Mar 082021
buy alchemistcoin token

This is a guide on how to buy AlchemistCoin before the official release.

As you probably know, this crypto season DeFi is the hottest thing in town, and then NFTs arrived as hotter still. Everyone from Bloomberg to New York Times is writing about NFTs.

So naturally, as with all things crypto, the next biggest thing is to combine NFTs and DeFi in an ever exploding hype cycle while taking advantage of the market. Welcome to crypto 2021.

One of the hotter such projects is the AlchemistCoin. Speculation abounds on VC interest and connections to Paradigm. We are not interested to write about that, but we’ll help you buy the token if you’re not deterred by the above aka a true degen.

What is the AlchemistCoin?

The AlchemistCoin is a new way to yield farm. It is a way to provide LP tokens to get an NFT that you can then use to stake multiple LP tokens. This provides for a more flexible paradigm for yield farmers.

It actually has nothing to do with gaming or art NFTs that are hot, but in this hype, does it even matter? It combines NFTs and DeFi. This is its current chart –

Alchemist coin trading

The token hasn’t been widely released to the public and even sites like CoinGecko don’t currently have it listed. Their website isn’t even live at the moment. We’ll try and update the article with more information as it comes out.

How to Buy AlchemistCoin

Step-1: Go to 1inch and select your token to convert to ETH. Alternately, you can get ETH from centralized exchanges like Binance and Coinbase. If you already have ETH, skip to Step-2.

Step-2: Go to Uniswap app to buy AlchemistCoin with your ETH (direct link).

Step-3: Connect your Web3 wallet and finish the trade. Make sure to set a reasonable slippage threshold.

In case you’re starting from BTC or other non-Ethereum based tokens like Litecoin, use Binance to convert to ETH first, then withdraw to your Web3 wallet like MetaMask. Then use that ETH to participate in the DeFi ecosystem. Learn how to buy fractions of Ether.

Make sure you buy the right token since this is not yet listed on places like CoinGecko. This is the Etherscan link to the token. This is the Uniswap info page.

  9 Responses to “How to Buy AlchemistCoin Pre-Release”

  1. thank you for this helpful information

  2. Alchemist coin yok??

  3. How can I buy this token please?

  4. So I just successfully did this, but I don’t see it showing up in my metamask. How do I find it?

    • You have to manually add the token.
      Try using this address 0x88acdd2a6425c3faae4bc9650fd7e27e0bebb7ab
      You can find it on etherscan

      • Thank you for the reply. I am still extremely new to this depth of crypto. I used to be a strictly coinbase guy but I am interested in learning what this all means. Admittedly, I wanted to use uniswaps platform just in case they reward anyone with airdrops once v3 comes out and I heard alchemy was a promising new application. So, I swapped eth for alchemy.

        Curious about if there really is an advantage in putting it on my metamask vs keeping it wherever it is right now? Can’t I just swap it out at some point for uni or any other eth coin if I so choose?

        • You’re not really “putting it on MetaMask” – you’re just adding the token to MetaMask so it shows it natively in the extension. You either hold the token or you don’t. You can always check on Etherscan if you hold it.

          You can swap ETH for AlchemistCoin but you should not expect any UNI rewards in anticipation of v3. UNI already did a token drop of 400 UNI to all users of Uniswap when the token was launched. It is extremely unlikely they will do it again for v3. Good luck, and reach out if you have any further questions!

  5. I did not hear about the alchemist coin before. Interesting article.

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