becomes more widespread, this token is expected to become a sustainable cryptocurrency with a growing value over time. In a recently concluded token crowdsale campaign, the project has successfully raised $1.2 million in the round A.

Debitum Network hit the headlines in October 2017, when they got the better of one hundred and twenty other participants to win the jury and audience awards in the highly rated ICO Pitch Competition at d10e Gibraltar. In the history of this leading international conference on decentralization, Debitum Network is the first project ever to clinch both these awards. The project has also received a 10/10 rating from Clif High, the renowned data mining expert and the creator of the Web Bot computer program.

  • Quarter 1:  Expanding the Debitum Network team to prepare for global expansion
  • Quarter 2:  Establishing Debitum Network in the first target country
  • Quarter 3: Testing and auditing Debitum Network 1.0 before public launch
  • Quarter 4: Develop the Debitum Network ecosystem version 1.0 with manual on-boarding of asset generators, investors and additional service providers

To find out more about Debitum Network, please visit

About Debitum Network: Debitum Network is a decentralized, safe, and transparent financing ecosystem dedicated to creating easy financing opportunities for the SMEs by eliminating the intermediaries from the system. It has been designed to unite the borrowers with those who help them apply, such as the investors (lenders), risk assessors, document validators, insurers, etc. All actions are processed through the Ethereum Blockchain, making Debitum Network a secure and incorruptible infrastructure.

Contact: Aurimas Nenorta



Jan 102018

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Projects Districts, the world’s first fully decentralized virtual ecosystem designed to project real-world and ethereal experiences to users, is now making the headlines on a regular basis. After attending the just concluded Dubai International Blockchain Summit, the team is all set to take part in the North American Bitcoin Conference scheduled to be held in Miami on January 18th and 19th 2018.

January 10, 2018

Blockchain Technology LLC, one of the earliest blockchain startups in the Gulf States, is pleased to announce that their team Project Districts will participate in the upcoming North American Bitcoin Conference. Project Districts was also one of the attendees at the just concluded Dubai International Blockchain Summit. The North American Bitcoin Conference will take place in Miami on January 18th and 19th 2018, bringing together all the major players of the industry and showcasing ICOs as the next big thing in the in the crypto-currency community.

Project Districts was created by Blockchain Technology LLC out of their passion for creating a system that will help overcome the traditional barriers to innovation by providing the necessary tools for transforming ideas into workable solutions. This goal was accomplished by the Districts development team by leveraging the core efficiencies of two groundbreaking technologies, the blockchain and Virtual Reality.

The first ever synergistic manipulation of the Blockchain and Virtual Reality, Project Districts allows the integration of a diverse range of functionalities into the Districts 3D world. The goal of Project Districts is to be the world’s first ubiquitous interface for propagating traditional and ethereal experiences to both the common and technology savvy internet user.

3DCoin, Project Districts’ own cryptocurrency based on the bitcoin and dash source code and updated by a new smart script, serves as the official medium of transaction in the Districts ecosystem. The 3DCoin blockchain utilizes a set of public key cryptographic methods to further enhance its safety and allows the use of the already existent keys from sister cryptocurrencies or from any other system.

Following the recent launch of the ICO by Project Districts, the demand for 3DCoin has skyrocketed. Some of the key advantages of the new generation 3DCoin blockchain are scalability, fast confirmation, 3D Dapps, user friendly interface, low transaction fees, safety layer for developers, programmable contracts, secure mining, instant transactions, and more. Given its fiat nature in the 3D world, 2018 certainly promises to be a great year for this new cryptocurrency.

Though the experts have predicted immense potential for the VR/AR market, the existing VR/AR frameworks, in general, are complex to use, expensive to set up, and rather limited in terms of their applications. Built on a robust P2P system, Districts 3D world looks to cut down the traditional costs associated with setting up and running an AR/VR based ecosystem. Project Districts also comes with its own Districts Visual Studio (DVS), a specialized development module that bridges the technical gap between the 3D world and its users. This versatile ecosystem is poised to deliver efficient solutions to multiple sectors including retail, gaming, real estate, education, healthcare, application development, advertisement, and much more.

