Dec 152017

WePower crypto

WePower is a green energy trading platform built using the power of crypto-tokens and the blockchain. I hope our readers don’t need to be told about the importance of new, green energy sources to the world at large. However, as the crypto folks know, it is all about the economic incentives. So how do you ensure that green energy projects are funded adequately, so that the research and development effort can take us into a new era of energy generation and usage that is clean, green, and can supply humanity with all our energy needs of the future (no, coal/oil/gas don’t count, since they are still finite – over hundreds of years, they are not reliable energy sources for humanity to survive and thrive).

The traditional approach in green energy has been through government subsidies. This top-down approach usually doesn’t work as well, since something so decentralized and research oriented will hardly be able to be understood by the powers that be. Besides, the bureaucrats are likely not the best people to make micro-level decisions about the industry. Instead, what we need is a bottoms-up approach to green energy that comes from the people and marketplace as opposed to top-level governments. Both these approaches can of course join forces and create powerful incentives for the industry as a whole to move towards green energy.

Financing Green Energy Projects Using WePower

WePower is a new platform that leverages the power of crypto-tokens and blockchain to solve the above problems. It is creating a platform where green energy projects can finance renewable energy projects using their token. This is a marketplace based approach, i.e. the incentives are not coming from a high-level government bureaucrat but instead from the grass-roots people. Such financing model is far more sustainable and not susceptible to abrupt policy changes.

The financing comes from every day regular energy consumers and investors. Again – we should emphasize the decentralized nature of this, since anyone can participate in the WePower network. This makes the models more sustainable and subject to market forces instead of political forces.

The trend towards green energy should also be obvious. Here’s its progress so far, and the pace is only accelerating:

As new projects come online, especially in countries where these energy sources are not yet fully developed, there is a huge scope for regular people to invest, contribute, and profit from this trend. The world is going to need more clear energy in the future – that’s undeniable. So how are we going to get there?

Understanding the Energy Tokens in WePower

WePower works by letting projects create their own financing tokens. However, these tokens are not produced and denominated in local currencies like the US Dollar. Instead, these tokens represent energy. More specifically, each token represents a share of the future energy to be produced by a green energy project.

This is a novel way of financing, which lets consumers and investors get what they’re looking for – green energy, while letting the capital intensive green energy projects keep any rewards for producing green energy cheaply and more efficiently, thus giving them an incentive to be as good as possible. Projects can also thus invest accordingly into research and development resources, which can help increase the yield and the project can thus promise a higher amount of energy output.

Blockchain and WPR Token

The WePower network connects directly with the energy grid and the energy wholesale markets. Since the project uses the blockchain, everything is transparently recorded for anyone to audit, and there’s no ‘funny business’ going on behind the scenes. This empowers the power generators and consumers to deal with each other directly instead of going through middle men.

The WPR token will accrue a portion of the energy generated by the network, that can then be either used directly by the WPR token holders, or sold on the WePower energy trading platform. Therefore, by helping fund this network, you can ensure a supply of clean energy for yourself. To be more specific, projects on the WePower network will donate 0.9% of their energy credits to the WPR token holders.

WePower green energy

The WPR token is fairly unique amongst other crypto tokens, in that the unit of value accrual to the WPR token is literally energy – power that is donated by the energy producers on the WePower network, to help maintain, build, sustain, and grow the WePower network. If the token holder resides in an area that already has a WePower power producer, they can just use the energy accumulated to their WPR to power their own homes and businesses. However, if you are a WPR token holder and don’t live in one of these areas, that’s fine too. Since it is just clean energy, you can just use the WePower energy trading platform to sell this energy to someone else that can use this energy instead.

Also, the WPR tokens will use the Bancor Protocol to ensure that WPR tokens are liquid. You don’t need to wait for the WPR tokens to be listed on an exchange to trade them (although for high volume trades, we’ll still recommend buying/selling from exchanges). You get liquidity from the get go.

Interestingly, the WPR token holders don’t even need to wait for too long in order to start seeing some energy accumulate to their WPR tokens, since the WePower team already has partnerships with potential energy producers in the works. The WePower network is first launching in Estonia and then expanding to Spain, Italy, Germany, and Portugal.

WPR tokens will be sold in a token sale/ICO. You can check out their website here to learn more. If you plan to invest, make sure you’ve also read the whitepaper.

