Feb 112018
Aethia Launches Third Egg Type - Omega Egg

Aethia, a simulation world of Tamagotchi meets Pokemon on the Ethereum blockchain (called Ethergotchi) is launching its third egg type, called Omega Egg. An Ethergotchi gets hatched from an egg that would be ready to enter the World of Aethia. The Omega Egg has a random star alignment. Star alignment, somewhat similar to a star […]

Feb 102018
Cardstack: An On-Ramp to the Future of Decentralization

Cardstack is an interesting new project aimed at helping the entire blockchain ecosystem speed up user adoption, while helping the developers who build decentralized applications in the meanwhile. It is an ambitious project that is geared to become a ‘middle layer’ between the end user and the lower infrastructure layer. This is important because in […]

Feb 092018
Current: A Crypto Token for Streaming Economy

Current Media is a new streaming platform and ecosystem. It is a blockchain-based solution, with its own native token of CRNC (‘Currency’) that creates the economic incentives necessary to sustain the whole ecosystem. The listeners are in control of how they choose to stream and pay. The value exchange that happens on the platform is […]

Feb 082018
Dfinity Raises $61 Million From A16Z and Polychain, ICO in Doubt

Dfinity, one of the most interesting crypto projects in recent times, announced that it is raising money from Andreessen Horowitz (A16Z), the famed Silicon Valley venture capitalist and Polychain Capital, perhaps the best known crypto hedge fund in the market today. Dfinity has raised $61 million in this round. Previously, Dfinity had raised 3.9 Million […]

Feb 072018
OnLive: Video Broadcasting Marketplace on Blockchain

OnLive is a new crypto project aimed at video broadcasting. It is creating a new marketplace for such broadcasting. It has various models in the works, but we’ll discuss one such thing below. Broadcasting itself is fairly centralized today with intermediaries taking fat margins. OnLive is working to decentralize this network, which would mean unlimited […]