Highlighting their experience at the Dubai International Blockchain Summit, a senior team member stated, “It was an excellent opportunity for us to showcase Project Districts as the world’s first fully decentralized virtual ecosystem that can be used to develop content, applications, and share experiences for personal, public and commercial use. The team also benefited immensely by interacting with some of the most renowned personalities in the blockchain space.”

“With the North American Bitcoin Conference just around the corner, we are excited about yet another rewarding experience. This two day event promises to be the most important blockchain conference of the year, and we are looking forward to making it a grand success for Project Districts,” he added.

To find out more about Project Districts, please visit

About Project Districts: A brainchild of Blockchain Technology LLC, Project Districts is an unlimited Virtual Representation of the real world.  This is an efficient system that will help overcome the traditional barriers to innovation by providing the necessary tools for transforming ideas into workable solutions. Project Districts has been created by combining the core efficiencies of the blockchain and Virtual Reality.

Contact: Mohamed Zakaria Samai




Jan 092018

This is a sponsored press release

Propy, which aims to become the world’s first international real-estate marketplace, will donate 50,000 PRO tokens as rewards at the upcoming World Crypto Economic Forum’s Blockchain Hackathon. The company’s CEO and founder Natalia Karayaneva is amongst the impressive line-up of experts to speak at the conference to be held at the South San Francisco Conference Center on January 13-16, 2018.

January 8, 2018

Propy is pleased to announce their participation in the upcoming World Crypto Economic Forum (WCEF), on January 13 through 16th at the South San Francisco Conference Center. A potential Gamechanger of the global real estate sector, Propy will give away 50,000 PRO tokens worth $230,000 as of January 8th 2018, listed on Huobi in rewards during the conference’s much anticipated Blockchain Hackathon. The tokens will be distributed from the donation pool that was set up prior Propy token sale in August 2017 in the white paper.

The World Crypto Economic Forum was founded in 2017 with a vision to support the growing blockchain community and exploring disruptive token economies in today’s rapidly evolving crypto industry. The upcoming event in San Francisco is the first in a series of events to be held around the world. The conference brings together eminent speakers and leaders like Vinny Lingham (Civic), Michael Arrington (XRP Capital, TechCrunch), Nick Szabo (smart contracts inventor), Bill Barhydt (Abra), Jeremy Gardner (Augur), Joey Krug (Pantera Capital, Augur), Spencer Bogart (Blockchain Capital) for industry changing discussions and presentations.

The Hackaton aims to gather over 300 blockchain developers and will include mentorship from the thought leaders and workshops. Propy’s engineers will supervise and help the participants. The team hopes to see creative solutions to the current real estate related issues as well as blockchains’ privacy and scalability issues.

Propy makes use of the Ethereum blockchain technology to deliver a reliable, cost-efficient, and automated platform for global real-estate transactions, all the way from search/filter properties, payment, sales, paperwork to transfers and records management. Since its launch, Propy has repeatedly been in the headlines for a landmark transaction for the Ethereum cryptocurrency by remotely transferring a Ukraine-based property on-chain and across borders. Just recently they launched a new transaction tool that has made it possible to buy and sell properties in California for BTC with a simple nine-step process.

More about Propy can be found at

Natalia Karayaneva, CEO, and Founder of Propy, who will be attending WCEF 2018 said, “It is a great pleasure for Propy to be a part of the World Crypto Economic Forum 2018. We look forward to exchanging ideas with the leading blockchain engineers.”

To know more about the World Crypto Economic Forum 2018, please visit

You can register for the events here:

WCEF Hackathon – Sat, Jan 13, 2018, 9:00 AM – Sun, Jan 14, 2018, 6:30 AM PST

WCEF Conference – From Jan 15th, 2018 To Jan 16th, 2018

About Propy: Propy is the world’s first international real-estate marketplace. The team at facilitates connections between international entities to enable the seamless purchase of international real-estate online for the first time. It aims to solve the problems facing international real estate transactions by creating a novel unified property store and asset transfer platform for the global real-estate industry.