Dec 142017



CoinMetro is a new crypto project that has a lot of elements of the crypto economy packed into it, so bear with us as we go through its value proposition. Before we proceed into the nitty-gritty details, let’s look at a high level bird’s eye view of the project. What CoinMetro is trying to do is to be a one stop shop for the entire crypto economy. No wonder it’s a complex project – the crypto economy is a fairly complex machine.

CoinMetro isn’t the first project with such an ambitious plan, however. So why do they warrant a serious look? Because of the team’s experience and background in traditional Forex markets. If you’re not aware, Forex is a huge market already, and a lot of cryptocurrency and crypto-asset trading has an overlap with the traditional forex markets. First, just to get an idea of how large the Forex market is, here’s the market compared to more traditional asset classes like stocks. Notice anything?

Specific Offerings

Now let’s dive into some specifics. At its core, the CoinMetro platform is an FX like platform, which Forex traders would be familiar with. However, there are lots of extra features specific to the crypto world. Here are some features that stand out –

  • Low fee, high-availability crypto exchange.
  • Ability to trade with fiat, i.e. buy your favorite crypto-asset with your local government money like USD.
  • Lots of different crypto-assets to choose from, with secure custody of funds (partnered with BitGo).
  • A crypto debit card that lets you withdraw your money for regular, everyday purchases, with a crypto to fiat conversion that happens in the background without you knowing or being involved in.
  • A lending-leverage platform that lets long-term traders lend their crypto to traders looking to leverage their crypto bets. Makes savers earn interest and traders leverage to amplify their profits (and losses too!)
  • Trading tools and analytics platform, similar to what Forex traders are used to, i.e. more sophisticated analysis and charting tools than what crypto traders are used to.
  • Ability to add complex order types instead of just standard types like Limit and Market. Again, something Forex traders may be more familiar with rather than regular crypto traders.
  • High leverage OTC crypto trading, with leverage of up to 1:50, similar to what traditional forex markets offer instead of traditional crypto markets.
  • Easy diversification for long-term investors via an ETF-like crypto investment product that investors can easily buy to diversify their crypto wealth without paying huge fees.
  • A tokenized asset management platform with the help of Ethereum smart contracts, so that a ‘hedge fund like’ model of crypto investments can be implemented by the CoinMetro platform.
  • An ICO platform that lets investors buy new ICO tokens with ease, and benefits the projects in that the tokens can gain instant liquidity and price discovery on the CoinMetro platform.

Whew, that’s a lot of features to list out! The point is not to make a huge list though. It is important to know how all these fit into the platform as a one-stop shop for crypto traders and investors. Today, all these different features are highly segmented in various exchanges. There are custody risks, exchange hack risks, inability to trade during high volumes, and a bunch of other issues with the crypto markets that we are all familiar with. What CoinMetro is trying to do is bring them all under one umbrella. In addition to the single umbrella policy, the team is trying to take cues from the more established Forex markets, and bringing that level of quality and professionalism to the crypto trading world, which has been lacking so far.

The appeal of CoinMetro’s platform is that if the team executes on the vision, then crypto traders don’t need to go anywhere else for their needs. The platform covers everything from ICOs to Bitcoin, from crypto-trades to fiat-trades, from long-term investing to short-term trading, from earning interest to leveraged trades. There’s something for everyone, and if the community adopts the platform, over time, the network effects can be strong and the platform can become the preferred ‘home’ of crypto traders and investors. Obviously, there remains execution risk, but the vision is a product that the community can immediately benefit from.

Check out the CoinMetro website here. If you’re looking to invest in CoinMetro’s token sale, be sure to read the whitepaper.

Dec 122017

This is a sponsored press release

PM7 is all set to start their Initial Coin Offering under smart contracts based on Ethereum, from December 17, 2017. This innovative affiliate marketing platform promises to revolutionize the concept of advertising for both online and offline projects by connecting the project creators directly to their customers, with no space for the advertising, marketing and PR agencies. 

December 9, 2017

PM7 is pleased to announce that the upcoming ICO campaign for their groundbreaking affiliate marketing platform will start on December 17, 2017. Designed to be the next big innovation in the field of advertising, PM7 will bridge the gap between the project creators and their audience by eliminating the intermediaries such as the advertising, marketing and PR agencies. Based on the blockchain technology, the platform looks to redefine the professional experience in the field of MLM by making it transparent and decentralized like never before.

