Jul 032018
Slip Review: A Bitcoin Casino Platform

This is a sponsored post by Slipp Slip.gg is a cryptocurrency roulette platform that allows its users to place bets on digital spins that is provably fair. Any player can deposit Bitcoin to their Slip account in order to enjoy playing this crypto take on a European roulette. You are able to play roulette with […]

Jul 022018

This is a sponsored post Cryptocurrencies, often represented by the most popular Bitcoin, are increasing in mainstream popularity and aiming to replace traditional currencies issued by governments all over the world. In addition, it is usually faster and cheaper than the traditional banking system as well. The online gambling industry has recognized these features, resulting […]

Jun 042018

This is a sponsored press release Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing, Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before Lifestyles of the Poor & Famous On January 29, 1845, Edgar Allan Poe became an overnight sensation with the New York Evening Mirror’s publication of a poem that […]

May 282018
Vertex To Launch Its Meetup Competition Sponsoring 25 Bitcoin Meetups Around The World!

This is a sponsored post Bitcoin meetups are probably the most iconic social activity that cryptocurrency enthusiasts engage in – apart from epic Twitter and Reddit battles. These gatherings of likeminded enthusiasts bring thousands of people together around the world. Their power to attract people transcends borders so much that enthusiasts actually look for these […]

May 202018
Tutellus: A Forward-Looking Newcomer in the Blockchain World

This is a sponsored post by Tutellus The diversification of approaches within the blockchain sphere is impressive. With each passing day we are witnessing how distributed ledgers can capture the imagination of people and industries in every corner of our economy. Having already disrupted the sectors of finance and banking, blockchain will soon become a […]

May 152018
Blockshipping: Tokenizing the Container Shipping Industry

Blockshipping is a new project out of the Nordics that aims at creating a tokenization model for the global container shipping industry. We’re seeing increased use of crypto towards the more traditional industries, especially when it comes at the cost of saving money, improving efficiencies, and making the system cleaner and greener. We’ve seen projects […]

May 142018
Media Protocol: Smart URLs Leveraging Blockchain

Media Protocol is a crypto project that is building ‘smart URLs’ using blockchain. These ‘smart URLs’ can be used throughout the web for things like paywalls, which can be leveraged by content creators seamlessly instead of trying to build custom solutions. It is not just a paywall though – content creators can actually incentivize the […]