Contact: Leo Kahn



Jan 092018

This is a sponsored press release

e-Chat welcomes users and potential investors to try out and support the third and final round of e-Chat’s token sale. To date, the e-Chat ICO has exceeded early goals and continues with strong momentum.

e-Chat is designed as a convenient and secure platform for financial transactions across the global cyberspace and is based on the modern decentralized architecture. The application provides a high level of privacy and security to its users while preserving financial freedom.

Business and personal video group calls are available for groups of up to 10 people offering a genuinely unique communication pattern.

Major benefits:

  • Protection from censorship worldwide
  • Flexible user-centric payment features
  • Integrations with major cryptocurrencies
  • Sane financial models designed to promote global growth
  • Wide national language support

3rd Round of Token Sale

The third round will include a bonus, and best deals are available in the first days of the round.

  • January 8-15, 1 ECHT costs $1.05 (30% bonus)
  • January 16-21, 1 ECHT costs $1.125 (25% bonus)
  • January 22-31, 1 ECHT costs $1.20 (20% bonus)
  • February 1-8, 1 ECHT costs $1.275 (15% bonus)
  • February 8-15, 1 ECHT costs $1.35 (10% bonus)

e-Chat designers and developers are committed to delivering enhanced functionality and friendly interface. We would like to introduce the upcoming e-Chat face-lift for that reason. Feel free to give your comments at the Official Telegram chat:

Team of founders is looking forward to seeing you again

Recognizing the importance of the composition of stakeholders, this new social media application is based on the ideas of some of the world’s finest minds in finance, entertainment, project management and blockchain technology. Advisors and team members include:

  • Johan Staël von Holstein is a Global Leader of tomorrow and 3 time Internet Guru of the Year and Entrepreneur of the year.
  • Alex Vincente is e-Chat’s Chief Business Development Manager and actively represents the startup at various conferences worldwide.
  • Sridhar a former Chairman and Managing Director of the Central Bank of India and of National Housing Bank prior to that.
  • Ryan Scott is an experienced entrepreneur and investor. He was formerly the CEO of Causecast and the current CEO of the ICO Advisory Group and investment strategist at BlockRx and Karma.
  • Jared Polites is a Fintech and Blockchain expert with over 20 ICOs of experience.
  • Robbie Hoyes-Cock offering a magical party experience with the racing community.
  • Michael MA is the inspirational leader and friend of political and business leaders, royalty and celebrities from around the world

For detailed information visit:

Jan 062018

Repux Crypto Token
Repux is a new crypto project that aims to create a global marketplace for data, using its own network utility token called Repux. The project combines the fast emerging crypto economy with the steadily exploding data economy of the future. Data marketplaces will become more commonplace as time progresses, since data is becoming central to many of the algorithms that drive the world today, from Google to Facebook but also from supply chain to urban planning. Repux aims to establish a data marketplace platform that will facilitate the trading of this data in a free global marketplace.

The Repux token is part of a larger emerging trend that we’re seeing in the crypto ecosystem. Teams with prior business experience are trying to combine the technology behind crypto/blockchain and tokenization, and applying it to future technologies. After all, blockchains will unleash their real potential in combination with other future emerging technologies, from green energy to autonomous vehicles.

With the Repux project, the team has a background in IT, technology, and big data. This helps them build a reliable network that can attract real players on to the marketplace.

The Market Need

Promising and successful projects in the ‘app token’ space benefit from tailwinds of the industry. So let’s explore some of the need and market growth for this niche.

The Economist recently wrote about how the world’s most valuable resource is data, not oil. If that thesis turns out to be true, then data and the data economy will have a huge impact on the future of this world and how humans live and interact with each other. Think about how much power the oil economy held during the 20th century on our world. Now think about a global, digital asset like data that can have an even bigger impact. Empires will be made on the new data economy as we jump headlong into the 21st century, and the full implications of the data economy are only now becoming clear to everyone.