The PM7 team will launch their new platform in the rapidly growing market of ICO campaigns. The competition in this field has grown significantly over the last few years, forcing many campaign owners to opt for expensive marketing campaigns to attract the attention of the investors. In some instances, this cost may amount to more that 50% of the entire ICO budget. PM7 will utilize a marketing burst similar to that of multi-level marketing, for the dissemination of information related to ICO campaigns.

The primary goal of the approach introduced by PM7 is to create a win-win situation for all parties. It offers project owners the support they need to reach out to a large number of potential users and investors. On the other hand, in addition to the ICO products, the users have the opportunity to make additional earnings by recommending the ICO campaigns. The distribution capabilities of this platform will be available soon for all types of projects. The participants in the PM7 system will receive benefits and income from its functioning and development on a multilevel basis. The platform will also provide PM7+, a mobile application with unique content related to each project.

An important component of the PM7 system is the PM7 event, an indicator of the platform volume equal to the possible amount of revenue in the system. Another key system component is the PM7 digital token based on the ERC-20 standard that will be awarded to the backers supporting the ICO of PM7 platform and purchasing premium accounts with different number of events. These tokens perform infrastructure functions and they are the identifier, the unit of measurement of PM7 events, and quantity of updatable free PM7 events per month that the backers will receive by purchasing events during the ICO. The PM7 token is also a virtual currency that will be accepted and used by projects on the platform (and partners) and will be accepted later as payment for services on the platform and bonuses.

The PM7 users will also receive commission based bonus for everyone involved in the user system. In order to maximize their bonus, the users have the freedom to share information about projects through any communication channels, including messengers, letters, social networks, text messages, or anything else. PM7 has already introduced PSP, a payment service for circulation, transfer and payment by cryptocurrencies.  The platform has also established an exchange market for personal transactions between users in the crypto currency and project tokens, using trading analytics tools and signals.

The company’s roadmap for the future includes

  • Launching PM7 ICO
  • Development of iOS/Android/Web SDK
  • PM7 Blockchain Explorer development for platform net and events visualisation
  • Development of social community chat for platform users
  • Issuance of Visa/MasterCard cards for cryptocurrency payments
  • Adding the possibility to pay bonuses as tokens of projects
  • Integration of PM7 with other types of projects
  • Creating own exchange market

The token distribution structure of PM7’s upcoming ICO is as mentioned below.

  • Token Price: $0.05
  • Total token quantity: 1,000,000,000
  • Quantity of token to be sold: 500,000, 000
  • Minimum purchase: 400 PM7
  • Hard cap: $12,500,000

More about this project can be found at

About PM7: PM7 is a decentralized and innovative affiliate marketing platform, designed to radically change the advertising world for online and offline projects. The main idea of the platform is to reduce the gap between the creators of advanced projects and their customers by eliminating the advertising, marketing and PR agencies and allow all participants in this process to create progressive and groundbreaking technologies.

Contact: Vadym Yevtushenko




Dec 082017

How to Buy NEM
This is a guide on how to buy NEM, one of the oldest cryptoassets in existence today. Before we delve into the buying methods, let’s first look at a brief history of NEM and how it distinguishes itself from competitors. Also note that the project is called NEM for New Economy Movement, and the ticker symbol to trade NEM is XEM.

Brief History of NEM

NEM is one of the oldest cryptoassets in the market today. The project was first announced on Bitcointalk forums on June 16 2014. Now, there were several cryptocurrencies and cryptoassets before NEM. Some well known examples are Litecoin and NXT, being created as a cryptocurrency and cryptoasset/protocol before NEM. However, compared to many other projects in the market today, NEM is one of the older projects.

NEM’s distribution is what made it unique back in the day. Instead of doing an ‘ICO’, the project decided that making it as widely distributed as possible was the goal. To that end, NEM provided what were called as ‘NEM Stakes’ to early project participants. They did this all in the open on Bitcointalk forums, which were very popular back in the day for the community. Many got their stakes for free, while others got it for a very small amount. This encouraged a wide participation.

