Mar 262021
How to Buy BANK from Float Protocol

This is a guide on how to buy BANK token from Float Protocol and diving deeper into how Float works, what the protocol is trying to accomplish and the role of BANK token in the ecosystem. What is Float Protocol? Float protocol is a new “stablecoin” protocol except it is trying to be a crypto-native […]

Mar 082021
How to Buy AlchemistCoin Pre-Release

This is a guide on how to buy AlchemistCoin before the official release. As you probably know, this crypto season DeFi is the hottest thing in town, and then NFTs arrived as hotter still. Everyone from Bloomberg to New York Times is writing about NFTs. So naturally, as with all things crypto, the next biggest […]

Feb 192021
How to Yield Farm on BSC (DeFi on BSC)

This is a guide on how to yield farm on BSC and an overview of DeFi on BSC. BSC, or Binance Smart Contract Chain is a new blockchain from Binance that is smart contract enabled and is compatible with EVM among other things, making it easier for Ethereum app developers to move to. It has […]

Feb 132021
The Practical DeFi Guide for Bitcoiners [Bitcoin Maximalist Edition]

Introduction to DeFi to BTC Hodlers Bitcoin is a decentralized, censorship resistant store of value. DeFi, or decentralized finance is a while suite of financial applications all accessible to anyone with an internet connection. All these “DApps” are censorship resistant smart contracts on Ethereum and can work with all sorts of assets – ETH, tokenized […]

Jan 292021
How to Buy OPIUM Token from

This is a guide on how to buy OPIUM token from Opium Finance project founded by Andrey Belyakov and team. What is Opium Finance? Opium finance or opium protocol is a general purpose derivatives protocol built on Ethereum. The protocol allows investors and traders to create new positions, settle existing positions, and trade them with […]