Think of why it is so hard to compete with the likes of Facebook and Google. They have incredibly valuable data that we all contribute unwittingly and without getting a share of the pie. This makes them effective monopolies of their domain. Together, just these two companies are worth over a trillion dollars. That’s the power of data.

Repux Ecosystem for AI/ML

One of the huge markets that Repux is aiming for is the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) domains. This is the combination of emerging technologies that will supplement and feed off of each other. Creating AI/ML models need a huge amount of data and its validation. Data is therefore an interesting commodity that is entirely digital but hugely valuable to everyone from startups out of Silicon Valley to the tech behemoths.

There is no really dominant market leader for the buying and selling of data. Several trends in the blockchain space, however, could help with some of the issues around validation, throughput, and mostly trust. If there’s a centralized marketplace, there’s not enough transparency for the big players. With a decentralized marketplace, the players can transact without having to trust a middleman.


The Repux platform will make use of existing decentralized data storage providers like IPFS, Sia, and Storj, thereby helping the entire crypto ecosystem by using its existing technologies. The team will build APIs into the system, which will help in the creation of various applications on top of the underlying protocol. This allows third-party teams and developers to quickly build applications that utilize the underlying tech.

If you’re interested in the Repux token sale, make sure you read their whitepaper.

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Jan 052018

This is a sponsored press release

DEEX, a decentralized financial ecosystem based on the BitShares 2.0 platform, is all set to start its token sale campaign on January 10. This exchange offers functionalities comparable to the centralized exchanges without their typical shortcomings.

January 5, 2017

DEEX, a uniquely designed decentralized financial exchange, is pleased to announce that their token sale will start on January 10. DEEX has already successfully closed presale in the end of 2017 and raised 3410 ETH within a month.

This is a reliable and convenient platform where individuals can quickly trade, buy or sell cryptocurrencies using the fiat currencies available in their countries. To start with, DEEX is offering more than ten different cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other altcoins.

With the rapid growth cryptocurrencies over the last few years, the number of people showing interest in cryptocurrencies has expanded rapidly. In the initial stages of the crypto economic development, centralized exchanges were the more preferred option because they are easy to use, easy to access, and provide advanced trading functions such as margin trading, stop-loss, lending and others.  However, these centralized systems are exposed to a number of risks such as security threats, unfair competition, danger of sanctions, political factors, and much more. Till date, the amount of stolen customer funds from centralized exchanges amounts to almost $500 million.

DEEX promises to solve this problem by building the world’s first decentralized exchange with functional benefits close to a centralized exchange, but without its permanent security threats and sanction risks. It also provides the clients complete control over their fund. The core of this decentralized ecosystem is the BitShares 2.0 (Graphene) blockchain, an extremely fast and reliable platform with not a single hacking record since its creation.

Technically speaking, BitShares 2.0 is a high-tech, decentralized, blockchain based platform which allows to create highly efficient financial smart contracts for all areas of economic activity that are used in the global internet space to provide services. Some of its key benefits include up to 100,000 transactions per second, cryptocurrencies trading with a stable price, dynamic account permissions, recurring and schedule payments, referral rewards programs, and much more.

Powered by its robust system architecture, DEEX users will enjoy several benefits including

  • A platform for safe ICO conduct in conjunction with the decentralized escrow toolkit from
  • A platform for creating a decentralized transparent blockchain system for cryptofund managed by DEEX professional traders
  • Cryptocurrency debit cards linked to users’ wallets on DEEX and integration into fiat gateways
  • API for the integration of third-party applications and services with the DEEX platform
  • Creation of the own agent network of crypto ATMs for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency for fiat money

Discussing the immense potential of DEEX, a senior spokesperson from the company said, “More and more large market players are now willing to move to  decentralized trading platforms. At the moment, the portfolio of investors interested in the DEEX project exceeds $100 million. The potential interest of large market players is estimated at five times or even more.”