NEM was originally inspired from NXT and its design. However, instead of using a simple Proof of Stake like NXT, NEM decided to go for a ‘Proof of Importance’ or PoI style consensus method for its blockchain. You can read more about it here (pdf), but what PoI does is reward network participation, not just hoarding.

NEM is popular today as being a blockchain that allows a high throughput, i.e. number of transactions per second. It also shares development resources with a sister private blockchain, Minjin. NEM is popular in Japan and Asia.

How NEM is Unique

NEM is an old cryptoasset. Here are some things that are special about NEM –

  • One of the oldest cryptoassets in the market today.
  • Uses a Proof of Importance protocol instead of pure Proof of Stake. More energy efficient than Proof of Work.
  • NEM has a high throughput compared to many other blockchains.
  • NEM supply is fixed. No new NEM will ever be created anymore.
  • NEM validators get transaction fees from the blocks. This is sufficient to incentivize them, since the validation process isn’t expensive, like Proof of Work.
  • NEM can be staked via remote nodes without giving them your private keys. This reduces security concerns, since you don’t need to leave your wallet software on your computer unlocked.
  • NEM shares development resources with Mijin, which helps both projects grow without competing with each other, since the latter is a private blockchain implementation of NEM.

How to Buy NEM

There are many ways how you can buy NEM, with or without buying on NEM exchanges. We provide some of the best ways below.

Note first that it is simplest to buy NEM via Bitcoin instead of local currencies if you have some BTC. If not, it is perhaps simplest to buy Bitcoin first, and then buy XEM with that Bitcoin. Remember you can buy fractions of Bitcoin. The easiest way to buy Bitcoin is through Coinbase.


Shapeshift is perhaps the easiest way to buy NEM without creating any account. What’s better is you can buy NEM via many different cryptocurrencies or cryptoassets, not just Bitcoin. For example, if you have ETH and want to convert it to NEM, Shapeshift lets you do that easily. You just go to the site, select which crypto you have and convert it to NEM. No need of any account creation.


Changelly is similar to Shapeshift in that it allows you to ‘change’ one crypto to another. You can select which crypto you have, and convert it into NEM. Changelly sometimes gives better pricing than Shapeshift, so I would advise you to check both of them before deciding on which one to use. Changelly requires an account creation though, but it is pretty straightforward.


As of this writing, Bittrex has the highest trading volume for XEM. Bittrex is one of the largest crypto exchanges by volume, and also have the NEM market. You will find the pair XEM/BTC listed on the exchange. This means you can buy NEM with BTC on Bittrex. If you want to buy a good amount of NEM, Bittrex should be your first choice.


Poloniex used to be the largest crypto exchange but has been beaten by Bittrex over the last several months. Still, it is a good alternative, and you can trade NEM on an exchange. Simply follow the market, and enter your order to buy NEM.

There are other exchanges like Zaif and HitBTC that also trade NEM. Zaif allows you to buy NEM with JPY (Japanese Yen), so if you’re from Japan, worth checking it out.

NXT is a cryptoasset that is similar to NEM. You can learn about how to buy NXT here.

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Nov 302017

White Rabbit Crypto Content Distribution
White Rabbit is a new crypto project aimed at making digital content distribution profitable for the artists, by making use of technological advances introduced in crypto-tokens and smart contracts. White Rabbit is building a contend distribution platform that is open, as opposed to the silos today, even as the industry fragments, and new players like Netflix and Amazon enter the content creation and distribution game.

The goal of White Rabbit is to allow access to any movie or show to the fans. The artists get paid via crypto-tokens, locked in a smart contract. The payment happens behinds the scenes, so it is abstracted away from the user. Fans can now watch content as they like, and artists get their fair share as well.

Underlying the idea of White Rabbit is a philosophical underpinning around content consumption by fans. Let’s explore than next.

Philosophy of White Rabbit

Every company starts with a philosophy about the current state of the world, and what it could be. This thesis could be proven to be true or false. Successful startups have a thesis that not many believe in, but the founders believe strongly in it. Peter Thiel calls it your startups’ secret – something you strongly believe in, but the competition doesn’t. For successful companies, that ‘secret’ will get revealed over time, as they continue building on that vision of the world.

