Jul 272018
Ovrium: Managing Scientific Publications on the Blockchain

Ovrium is a new blockchain project aimed at helping the scientific community better manage the entire process of publishing scientific journals and papers. Although science per se has never been more popular today, the scientific process is constantly under review and scrutiny. The scientific community may be working on breakthrough projects and research, but the […]

Jul 242018
Professional Verification on the Blockchain with SpringRole

SpringRole is a new blockchain-based project that takes aim at the professional verification category. Think of it as an employee verification system on the blockchain, powered by its native token, the Spring token. The Spring token is used for various purposes inside the project, such as referring an employee or company to use this project, […]

Apr 222018
Global REIT: Blockchain-Based, Sharia Compliant Real Estate Investment Trust

Global REIT is a blockchain based real estate investment trust that plans to use its own tokens to achieve superior means of raising investor money and other efficiencies in the investment process. However, before we look deeper into this, let’s first understand the REIT market and what it entails. REIT stands for Real Estate Investment […]

Feb 142018
CryptoKitties Launches Much Awaited Family Jewels Feature

CryptoKitties has officially launched the much awaited ‘Family Jewels’ feature in the popular CryptoKitties game that took the Ethereum world by storm late last year, even causing the entire Ethereum network to clog up. This introduction comes amidst a slowdown in the game, as fewer players remain after the initial hysteria. Prices for CryptoKitties, that […]