The primary DEEX.CORE tokens share will be as follows

  • 75% reserved for pre-ICO and ICO participants
  • 15% reserved for the development team
  • 7% reserved for the advisors
  • 3% reserved for Bounty and PR

More about the DEEX Exchange and their upcoming token presale can be found at

DEEX offers generous bounty campaign for posting information in various social media, such as facebook, instagramm, twitter, steemit.

DEEX core token will be used for:

  • Setting commissions for trade deals
  • Participating in ICOs launched on DEEX platform
  • Paying for digital assets and coins listings within DEEX
  • Purchasing masternodes for DEEX ecosystem development and support

About DEEX Exchange: DEEX is the first ever decentralized financial exchange that provides individuals a reliable and convenient platform to quickly trade, buy or sell cryptocurrencies with the most popular payment methods for the fiat currencies available in the country of his/her residence. Built around the fast and reliable BitShares 2.0 (Graphene) blockchain platform, it will protect the users from the common shortcomings of centralized exchanges such as such as security threats, unfair competition, danger of sanctions, political factors, and much more.


Contact: Peter Grubber

Contact email:




Telegram channel:

Telegram chat:





Jan 052018

Restart Energy Democracy RED Crypto

Restart Energy Democracy, or RED, is a new crypto token for the retail energy markets. The reason it caught our attention is that it is created by a company that already has an existing energy business in the EU, and has built an energy retail franchise. The company is now expanding to include a blockchain offering for a decentralized energy market on the blockchain, using its RED MWAT tokens. Once it launches, the project won’t have to go out and find a use case, since it is already in business and has an existing customer base to use its product and token.

Let’s take a deeper look into what the RED project and platform are all about, and where the RED MWAT tokens fit into the picture and ecosystem. This will help the readers better get a sense of the project, the company, and where it stands in both the energy and the blockchain ecosystems.

RED Platform, or RED-P

Before we discuss the tokens and crypto aspects of the project, let’s first look at the platform itself.

The RED Platform is a peer-to-peer energy trading platform. This is important to note, since it means that the nodes of the network, i.e. the ultimate users, are both the producers and consumers of electricity. For example, suppose you have a solar panel installation on your rooftop, you can, in a way, sell this energy to your neighbors who also use the RED platform, and get paid for doing so.

There’s no need for an involvement of the grid, which may or may not be feasible (i.e. selling energy back to the grid) depending on the jurisdiction and geography. However, having neighbors who need energy is very much a given. That’s where the peer to peer value proposition comes into play for the RED Platform.

The other important feature of the RED Platform is that it allows the issuance of green certificates to consumers using renewable energy. This is an important direction towards future-proofing the energy generation and consumption business, because the world is heading towards a green energy future anyway. The RED Platform helps combat the pressing energy and environment needs of our generation through this program.

RED’s MWAT Tokens and a ‘Crypto Battery’

To fully understand and appreciate the utility of the MWAT token, let’s first think of what cryptocurrencies traditionally have done. A cryptocurrency like Bitcoin takes energy to mine, and in a way, stores it in a unit of Bitcoin. It therefore acts as a virtual battery, storing energy as it retains its value. That’s why we have crazy proposals like space solar production that can be transmitted back to earth as Bitcoin instead of regular energy.

Think of MWAT as a ‘crypto battery’ that stores energy. What this ‘battery’ lets you do is to have access to energy on the network. If you hold one MWAT token, then you will have access to some energy produced by the RED network. At the initial stage, each MWAT token holds 0.11 kWh of energy consumption, which can go all the way up to 1 MWh. This means that the entire network can trade in these MWAT tokens, but each token isn’t just an ERC20 token backed by nothing – instead, it gives you the right to a specific amount of electricity capacity that you can actually use for your house or business.

MWAT Token Utility for the Electricity Ecosystem

Once you’ve gotten an idea of what the MWAT token does, you can look for use cases beyond just energy production and peer to peer trading. In fact, the MWAT token can kickstart a whole energy economy within its ecosystem, all powered by the MWAT token. How is that, you might ask. Let’s look into those dynamics.