So what is White Rabbit’s philosophy or underlying belief? It is that fans don’t wish to pirate content, and would gladly pay the artists for their content. The reason they pirate content is due to ease of access and convenience, not for a lack of willingness to pay. If the content creators or artists wish to be paid by directly engaging with their fans, the fans would oblige and pay them, as long as access is really convenient, and without limitations imposed on them.

At its core then, White Rabbit aims to separate content distribution from payment. Fans are going to try and watch their favorite content no matter what. Now, with the help of blockchains, the artists can get paid for it.

How it Works

White Rabbit has a browser plugin that recognizes the content that fans already watch. While the fans are watching the movies and shows that they like, in the background, White Rabbit works to deduct a payment from the users, and send it to the artists – more specifically the rights holders. The payments are all made on the blockchain, and are therefore auditable. There is no trickery or middle-men taking their cut here. Also, the rights holders get paid immediately, which is a huge plus from the way things are done traditionally.

Since White Rabbit is building a platform, it needs to overcome the network effects inherent in the platform economy. That is also the way of the token – well designed crypto-tokens can solve the initial network effect problems for such platforms, by providing the right incentives to multiple parties involved in a transaction – in this case, the fans and the rights holders or artists. That would be the primary use case for the token as well, to seed the network and provide the relevant smart contract infrastructure to run the platform.

However, once a platform is established and it attracts artists and fans outside direct incentivization, i.e. only to watch content or promote themselves to their fans, White Rabbit can then expand the scope of what the platform does. This is because all parties are already coming to the platform to interact with each other. Some of the ideas the team has include access to exclusive content, like directors’ cut, and direct interaction between film makers, show makers, artists and their fans.

However, you should not take this as the extent of the ideas. Once a platform is established, it takes on a life of its own, and is hard to predict how it will evolve. This is because people’s desires are unpredictable. However, if White Rabbit succeeds in creating such a platform and is successful in attracting both sides of the equation, sky is the limit in terms of ‘extra’ revenue generation opportunities and providing elements that traditional media experience doesn’t provide, like going to a theater to watch a movie.

If this idea interests you, check out more about the project and the team on their website. There is no whitepaper yet, but there’s a ‘light paper‘ that has more information. There is also a token sale that you can participate in with Ether (if you want to, you can buy Ether for token sales).

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Nov 292017

FCFL Fan Controlled Football/pro-sports
FCFL is truly an incredible experiment in fan-controlled sports. The premise of fan-controlled sports is that fans have an active role in the game, not just a passive viewing experience. This is of course is a radical departure from the way traditional sports are consumed, which is almost entirely passive. With fan-controlled sports enabled by FCFL, you will make active decisions before and during a game. You’re no longer sitting on your couch watching the game. Instead, you’re part of the decision making process of how your team should play the game! With the current model, the best you can do is don your team’s jersey and cheer for the play at a bar. With FCFL, you get to direct your team’s play, much like a coach would.

This is a great experiment to run, in my book. Best of all, we are happy to see this experiment use a crypto-token for fan engagement. Why? Because we’ve seen many sorts of projects in the crypto-verse that don’t make much sense, or are just a money grab in token sales. However, when there are radical experiments being run, we are all for it. If it succeeds, it could usher in a new way of consuming sports which isn’t purely consumption but participation as well. That’s almost a new genre of entertainment if you think about it. Since new technologies like blockchains enable us to run these experiments, it is a worthy use of a crypto-token to accomplish this.

History of the FCFL Idea

One remarkable aspect of the FCFL project is that it isn’t a pie-in-the-sky idea someone dreamed of sitting on their couch. It has a real world proof of concept in a real football (American) game. This is a welcome relief, since in this space, very few ideas have a proof of concept. Let’s explore the history and PoC of this idea a little bit.

In February 2017, the team unveiled a platform that allowed pro-sports, specifically football in this case, to be controlled by fans. The fans decided the team’s name and even the team’s uniform. But most surprisingly, the fans also decided the team’s plays during the game. This, usually reserved for the coach, was outsourced to fans. And it was a rousing success. Thus was born the eFL – Electronic Football League, where fans are in control. They even decide who gets to be in the team and who doesn’t. If it isn’t obvious, the idea opens up a whole new category of sports entertainment.

Impressively, the first proof of concept of this idea was extensively covered in media heavyweights like NYTimes, GQ, and even the Wall Street Journal.

