Sep 122020
How to Buy CREAM (and Farm) Crypto DeFi Token

This is a guide on how to buy CREAM token. Cream is a crypto-financial protocol for lending and borrowing crypto-assets in a trustless manner by providing collateral that covers your loan, built on Ethereum. In the event that someone is unable to pay back their debt, the Cream protocol automatically sells the collateral to cover […]

Sep 102020
How to Buy (or Farm) Sashimi from Aelf Team

This is a guide on how to buy Sashimi, or farm Sashimi especially the first 14 days after launch when the rewards are high. Sashimi is a new DeFi token on Ethereum which can be farmed or bought and was released recently. Sashimi is a Sushi clone but it being built by a non-anonymous team […]

Aug 282020
How to Buy SUSHI from Sushiswap

This is a guide on how to buy SUSHI from Sushiswap, or in the early days how to farm SUSHI as well. Let’s look at more details on SUSHI and where it sits in the broader DeFi ecosystem specifically around decentralized exchanges (DEXes). What is Sushiswap and SUSHI? Without mincing words, Sushiswap is a Uniswap […]

Aug 192020
The Bull Case for YFI

This post explores the bull case for YFI in a broader crypto bull market. The intention here is not simply a price prediction but to aid in analysis by crypto investors. Warning: This is a post about the bull case for YFI. The bear case is $0 e.g. with a severe smart contract bug. Please […]

Aug 112020
How to Buy YAM (DeFi Crypto Token from YAM Finance)

This guide is for people looking to buy YAM token from YAM Finance. YAM Finance dubs itself as “An Experiment in Fair Farming, Governance, and Elasticity” in their introductory post. As you can imagine, it combines a bunch of new DeFi protocols and also adopts many best practices from the space. For instance, YAM token […]

Aug 112020

This is a guest post from Anupam Varshney It is no surprise that the crypto industry has garnered tremendous attention in Asia, especially in countries like Singapore, Japan, and South Korea. Many of the world’s largest exchanges are based in Asia, and the growing individual wealth in Asia, mainly in China and South Korea, has […]