One immediate benefit of the MWAT token is that it can be used to finance new power generation by individuals and companies. This ‘debt’ is easily denominated in the MWAT token. The reason this is appealing is because the power generators can easily hedge the risk of energy prices falling in the meantime if they finance with the MWAT token. The repayment terms would be in terms of energy, not dollars or euros.

One way this can really help the crypto ecosystem is if someone is building a new power facility for use by a crypto miner. Both the miner and energy producer can denominate their debts and credits in terms of energy units, or MWAT tokens, instead of USD. This would be a win-win – the miner would get energy at a fixed rate, and the energy producer repays the cost of creating the production facility based on the energy that the facility itself produces, thereby significantly lowering the risk.

This of course is just one scenario. There are lots of other potential interesting use cases of using a constant-energy crypto token on Ethereum.

To learn more about the RED Project, check out their website. Also, if you’re looking to invest in the RED token sale, check out their whitepaper before making any investments.

Photo Credit: Kimco Reality

Jan 042018

Today, we’ll discuss a project that combines two of the technologies of the future – the blockchain and autonomous vehicles. The project is called DAV – Decentralized Autonomous Vehicles. The company is building a software platform that includes the element of payment in the autonomous vehicles world. This is important because previously, there wasn’t a way for machines to conduct commerce.

However, as we discussed the ideas of decentralized and autonomous corporations a few years ago on this blog, with the invention of Bitcoin, for the first time ever, machines can own digital assets that are valuable to humans, and therefore create an entirely new economic network. The reality is catching up to the ideas and we should soon see applications of crypto in the autonomous vehicles niche.

The ideas being worked on by the DAV team don’t involve the concept of self-ownership of a network, i.e. the autonomous part, as in autonomy of ownership. However, it is specifically targeted towards the autonomous vehicles space, as in autonomy of operation without human involvement in operations. This seems like the right time, as we are seeing autonomous cars in real cities now.

Creating an Entire Machine Economy of Driverless Cars

The idea behind DAV is to create an entire machine economy, but not in the ‘virtual’ world. This is autonomous vehicles that ply our roads. How does that economy look like? Today, it is the largest corporations – Alphabet (Google/Waymo) for example building its autonomous vehicles. It will work the city like a regular taxi service, and take payments. The profits go to Alphabet, the mothership.

However, how will this allow the everyday people to participate in the economy? As of now, this won’t, unless in the indirect way of making transportation cheaper and more convenient. With DAV, you can participate in this autonomous vehicles economy yourself, by providing services to the network. Not you per se, but your driverless car, for example.

The DAV Token, therefore, would be the currency of this economy. If you let your driverless car go out and give rides to people, you earn some DAV Token via your autonomous car.

DAV Tokens for All Economic Transactions on the Network

However, it is not just about you earning some DAV tokens if you let your autonomous car out. The whole ecosystem around driverless cars will be carried out in DAV Tokens. For example, the network will need service providers. The job of the service providers is to maintain the autonomous cars on the DAV network. This includes all the maintenance and upkeep required to keep the fleet of driverless cars fully operational and in the best health – from charging to cleaning to fixing any major operational issues or upkeep.

Therefore, if you want to earn some DAV Tokens to participate in the network, you can do so easily even if you’re not rich enough to buy an autonomous car – by simply becoming a service provider for the network.

As a platform, DAV is a fully open source software and hardware solution and architecture for the autonomous car segment of our economy. This will appeal to the hackers and tinkerers in the niche. The token gains value based on the software and platform that the team is building and providing, but should be an economy in and of itself.

DAV is one of the few blockchain/crypto projects that goes beyond the virtual world into the real world. There will be challenges in this transition – no doubt about that. However, if the team succeeds, the project can make a difference to our cities, our mobility, and how we operate in the real world.

If you’re interested to learn more, read their whitepaper.