You can imagine this being quite a social experiment more than a technology one. This is why the proof of concept was very important. It showed there’s appetite for this kind of play. We already know fans like immersive plays, whether via Twitch or eSports. If pro-sports has to compete with these, it needs to deliver a better experience. Sports is huge business – billions of dollars a year. Experiments of this scale have a potential for high impact.

FCFL’s Fan Token

This is where it gets interesting for the crypto crowd. FCFL has a native crypto-token called the FAN token. This stands for Fan Access Network Token. The decisions that fans make is dependent on the number of FAN tokens that they hold. This gives these FAN tokens immediate value to the fans of the games. The fans are rewarded when they make good plays, which means the utility is a combination of number of FAN tokens and skill.

In addition, the FAN token will include many other functions, such as voting rights, access to exclusive content, access to exclusive experiences, merchandise, etc. Since sports combine so many experiences in one, the role of the token is likely to grow in the future, as the team adds new experiences and experiments into the game. The whitepaper, linked below, discusses more details on its use. However, we anticipate the future roles of the token to constantly evolve, as this is all a pretty neat experiment, which could grow much larger with time.

The token is built on Ethereum as an ERC20 token. If you want to participate in the token sale, you can buy Ether and send it to the crowdfunding contract to get your FAN tokens.

To learn more, check out their website. If you’re interested in the token in the token sale, make sure you also read the whitepaper.

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Nov 292017

How to buy fractions of Ether
This is a guide to help you on how to buy fractions of Ether. Before starting, let’s get something straight – yes, you can buy fractions of Ether. Like other cryptocurrencies, Ethereum network’s native currency, Ether, is divisible. This is similar to how Bitcoin works, since you can also buy fractions of a Bitcoin. In fact, 1 Ether can be divided into 10^18 units, each unit called a Wei. Wei is the smallest fractional unit of Ether.

To write it out, 1 Wei = 0.000000000000000001 ETH. As you can see, there is ample scope to buy fractions of Ether!

As a quick refresher, the Ethereum network is created similar to Bitcoin, but has a Turing complete smart contract platform. This allows programmers to create decentralized applications that can be arbitrary complex. Bitcoin has a much more limited support for smart contracts. Ether is also fueling a lot of token sales, or ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings). To participate in many of these ICOs, you need to buy Ether first, to send to a smart contract.

Buy Fractions of Ether on Online Exchanges

Now that we know how Ether fractions work, it’s time to buy some. The simplest way to buy fractions of Ether is via online exchanges. You will need to connect your bank account, so you can purchase Ether directly with fiat (USD, GBP, etc.) Here are your options:

  • Coinbase: Coinbase is the simplest way to buy fractions of Ether. It is perhaps also the most trusted source of buying digital currencies and storing them. It’s a venture backed unicorn (valued over $1 billion). The San Francisco based company started in the US, but is fast expanding in many other countries as well. If Coinbase is available in your country and you’re new to crypto-assets, Coinbase is your best bet. The list of countries that Coinbase supports are: Singapore, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Jersey, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Canada, United States, . You can see the full list here.
  • Bithumb: This is a Korean exchange, which at the time of this writing, does the most Ether trading volume in the world! Part of the reason for high volume is there’s no fees, so the volumes get inflated. If you’re in Korea, you don’t have access to Coinbase, so Bithumb would be your best bet.
  • Buy ETH with BTC: If you have some Bitcoin already and want to convert that to Ether, then there are other options to follow, such as Bittrex, Poloniex, and Binance. This may be a good strategy even if you’re completely new to crypto-assets. In many places, it is easier to buy Bitcoin with local fiat money, and then convert into Ether, than buying Ether directly with local fiat.

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Nov 292017

This is a sponsored post

Mining digital currency is certainly an attractive source of income. Plug in the GPU cards and let the digital gold pour. However, mining bitcoin alone consumes 0.13% of the world’s energy consumption. Fuelling such consumption with anything but renewable energy would have a devastating effect on the environment.

Fortunately, more and more mining facilities are switching to hydro and wind powered energy sources according to the latest Bitcoin News.

Europe’s largest Bitcoin ATMs provider and digital currency exchange Cointed is set to shake up the green mining industry in the later part of Q4/2017.

The team behind Cointed is inspired by always pushing the bar higher and being an example of innovation. To guarantee their clients the best possible service, all the Cointed mining hardware and software is custom made.

Collaboration with Nvidia

The company has already pre-ordered 125,000 custom-made GPUs in collaboration with Nvidia and Zotac that are especially designed for Cointed’s facilities. Of them 18,000 are already assembled in 2000 rigs of 9 cards each in a warehouse in Sweden and fully operational.




Optimized Mining Rig

The rigs and GPU cases are also improved to optimize performance. To alleviate the

issue of overheating the GPUs’ traditional fans have been replaced with heat sinks. Locating the fans on the case allows for optimal air circulation which improves cooling and makes maintenance easier. The motherboards are also customized to better synergize with the other components.


Inhouse Built Software

One of the biggest advantages, however, is the entirely inhouse built software. The team creates their own operating system to and GPU BIOS so that they get the optimal performance and synergy with their other custom parts.

You are the owner

The best thing about mining with Cointed is surely that you own the rig! Most of Cointed’s mining rigs are owned by the customers. The company is only operating and supporting them for a small fee. There are no small letters (is this the right expression?) whatever your GPUs mine minus the fee is what you will get.

CTD token

Right now, we are holding an ICO campaign to expand our business. The CTD token is the only opportunity to get access to the exclusive deals at Cointed. Some of the benefits are:

  • Discounts on ATM fees, software licensing as well as exchange
  • Mining: 15% discount on rigs and 5% hosting fees
  • Access to GPUs with 25% increased performance and inhouse BIOs
  • Discounts on crypto cards
  • PayCo discounts: 15% POS and 20% lower fees
  • 5% lower hosting fees
  • 15% off on mining equipment

For more information: or Whitepaper

Nov 292017

This is a sponsored press release

ICO market is growing at a tremendous speed. Since the beginning of 2017, 228 companies have raised $3.6 billion in ICO deals (according to And there are several thousands more tech startups that soon will compete for investors’ money.

Among them there will probably be some scam companies – it is only to be expected. There have already been several scandals in the sector, and probably there will be more. In November investors of Confido startup that raised $375 000 from ICO had an unpleasant surprise. Confido CEO and other founders vanished. All investors’ money disappeared with them.

It is not so always easy to tell genuine projects from scam in the dark waters of ICO market. But it is definitely safer to chose those projects that have a developed product and if lucky, even media coverage.

Rentberry is a blockchain-based startup that was established in 2015 in San Francisco. It helps landlords and prospective long-term tenants find each other and stay in contact after the rental contract is signed.

Apart from $4 million it raised from the investors in two seed rounds, it has also received significant media coverage. In April WSJ reported, citing Rentberry CEO Alex Lubinsky, that its platform helps tenants to save 5.1 percent on rent compared with what landlords asked. Business Insider wrote that Rentberry aims to streamline the rental negotiation process for both tenants and landlords by bringing the process online. According to SFGate, Rentberry aims to compete with Craigslist and other “Stone Age” rental services.

Well, just to be noticed, a startup needs to have a product. And Rentberry is one of few companies that in the process of doing its Initial Coin Offering while already having a product and successful business.

Rentberry allows tenants to bid, eBay style, on the rent. Landlords set a preferred rent and prospective tenants then bid below that figure to see if they can get a good deal. Winning bidders would sign the rental agreement through Rentberry. Rent will be paid also online and Rentberry’s platform will help tenants to stay connected with their landlords.

At present Rentberry is available in about 5,000 cities across the US. It has over 224,000 properties and has processed more than 4,000 applications. Rentberry’s services are transparent and easy to use both for tenants and landlords. By the company’s estimates, in 2018 it will have 1 million listed properties and expand in Canada and several Asian and European countries. By 2020 it intends to go globally.

Rentberry has already received business offers from Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Cyprus and Canada to franchise or establish a partnership. It raised $4 million in two seed rounds. Among those who believe in Rentberry’s prospects are investors from a dozen countries, including Zing Capital, Ventures, Beechwood, Ventures, and others.

Rentberry plans to expand internationally by partnering with other companies in the real estate space, acquiring competitors, and doing extensive marketing. The marketing channels include traditional media and social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram), influencer marketing and word of mouth.

To increase deal volumes and expand in new cities and countries, Rentberry has launched ICO process. It will offer to investor Rentberry tokens (BERRY) at the exchange rate 1 ETH = 2,500 BERRY. The minimum purchase amount is 250 BERRY (0.1 ETH).

The sale starts on December, 5 and ends on February, 28. For “early birds” there will be a bonus: 33 percent on Dec 5 – 19; 27 percent on Dec 20 – 26; 20 percent on Dec 27 – Jan 16; 13 percent on Jan 17 – 26, and 7 percent on Jan 31 – Feb 13. The company will accept ETH and BTC.

There will also be bonuses for big purchases, but they will be discussed individually with potential buyers.

The proceeds from the sale of BERRY tokens will be allocated to IT development (30%), to marketing and sales (20%), to acquisitions and partnerships (15%), to international expansion (12.5%), to administrative and operational activity (10%), to development fund (5%), to legal expenses (5%) and to Bug Bounty program (2.5%).

Nov 272017

Buy Fractions of Bitcoin UK
This is a guide to buy fractions of a Bitcoin in UK. When I lived in London and introduced several of my co-workers, friends, and their friends to Bitcoin, it seemed harder to buy Bitcoins in London than New York. I hope this guide helps my UK friends to buy fractions of a Bitcoin more easily. Also, see our previous post on how to buy fractions of Bitcoin.

Before we proceed, a quick note on buying fractions of a Bitcoin in the first place. At the time of this writing, one Bitcoin costs around $9600 or £7200. That’s a lot of money for someone just trying to buy their first Bitcoins. However, the good news is, you don’t need to buy a full Bitcoin. You can buy a fraction of a Bitcoin. Here’s a quick sample guide:

  • 1 mBTC (milli Bitcoin) is 1/1000th of a Bitcoin. The cost is £7.2 – the cost of your Shoreditch avocado sandwich.
  • £100 is 0.014 BTC – the cost of your black cab from Heathrow to your shared flat in Shoreditch above the avocado sandwich place.

You get the point. Bitcoin is in fact divisible into 100,000,000 parts, so really, you can buy a penny’s worth of Bitcoin if you’d really like.

To buy fractions of a Bitcoin in UK, you need a provider where you can easily pay GBP to get your BTC. The easiest way to do this is with Coinbase. In fact, if you have your UK drivers license with you right now, you can start buying Bitcoin on Coinbase instantaneously. This is the smoothest buying experience, in my experience, for my UK friends who are new to Bitcoin and don’t have an account anywhere.

Coinbase essentially functions very similar to a bank account. You can go sign up right now, with an email address and create a password. To really buy Bitcoin though, you need to connect your bank account, which you can do with a debit card. If you use a debit card, you can start buying Bitcoin with Coinbase immediately. If not, you will need to wait for a SEPA bank transfer. Both options are fairly good, but the debit card one might be more convenient in a fast-moving market.

Remember that Coinbase is a wallet and exchange provider, which allows you to quickly buy Bitcoin in UK. It will therefore need to do basic identity check on you, called KYC (Know Your Customer). If you have a drivers license, you can just take a photo of it, and it is processed instantaneously in most cases. If not, someone will need to manually review it, which may take time. In my experience, it is usually fairly accurate and I haven’t had many issues with friends. Make sure the photo is taken in good lighting.

If it goes into manual review, I’d advise patience. This is because Coinbase is adding 100,000 users a day, so obviously they are a little swamped at the moment.

After you buy your Bitcoin through Coinbase, you can leave it on their online wallet or transfer to your personal wallet. If you leave it with them, it acts as a custodian wallet. If you transfer to your own wallet, you need to be extremely careful with security. There are different risks with each approach – research them before you make a final decision.

If you plan to hold a large number of Bitcoin, say over £2000 or so, I’d suggest getting a hardware wallet. These are secure against most online attacks (your computer is likely not secure enough, and you can lose all your Bitcoin on an infected computer). You can buy a ledger nano s or trezor for this purpose.

Finally, Coinbase lets you buy with your bank account or debit card. If you instead want to buy with cash, then LocalBitcoins is your best bet. You can meet up with someone and do a cash transfer. Otherwise, if Coinbase takes too long to verify you, you can use LocalBitcoins to transfer money via your bank account, and get the Bitcoins sent to your wallet.